Beloved former Gwent police dog dies after illness

PD15 Mink died after a short illness <i>(Image: Gwent Police)</i>
PD15 Mink died after a short illness (Image: Gwent Police)

Gwent Police officers are saddened after one of their beloved former police dogs died.

PD15 Mink served the department from 2017 until his recent retirement and passed away following a brief illness.

Renowned as a general-purpose and firearms support dog within the force's dog section, he assisted in locating missing people and apprehending more than 120 culprits.

PD15 Mink also represented Gwent at the regional police dog trials of 2022.

Recently, Mink retired from service and had been residing with PC Gareth James, his former handler.

The chemistry was superb as they had worked together for the bulk of Mink's career.

In fact, PC James was with Mink during his final moments.

Mink not only worked as a police dog but was also a familiar figure for his kennel mate, the retired PD Ralf.

Commending Mink's service, the Gwent Police department described it as a privilege to have had him on the team.

PC James expressed gratitude towards Fields Vets for their excellent care of Mink during his illness and for their help in making the hard decision of putting him down.

Gwent Police ended a statement on Facebook with "Thank you for your service PD15 Mink."