'Be careful!' Ben Shephard reprimands Al Murray as he swears on air

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Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard had to warn Al Murray to be careful after the comedian made a rude gesture live on the show.

Murray, 52, was talking about reports that the BBC wants fewer left-wing comedy shows when he cheekily waved two fingers at the camera.

The star discussed his own Pub Landlord sketch, saying it “tends to be too left wing for right wing people, and too right for left wing people”.

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"The thing is if people really want more right wing comedy they're going to have to vote for a left wing government, whether you agree with it or not the job of a comedian is to cause mischief and say the unsayable, and also to flick Vs at the government,” he said.

"I mean honestly, we're supposed to be gargoyles, causing mischief and trouble."

Shephard hurriedly stepped in after Murray stuck his fingers up, warning the star: “Be careful of the Vs this early in the morning Al!"

His co-presenter Susanna Reid chimed in: “It was a victory sign! V for victory."

“The other way round for victory!” quipped Shephard.

Ben Shephard is standing in for Piers Morgan on 'Good Morning Britain' with Susanna Reid. (ITV)
Ben Shephard on 'Good Morning Britain' with Susanna Reid (ITV)

Murray, who appeared on GMB via video link, also stunned viewers with his lockdown transformation.

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Instead of his usual shaved look, the comedian was sporting a full head of hair and an impressive beard.

“I nearly didn't recognise him!” one person posted on Twitter, while another said he resembled late television presenter David Bellamy.

“He looks so different but I prefer it,” said another, while one viewer asked: “Who knew Mr Murray was quite so gorgeous??”

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