Ben Cohen’s Ex-Wife ‘Shocked’ And ‘Devastated’ After Kristina Rihanoff Shares Baby News On Celebrity Big Brother

Whilst we were all a tad shocked by Kristina Rihanoff’s baby news this week, spare a thought for Ben Cohen’s ex-wife Abby – who found out about the pregnancy on the show with the rest of us.

Not ideal really, is it?

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Speaking to The Mirror, Abby said: “This news has come as a shock to us all. Please respect mine and my children’s privacy at this time.”

One friend, however, was selfless enough to tell The Sun just how Abby was coping with it all: “Abby is absolutely devastated. The first she knew of it was when people began ringing her.

“How could he be so cruel as to let her find out about the pregnancy this way? It was insensitive and hurtful.

“The fact Ben didn’t even have the decency to tell Abby before she revealed it to her housemates on the show cut her to the quick.

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“She sent him a flurry of angry text messages asking for an explanation. Abby is still struggling. She is also really worried about how it might affect the girls. It has left her feeling sick to her stomach.”

Abby had been married to former rugby star Ben for ten years – and had been with him for over 23 years in total. However, after meeting Kristina on Strictly Come Dancing, Ben left his wife last year.

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Kristina announced the news that her and her former Strictly partner Ben Cohen are expecting a baby the other day – telling housemates: “It’s very private news, you know but because we are living as one family now and everybody is sort of supporting one another now, it happened to be that I found that my boyfriend and I are going to have a little one.”

Kristina’s publicist has said the couple are delighted, as you can imagine – let’s just hope everyone can eventually move on from it all, eh?