Ben gets expelled for Yashvi's mistake

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

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Ben takes the blame for Yashvi's prank, claiming that he let her hog the credit until he saw how badly it was going to backfire for her. A deeply disappointed Susan is forced to expel Ben.

Yashvi pleads with Ben to tell the truth, but he reasons that expulsion will be less disastrous to him since it won't prevent him sitting his VCE exams at a different school. On the other hand, Yashvi – still with her final year to go – needs to keep her options open. Grateful, Yashvi looks for a way to repay him.

Meanwhile, Aaron admits to Mark that he's beginning to share his doubts about Tyler's dad, especially after Hamish's assistant clammed up about his mail from Paris. Later on, Aaron snaps a picture of the photo in Hamish's briefcase. It's a photo of an unknown woman in an unidentified street in Paris with the words: 'Don't forget me – I know your secrets.'

Later, Aaron decides to investigate Hamish's Paris connection in person.

Elsewhere, Mark is also pursuing his own investigation, concentrating on what happened to Louise.

Photo credit: Channel 5

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