Bengals, Eagles stumble to 23-23 tie

Liz Roscher
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It was messy for both teams, and no one won.

After the Philadelphia Eagles tied the game in the last 30 seconds of regulation and forced overtime against the Cincinnati Bengals, neither team scored. The game ended in an always unsatisfying tie, 23-23.

Both teams had chances to win in overtime. While young Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow showed flashes of brilliance, the Eagles and quarterback Carson Wentz showed only brief flashes of the 2017 magic that won them their first Super Bowl.

Joe Burrow shows promise

Burrow continued to demonstrate why the Bengals didn’t hesitate to pick him first in this year’s draft. He went 28-for-37 with 289 yards, threw two touchdowns and showed remarkable resiliency when his Swiss cheese offensive line let him take hits like this.

There were sacks (a lot of them), but Burrow also pulled off plays like this.

Eagles have issues

While Burrow looked full of promise, the Eagles’ Carson Wentz looked almost entirely lost. He threw his 100th touchdown in his 59th career game, becoming the fastest QB in Eagles history to 100 touchdowns, but this was not a good game for him or the Eagles. Wentz looked tentative, overthrowing a few key passes and tossing his fifth interception of the season. Wentz has never thrown more than seven in a season, a mark he’s sure to eclipse this year.

Wentz somewhat redeemed himself late in the game — almost as late as you can get — when he ran in for a touchdown with under 30 seconds left in the fourth.

That TD forced overtime, but after stopping the Bengals with some dominant defensive work, the Eagles couldn’t capitalize. On their first play of OT, Wentz almost threw an interception directly into the hands of a Bengals defender.

It got a little better from there when Wentz threw his best pass of the day, a gorgeous 30-yard ball snagged by Zach Ertz. Wentz ran for a first down, and it looked like things were looking up for the Eagles ... until a holding penalty pushed them back 10 yards, setting them up for a third-and-19 that proved insurmountable.

Then it got worse. The Eagles had a chance for a long field goal, which would have almost certainly won the game. But another penalty, a false start, pushed them back to what would have been a 64-yard attempt. They didn’t send the field goal unit out, but they didn’t keep the offense out there, either. They punted, a perfect metaphor for how the Eagles played this game.

The Bengals got the ball back with just 13 seconds left, and after just one play the game ended in a 23-23 tie.

An Eagles player tries and fails to tackle a Bengals player.
The Eagles continually blew chances to win, while a tie for the Bengals is actually a positive development. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Tough questions, hard conversations

The Eagles as a whole looked lost. They’re dealing with significant injuries, but that doesn’t excuse sloppy play, missed tackles and questionable play-calling. They allowed the Bengals to pass for 256 yards, and played themselves out of a likely overtime win with needless penalties. If there’s one bright side, the Eagles’ defense looked solid, sacking Burrow eight times and putting a stop to a late-overtime Bengals drive.

A tie isn’t a win, but it’s a positive development for the Bengals and Burrow, who has a bright future. As for the Eagles and Wentz, their future is full of tough questions and hard conversations.

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