Benjamin Netanyahu issued with official ‘bribery’ indictment

By Associated Press Reporter

Israel’s attorney general has officially submitted his indictment against prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, giving him 30 days to appeal for immunity.

The 77-page indictment was made public on Monday, charging the long-time Israeli leader with bribery, fraud and breach of trust in three separate corruption cases.

It marks the first time in Israeli history a sitting prime minister has been charged with a crime.

Protesters hold banners during a rally calling for the resignation of Israel’s prime Mmnister Benjamin Netanyahu, in Tel Aviv on Saturday (Oded Balilty/AP)

Israel’s political system is in disarray following the second inconclusive election of the year, making it unlikely Netanyahu would ask, or receive, parliamentary immunity from prosecution.

The indictment says he will stand trial in a Jerusalem district court and also names 333 witnesses the attorney general may call upon to give evidence at the trial.

Netanyahu denies any wrongdoing and has rejected calls to resign.