Belle's book encourages families to talk about organ donation

My Engine Parts by Belle Curran introduces the topic of organ donation to children
My Engine Parts by Belle Curran introduces the topic of organ donation to children

A BOOK that helps approach what can be the sensitive subject of organ donation with young children, inspired by Wolfscastle youngster Belle Curran, was launched on Sunday, in time for Organ Donation Week.

Belle was on the waiting list for a new pair of lungs, but unfortunately she lost her battle with interstitial lung disease at only ten years old.

During her lifetime Belle, along with her family, friends and supporters, raised tens of thousands of pounds for the charities that helped her, as well as increasing awareness of organ donation.

Belle's Story Charity hopes to get two copies of the book into every school in Wales. Raw Photography

Her family and friends continued her inspirational work, setting up the Belle’s Story charity which provides support to children with life-limiting illnesses and their families as well as raising awareness of organ donation.

On Saturday Belle’s book- Belle’s Engine Parts was launched at the Wolfscastle Country Hotel.


The book is inspired by Belle’s own life and her great love of cars.

Belle loved all things car-related and would spend many of her evenings cuddled up with her mechanic dad, John, as he bid on broken cars and car parts online.

When she was waiting for her transplant, Belle would explain that what would happen to her would be like what happened to the cars in her dad’s garage; that she was waiting for a part which would help fix her and make her as good as new, just like the cars her dad bought spare parts for.

When Belle’s mum Stella mentioned this to Roydon Turner of the Orgamites project which raises awareness of organ donation, he turned the idea into the Belle’s Engine Parts book, beautifully illustrated with pictures of Belle, her family and beloved teddy, by Anthony Rule.

“She would be ready to take it to the world and just to show everybody about it and to really shout about how important organ donation is,” said Stella, talking about the book to S4C’s Heno.

The book is beautifully illustrated with pictures of Belle and her family.Picture: Raw Photography

“Without it John and I are the consequence of organs not being offered up for donation. Had it happened for us then Belle would be having this conversation not me.”

Belle’s Story Charity is hoping to donate two copies of the book to every school in Wales, one in English one in Welsh, to introduce young children to the concept of organ donation.

The charity needs to raise £15,000 to do this. If you are able to donate, go to

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