This Morning's Ben Shephard says 'it's not the first time' after major mishap on show

Lorraine Kelly was taken aback as Ben Shephard shared news of a significant "mishap" on the set of This Morning.

The Tipping Point presenter joined Lorraine via video link to preview the day's lineup but had an unexpected update for the Scottish presenter. With co-host Cat Deeley by his side, Ben disclosed that one part of the show hadn't gone according to plan.

Ben confessed to Lorraine: "We've had a bit of mishap in the studio already," before explaining that they had brought llamas into the studio for a segment intended to lift spirits, but things took a messy turn.



Over on This Morning, Ben and Cat provided more details about the incident. They had been discussing football with their first guest Chris Kamara, celebrating England's victory over Switzerland in a nail-biting penalty shootout during the quarter finals match.

Chris Kamara praised the England team's performance, but conversation soon shifted back to the llamas. Ben quipped: "He made a bit of a protest about being here", reports the Mirror.

"They're supposed to make everyone feel good but they didn't make the studio feel good this morning," Ben remarked. Kammy, as the former footballer is affectionately known, responded with humour: "That's not the first time you've been cr***ed on."

"It won't be the last either," Ben commented light-heartedly. The Good Morning Britain studio experienced a bit of turmoil last week when Cat Deeley had to make a swift departure in the middle of an on-air chat.

She was conversing with Dr Zoe and Tony, a medical professional, at the time before she abruptly left her seat and dashed off screen. "I think Cat's having to sneak out because she's about to have a coughing fit! We've got doctors here, we're alright," Ben explained jokingly on air.

TV doctor Tony expressed concern whether Cat was fine after her sudden exit. When she made her way back to set, Ben enquired if she was all right, to which she admitted that her eye had started watering and she was now using a Strepsil to ward off any more coughing episodes.

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