Benefits Street's White Dee: C4 documentary left us exploited and abandoned

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Deirdre Kelly AKA White Dee, from the TV series Benefits Street speaks on a panel at a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party Conference, Birmingham.
Benefits Street's White Dee, aka Deirdre Kelly, has criticised the lack of aftercare on the Channel 4 show. (PA)

Benefits Street's White Dee has criticised Channel 4 claiming there was no support or aftercare for those who took part in the show.

The reality star — real name Deirdre Kelly — rose to fame after appearing on the documentary series in 2014. She has spoken out following the recent airing of Jeremy Kyle Show: Death on Daytime on Channel 4, claiming guests were lied to, baited and manipulated for the ITV talk show.

Kelly told BirminghamLive: "There was a Benefits Street explosion when it was aired and we were on the front page of many national newspapers.

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"When you talk about support and aftercare there simply wasn't any. There was no support while it was being made and there was certainly no aftercare. We were exploited and left on our own, hung out to dry."

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Benefits Street featured the residents of James Turner Street in Birmingham, 90 per cent of whom were claimed to be living on state-funded welfare payments. It showed the residents committing crimes including shoplifting and portrayed a lack of motivation to seek employment.

Kelly said that despite the stars of the documentary "getting slated for being on benefits", producers of the show never "told us how to deal with it".

Deirdre Kelly arriving to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house at Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, at the start of the latest series of the Channel 5 programme.
Deirdre Kelly, aka White Dee, took part in 'Celebrity Big Brother' on Channel 5 in 2014. (PA)

The mother-of-two said previously: "The show ripped apart my life at the time. It changed my life forever and it destroyed the James Turner Street I knew before the show."

Kelly appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, which she says changed negative opinions toward her as the public 'warmed' to her.

Channel 4 said in a statement: "Psychological support was offered to all those featured in the series throughout the filming, during transmission and beyond.

Dee Roberts (left) known locally as Black Dee and Deirdre Kelly (right) known locally as White Dee walk along James Turner Street in Birmingham. Residents of the street appear in the controversial Channel 4 series Benefits Street which has been attacked by a senior MP, who described it as a
Deirdre Kelly (right) was propelled to fame by the C4 reality show 'Benefits Street'. (PA)

"Advice was given on the likelihood of criticisms and unpleasant comments on social media.

"All contributors were given guidance on engaging with online communities and social media. Following the unprecedented media attention, executives from production returned to Birmingham to provide ongoing support to contributors throughout transmission.

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"Close contact and support continued beyond transmission."

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