Ben Affleck Is an Einstein-esque CPA/Killer in New 'The Accountant' Trailer

Ben Affleck spent the early part of 2016 branding people as Zack Snyder’s Dark Knight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he’ll close out the year sniping the world’s worst criminals — while struggling with anxiety and protecting himself and Anna Kendrick from harm — in The Accountant, which has now followed up its original sneak peek with a second trailer (watch it above).

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Directed by Warrior’s Gavin O’Connor, The Accountant will feature Affleck as Christian Wolff, yet another deadly loner. Wolff’s alienation from friends, family, and coworkers is the byproduct of his astounding intellect — he’s compared to Einstein and Mozart — and the fact that he now uses his brainiac superpowers as an OCD-esque number cruncher for all manner of global villains. He also apparently, is a sharpshooter. When something goes wrong with his orderly business — doesn’t it always? — Affleck’s accountant is forced to go on the run and defend himself from his former clients, and the mayhem that ensues inevitably attracts the attention of J.K. Simmons’ federal agent and puts Kendrick’s financial professional (and de facto Affleck love interest) in peril.

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Affleck’s Wolff comes across as a hodgepodge mashup of Batman and his bad-guy-with-a-heart-of-gold protagonist from The Town — with a dash of Russell Crowe’s A Beautiful Mind mathematician John Nash, as well as, in his lethally no-nonsense demeanor, pal Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne. Affleck’s Wolff will aim to give moviegoers a blast of award-season action when The Accountant arrives in theaters on Oct. 14.

Watch Ben Affleck and Matt Damon hilariously accept Guys Choice Award: