"Bengali Wedding Fair" Event - Sayma Siddika, Greatfields School

&quot;Bengali Wedding Fair&quot; Event - Sayma Siddika, Greatfields School <i>(Image: Bengali Wedding Fair)</i>
"Bengali Wedding Fair" Event - Sayma Siddika, Greatfields School (Image: Bengali Wedding Fair)

An extravagant event was held at Royal Regency venue on November 20th – the Bengali Wedding Fair. This event is to provide an inspiration to those in the Bengali community who are getting married in the near future about how they want to create their ideal wedding.

Companies that cater towards wedding events have set up their stalls to attract potential brides and grooms to help them on their big day. These companies specialise in the necessities that are needed in a traditional Bengali wedding like cake making, make-up artist, bridal henna, wedding decor, seating plans, Bengali cuisine, bridal sarees/clothing, and much more.

Important people were spotted during the event such as the mayor of Newham and Camden, both are Bengali men who came to support the wedding fair. A key figure in the Bengali community that was spotted is Mahee who is famous for his talk show “Reality with Mahee” held on Channel S TV, which is also sponsoring this event. Another sponsor is the “iQra International” charity organisation, they are currently managing a project in Bangladesh.

The hosts of the event, Nadia Ali (presenter on BBC Asian Network) and SMASHBengali (British Bengali Youtuber) had put on a spectacular show filled with entertainment and music. First, they had presented the audience with a catwalk. Beautiful Bengali models exhibited the most elegant, gorgeous and magnificent party and bridal sarees. The company that designed the sarees are Ruhee and Naika. Then famous Bengali singers, Iksy and Bilal Shahid, had went on stage and sang their new song. The singers had shifted the atmosphere from a wedding fair to a concert.

An award ceremony came next, 7 awards went to the companies that had contributed the most to particular sectors of a wedding. For example, one of the awards for the catering section of the wedding went to the company called "All Season Food"

At the end, a special tradition that happens in all weddings has done - the cake cutting. The cake had come down from the ceiling and made an extravagant entrance. it was made from one of the companies and cut with an actual sword. SMASHBengali was given the honours of cutting the cake as it was his first time hosting this event.

This is the 6th year the Bengali Wedding Fair was held, hopefully we can see it come again next year.