Benn vs Van Heerden LIVE! Boxing result, fight stream, latest updates and reaction after explosive knockout

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Chris van Heerden proved no match for the devastating Conor Benn in Manchester  (Action Images via Reuters)
Chris van Heerden proved no match for the devastating Conor Benn in Manchester (Action Images via Reuters)

Benn vs Van Heerden - LIVE!

Conor Benn delivered another highlight-reel knockout of Chris van Heerden as he took the next step on his route to welterweight stardom.

After a lively and competitive opening round, ‘The Destroyer’ unleashed his devastating power in the second at Manchester’s AO Arena, producing some devastating right hands to finish a one-sided contest inside four minutes.

Fights against the likes of Kell Brook, Adrien Broner, Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, David Avanesyan or Mikey Garcia could now await for Benn, who is set for a marquee bout back in London this summer as he eventually eyes a world title shot at 147lbs.

On Saturday’s intriguing undercard, Chris Billam-Smith retained his European and Commonwealth cruiserweight titles with an impressive stoppage in an eagerly-anticipated rematch with Tommy McCarthy, while Campbell Hatton continued his professional career with a six-round win over Ezequiel Gregores.

Alycia Baumgardner also successfully defended her WBC and IBO super-featherweight titles for the first time with a dominant win over Edith Soledad Matthysse.

Boxing schedule and results

Conor Benn bt Chris van Heerden

Chris Billam-Smith bt Tommy McCarthy

Campbell Hatton bt Ezequiel Gregores

Alycia Baumgardner bt Edith Soledad Matthysse

Jack Cullen bt Vladimir Belujsky

Jordan Thompson bt Mariano Angel Gudino

Thomas Hart bt Ben Ridings

Luke Evans draw Miguel Cesario Antin

James Metcalf bt Evgenii Vazem

Follow Benn vs Van Heerden reaction LIVE with Standard Sport’s blog below!

Benn vs Van Heerden latest news

  • Benn knocks out Van Heerden in second round

  • Billam-Smith stops McCarthy in engrossing rematch

  • Hatton beats Gregores but much work to do

  • Baumgardner easily defends world titles against Soledad Matthysse

22:58 , George Flood

Speaking to DAZN, Eddie Hearn once again confirms that Benn will have a massive step up this summer.

He wants a marquee fight in London.

“It’s time for a serious test.”

Once again it’s Adrien Broner, Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, Mikey Garcia and David Aveneysan that are namechecked.

Hearn also confirms that it won’t be Amir Khan, while Benn insists that Kell Brook is focused on another domestic showdown with Chris Eubank Jr.

22:55 , George Flood

It doesn’t sound like Khan really wants any part of a Benn fight... and I don’t blame him.

Not sure what all those boos are about, either.

Watch: Benn stops Van Heerden in second round

22:54 , George Flood

22:52 , George Flood

Khan is inevitably quizzed on whether he would fight Benn, but it all feels a bit forced.

I think he was genuinely just here tonight to watch the action.

I hope for his sake that he can’t be convinced to step into the ring one last time against Benn, as that almost certainly would end very badly for him.

Still hope Khan calls it a day now. He has nothing left to prove and probably needs saving from himself.

22:37 , George Flood

That was emphatic from Benn... and then some. Such vicious, vicious power.

What a message to send to the rest of the stacked welterweight division.

Benn in triumphant mood as he dances inside the ring, before getting Amir Khan up from ringside.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Benn vs Van Heerden

22:29 , George Flood





Benn vs Van Heerden

22:27 , George Flood

Benn trying to find those big shots early on, with some furious close-range exchanges between the two fighters.

Benn detonates a couple of sharp left hooks, also landing a stinging right hand. Such venom on those punches.

But Van Heerden has landed some nice shots of his own, countering well and throwing the impressive hook, uppercut combo.

A really lively first round ends with a couple more decent counter punches from the South African, who certainly doesn’t seem overawed.

Benn vs Van Heerden

22:24 , George Flood

A superb atmosphere as announcer David Diamante whips the crowd into a frenzy with his introductions as usual.

Benn gets a terrific reception... can he put on another explosive show?

We are underway!

Watch: Benn ring walk

22:20 , George Flood

22:18 , George Flood

Time for the main event ring walks!

Boos for Van Heerden as he makes his way to the ring, draped in a red gown and looking relaxed despite the hostile atmosphere.

22:14 , George Flood

Conor Benn has taken his time to step out of the shadows of his famous father, former super-middleweight champion Nigel, writes Matt Majendie.

The 25-year-old welcomes the comparisons but has no intention of emulating his father’s record in one regard, notably the losses which Benn Sr experienced against Michael Watson, Chris Eubank and Steve Collins.

Ahead of his 21st fight, against Chris van Heerden, as the headline act ahead of the Matchroom show at Manchester Arena on Saturday night, the younger Benn said: “I can’t wrap my head around losing. I just ain’t got it in me to lose.

“But I think you can learn a lot from a loss. When I’ve had hard fights that should have been easy, I took that as a loss, I took that as a lesson.”

As a southpaw, Van Heerden poses a threat to his rival’s unbeaten record, with Benn’s trainer, Tony Sims, readily admitting earlier in the week his fighter has struggled to adapt against left-handers. Plus, there is the danger that his camp have allowed themselves to look too much to what lies ahead for the fighter beyond Saturday night.

Click here to read the full fight preview

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Benn vs Van Heerden next

22:11 , George Flood

Just the main event to come now in Manchester!

Conor Benn takes the next step on his welterweight journey next, defending his WBA contintental belt for the ninth time against former IBO world champion Chris van Heerden from South Africa.

Can ‘The Destroyer’ put on another impressive show to edge closer to a world title chance and tee up a huge showdown later in the year?

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

22:06 , George Flood

That was a brutal, brutal assault from Billam-Smith - McCarthy did well to withstand it as long as he did, and thankfully he’s up on his feet and okay.

There were some devastating hooks, straight right hands and a nasty uppercut all picked perfectly and with pinpoint accuracy with his opponent reeling and squirming on the ropes.

It was a massive right that proved the finishing blow.

What a spectacular stoppage.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Billam-Smith vs McCarthy

22:02 , George Flood

McCarthy is trapped dangerously against the ropes midway through round eight!

Billam-Smith is thundering in some accurate, vicious shots. How much of this can McCarthy take?!

Another huge right hand sends the Irishman crashing face down to the canvas.

That was a heavy fall and there’s no way he will continue.


Billam-Smith vs McCarthy

21:59 , George Flood

Billam-Smith looks fresher at the start of the seventh, perfectly teeing up a couple of strong right hands.

But McCarthy comes back with a jolting right of his own.

It’s more gruelling stuff, with McCarthy trying to set traps so he can bludgeon forward on the counter.

Blood now visible around the left eye of the Irishman.

Billam-Smith with two decent counter shots just before the bell. Enough to take a close round?

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Billam-Smith vs McCarthy

21:55 , George Flood

More positive from McCarthy at the start of round six, before both men really begin to feel the pace.

It becomes gritty and gruelling again, with Billam-Smith still having the upper hand on the inside. McCarthy has to stay away from those ropes.

Blood coming from above the left eye of Billam-Smith as he returns to the corner.

I think that was caused by an accidental clash of heads, rather than a punch from McCarthy.

Billam-Smith vs McCarthy

21:51 , George Flood

Billam-Smith gets those dangerous short hooks working again - even with his back against the ropes - and continues to fight brilliantly on the inside, thudding in the energy-sapping blows up close.

McCarthy is looking exhausted and has been dominated over these last couple of rounds.

He needs to find a reaction here... and fast.

Tremendous work from Billam-Smith, who has taken control of this bout. Can he press home the advantage?

Billam-Smith vs McCarthy

21:47 , George Flood

What a round! The best of the fight so far.

Billam-Smith raises his hand triumphantly before heading back to the corner.

McCarthy looked really hurt on more than one occasion there after being caught with some spiteful left hooks and smashing right hands.

Dominant from the European champion in the fourth.

McCarthy will need to recover quickly.

Billam-Smith vs McCarthy

21:45 , George Flood

Billam-Smith is showing no ill effects from those heavy overhand rights at the start of round three, fighting well on the inside and detonating a lovely left hook upstairs.

An entertaining, action-packed round, with both fighters landing some big punches during a few furious exchanges.

McCarthy’s solid combinations and right hand are proving a real problem at times, he counters nicely and with power.

A tough round to score.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

21:40 , George Flood

Billam-Smith vs McCarthy

21:39 , George Flood

A lot of holding and clinching early on here, with both fighters keen to sneak in as many punches as possible while they are tied up.

McCarthy showcasing a couple of nice stinging combinations in round two.

A couple of heavy overhand rights from the Irishman before the bell, the second clearly hurts Billam-Smith!

He’s rocked as he heads back to the corner for a pep talk from Shane McGuigan.

He took one of those in the first fight too, before recovering to take that split decision.

Amir Khan in the house

21:36 , George Flood

Amir Khan returning to the scene of his February defeat by arch-rival Kell Brook tonight...

Billam-Smith vs McCarthy

21:35 , George Flood

Billam-Smith starts well behind the jab as McCarthy is twice warned early on for use of the head.

Not an action-packed opener by any means, but Billam-Smith the clear aggressor and fighting on the front foot.

A bit of a sluggish first round from McCarthy, who is also warned for punching to the back of the head before the bell.

First round for the busier champion.

Billam-Smith vs McCarthy

21:31 , George Flood

It was a really close-run thing the last time these two went head to head in Essex in July 2021.

Billam-Smith hardly impressed against Bregeon on the Galahad-Martinez undercard in November, either.

McCarthy is desperate for revenge - will he get it tonight?

The first bell sounds...

Billam-Smith vs McCarthy next

21:27 , George Flood

Straight into the chief support act of the evening at AO Arena.

It’s the eagerly-anticipated rematch between old cruiserweight rivals Chris Billam-Smith and Tommy McCarthy.

Billam-Smith is defending the European belt he won in their first meeting at Matchroom Fight Camp last summer for the second time, having outpointed Frenchman Dylan Bregeon in Sheffield in November.

The Commonwealth belt is also on the line again here.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Hatton wins every round against Gregores

21:20 , George Flood

Hatton goes the distance for the fifth time in seven professional fights, winning every round on the referee’s scorecard. 60-54.

Definite signs of improvement, but there is still a lot of work to do, make no mistake.

He’s aggressive, maintains a strong tempo for the most part and punches really well to the body, but there’s still no regard for any defensive work whatsoever.

Hatton was caught by a few heavy counter right hands from an extremely average opponent tonight, which will be a concern. As will his lack of power at times.

But he’s learning as he goes with no real amateur background to speak of, so I guess you can’t be too critical.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Hatton vs Gregores

21:12 , George Flood

The extremely limited Gregores is also feeling the pace now, allowing Hatton to really establish himself.

He gets that snap back in the penultimate round, upping the tempo again, boxing nicely and inflicting more damage to the body.

No mistaking from whom he learned those eye-catching left hooks downstairs!

Hatton vs Gregores

21:09 , George Flood

A tiring Hatton’s work rate drops off notably in the fourth - something that didn’t go unnoticed by uncle Matthew in his corner.

“Keep the energy up,” comes the call.

He’s going to need to learn to pace himself a bit better as he goes forward.

We’ve seen it a few times now where he goes for broke early on and empties the tank too soon.

Hatton vs Gregores

21:04 , George Flood

You certainly can’t deny that Hatton is already very entertaining to watch, maintaining a high tempo and always letting his hands fly at every opportunity, even if there is preciously little consideration for what might come back at him.

The pressure is relentless and his body work is impressive, as is his conditioning. He’s always looking for the big finish.

But it’s hard to ignore the glaring flaws that need to be ironed out ASAP.

Hardly surprising given his lack of amateur pedigree, and I guess it’s what these early contests are all about.


Hatton vs Gregores

21:00 , George Flood

Gregores snaps in a decent counter left hook to the temple early in the second - exactly what uncle Matthew was warning Hatton about in between rounds.

Hatton is aggressive and swarming the Argentine, but he leaves himself so wide open when throwing his punches.

He’s still learning of course, but he’s going to get punished badly for leaving his chin hanging in the air sooner rather than later.

As ever, Hatton is too eager to go for the big shot and finish. Gregores needs to be afforded more respect here.

Hatton vs Gregores

20:56 , George Flood

Hatton vs Gregores

20:55 , George Flood

The home favourite lands a solid right hand early in the first of six scheduled rounds and then looks to throw those patented Hatton family hooks to the body.

As ever with Hatton, there’s a lot of offence with not much by way of defensive nous - but he doesn’t really need it against his calibre of opponent.

Hatton steps up the tempo towards the end of the round, putting Gregores under huge pressure and forcing him backwards with some more punishing body work.

Hatton vs Gregores

20:52 , George Flood

Fighting out of Spain, Gregores was a late replacement for the ‘Tipton Slasher’ Lee Glover.

He comes out to Killers classic ‘Mr Brightside’, while it’s the usual combination of ‘Blue Moon’ and Oasis for Manchester City fanatic Hatton.

City fans could do with a lift after today’s FA Cup semi-final defeat by Liverpool down at Wembley ended their treble hopes for this season.

Can Hatton Jr put a smile back on their faces?

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Hatton vs Gregores next

20:49 , George Flood

Plenty of Manchester interest in the next bout, as Campbell Hatton takes the next step in his budding professional career against another Argentine in Ezequiel Gregores.

Ricky’s son is unbeaten through six fights as a pro so far, and has yet to fight with fans present in his hometown.

His win over Levi Dunn last May came behind closed doors at this venue.

Baumgardner brushes aside Soledad Matthysse to defend titles

20:41 , George Flood

Some heavy shots absorbed by Soledad Matthysse in the final round, but Baumgardner doesn’t press for the last-gasp finish.

All three judges score the thoroughly one-sided bout the same - 100-90 in favour of ‘The Bomb’, who easily defends her WBC and IBO super-featherweight titles for the first time.

In a huge year for women’s boxing when we are already set to get Taylor-Serrano and Shields-Marshall, Baumgardner-Mayer would be one hell of an undisputed fight at 130lbs.

Mayer fought last week, defending her WBO, IBF and The Ring gold with a decision win over Jennifer Han in California.

Hyun Mi Choi currently holds the WBA belt.


Baumgardner vs Soledad Matthysse

20:34 , George Flood

“You’re pitching a shutout”.

That’s the message from Baumgardner’s delighted and busy corner before the 10th and final round in Manchester.

The American has been totally untroubled tonight and looks happy just to ease her way to a straightforward decision win.

Will she look to put the hammer down in the final couple of minutes?

20:31 , George Flood

Baumgardner vs Soledad Matthysse

20:31 , George Flood

This has long since become a glorified sparring session for Baumgardner, who remains in complete control and has been since the very first bell.

She’s content to conserve her energy reserves, only letting her hands go at brief intervals - when you get a real sense of her power and ability to put the stylish combinations together with ease.

Baumgardner boxing nicely behind the jab in round seven, landing some punishing short right hands when Soledad Matthysse tries to come forward.

Baumgardner has also had nice success to the body tonight, even if she has yet to really demonstrate just how heavy that right hand can be.

You wonder if she’ll properly unleash it in the last few rounds. Or is she content to cruise to a wide points victory?

Baumgardner vs Soledad Matthysse

20:26 , George Flood

Baumgardner’s right uppercut is a real weapon, as Terri Harper found out to her cost in November.

More of the same from the champion in the sixth here, letting her hands go in a blur of power when she needs to and then countering with precision and absolutely pristine footwork.

Soledad Matthysse is still really to land anything of note, she’s being completely and utterly outclassed.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Baumgardner vs Soledad Matthysse

20:22 , George Flood

A couple of huge, battering combinations from Baumgardner in the fifth that leave the vastly overmatched Soledad Matthysse in a daze.

Her footwork, punch selection, angles and variety are so on point.

Soledad Matthysse is taking some heavy punishment now and is on an absolute hiding to nothing.

She’s still bravely and gamely coming forward, but Baumgardner is poised to counter nearly every single time.

I wonder if Mikaela Mayer is watching this...

Baumgardner vs Soledad Matthysse

20:19 , George Flood

This is pretty flawless from Baumgardner so far, it must be said.

A quieter round in the fourth, but she’s doing more than enough to easily build up an unassailable lead.

You’d expect the champion to step on the gas as we head towards the halfway point, putting those slick combinations together and going up through the gears.

Baumgardner vs Soledad Matthysse

20:17 , George Flood

Baumgardner is so smooth and a joy to watch, and she’s not even close to hitting top gear here as she eases into a 3-0 lead in this scheduled 10-round contest.

Some more lovely counters in the third as Soledad Matthysse continues to try and get physical at close quarters.

Baumgardner totally dominant and in complete control of this fight.

The gulf in class is huge.

Baumgardner vs Soledad Matthysse

20:13 , George Flood

Baumgardner is so patient as she throws out a slow left jab to open up Soledad Matthysse’s high guard before rattling in a shuddering right uppercut.

Such power in that Baumgardner right hand as she also lands another straight shot flush on the chin, which the Argentine takes well to her credit.

Soledad Matthysse - who has paid the price for a couple of lazy slow jabs in this second round - is trying to get up close and rough up her stylish opponent, attempting to close the gap and disrupt her momentum.

But it’s not working at the moment.


Baumgardner vs Soledad Matthysse

20:09 , George Flood

A strong opening round from the champion.

Baumgardner is switching between countering well and leading with that incisive and punishing left jab, with Soledad Matthysse unable to land much of note in response.

A couple of close-range flurries demonstrate the American’s power, which Soledad Matthysse is understandably very wary of.

Baumgardner vs Soledad Matthysse

20:07 , George Flood

Baumgardner looking very confident after coming out to Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’.

Detroit’s ‘The Bomb’ should have a comfortable night here.

Soledad Matthysse is vastly experienced and has good pedigree as she looks to become a two-weight world champion, but at 41 her peak is certainly in the past.

Here we go...

Baumgardner vs Soledad Matthysse next

20:00 , George Flood

Next up is America’s Alycia Baumgardner, who mounts the first defence of the WBC and IBO super-featherweight titles she won with that scary upset knockout of Terri Harper in Sheffield in November.

She is up against Edith Soledad Matthysse, the Argentine former unified featherweight world champion who turns 42 in August and has lost four of her last six fights.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

19:54 , George Flood

Chris van Heerden has arrived at the AO Arena in Manchester.

DAZN have just aired a heartfelt pre-fight interview with the former IBO world champion, whose father was shot dead in South Africa in 2018.

Van Heerden believes he is a superior technical boxer than Benn, whom he calls an “emotional” and “angry” fighter who has been given opportunities because of his family name.

Can he really pull off a huge upset tonight?

Cullen easily outpoints Belujsky

19:51 , George Flood

We go to referee Steve Gray’s scorecard, who has it 80-72 in favour of Little Lever’s Meat Cleaver.


Cullen vs Belujsky

19:48 , George Flood

Cullen throws a hell of a lot at Belujsky in that final round, rocking him with a short hook upstairs and more thudding body blows as he tries desperately for the finish.

Belujsky just about clings on until the end, but he’s well beaten.

A dominant performance from Cullen on his return to action. He’s got to be pleased with that bounce-back effort.

Cullen vs Belujsky

19:44 , George Flood

Into the final round we go, with Cullen dominating proceedings.

Can Belujsky make it to the final bell?

Cullen vs Belujsky

19:44 , George Flood

Cullen is relentlessly stalking Belujsky now, searching for the stoppage as he doles out more punishment and impressive combinations.

Belujsky’s already drained energy is being further sapped by repeated heavy shots behind the elbow.

Belujsky fires back briefly with a snap left hand, but he’s just holding on at this point.

Cullen firmly in control.


Cullen vs Belujsky

19:40 , George Flood

A great round from the lively Cullen, his best of the night, with Belujsky clearly feeling the pace now and his feet slowing considerably.

Cullen unleashes a lovely straight left hand down the pipe, followed by a crunching short right hook. Some eye-catching combos from the Bolton fighter.

Belujsky is evidently hurt and his legs buckle, but he’s let off the hook a little bit before eating some heavy body shots.

Cullen well on top now. Can he get the finish?

Cullen vs Belujsky

19:36 , George Flood

Belujsky took momentum from that heavy shot at the end of the fourth into the start of round five, starting to get on the front foot and force the pace after advice from trainer Kieran Farrell.

Cullen is hit with a couple more hard shots, but he comes firing back himself with some decent, solid combinations and forces Belujsky into the corner.

Best round of the fight so far. This has turned into a decent contest.

Cullen vs Belujsky

19:31 , George Flood

Cullen jabbing well again, but he’s fired a huge warning shot at the end of the fourth as Belujsky slams in a spiteful one-two straight down the middle shortly before the bell.

Cullen has got to be careful here.

Cullen vs Belujsky

19:29 , George Flood

Cullen steps up the tempo in the third, switching up his attacks and boxing well again behind that stiff left jab.

But Belujsky is still having success with some tidy and heavy counters, making for a lively contest.

Cullen vs Belujsky

19:23 , George Flood

A good start to proceedings from Cullen, who jabs very nicely indeed with the left but doesn’t always defend as well as he should and misses a lot.

He’s probably 2-0 up here, but he got caught with a couple of decent shots from Belujsky in round two.

Cullen vs Belujsky opens main undercard

19:18 , George Flood

Tonight’s televised undercard begins with Jack Cullen, who takes on the Ireland-based Slovenian Vladimir ‘Big Bad Vlad’ Belujsky.

Cullen is the former English and IBF international super-middleweight champion, who is hoping to get back to winning ways after that shock defeat by late replacement opponent Kevin Lele Sadjo in a European title bout at the same venue in December.

The exciting Cullen’s only other professional loss came against Felix Cash back in 2019.

Can Little Lever’s Meat Cleaver show he is worthy of a rematch with Sadjo in this scheduled eight-rounder?

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Early undercard results

19:09 , George Flood

Some results from the early Matchroom undercard to bring you.

JJ Metcalf stopped Evgenii Vazem in the fifth round of tonight’s opening bout, while there was a surprise draw between Luke Evans and Miguel Cesario Antin.

Light-heavyweight contender Thomas Hart got past Ben Ridings, while there was a big second-round knockout of Mariano Gudino by talented cruiserweight Jordan Thompson.


Baumgardner defends world titles as Hatton fights again

19:01 , George Flood

Elsewhere tonight, American Alycia Baumgardner provides the first defence of the WBC and IBO super-featherweight titles she won with that emphatic stoppage of Terri Harper in November.

Her first challenger is 41-year-old former unified featherweight world champion Edith Soledad Matthysse.

Matthysse’s fellow Argentine Ezequiel Gregores is a late replacement opponent for Campbell Hatton, who was originally due to face Lee Glover in his seventh pro bout tonight.

Bolton super-middleweight Jack Cullen will also hope to bounce back from his failed European title challenge against Kevin Lele Sadjo as he meets Vladimir Belujsky.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Cruiserweight contenders Billam-Smith and McCarthy clash again tonight

18:51 , George Flood

Tonight’s undercard features a number of intriguing battles, most notably the eagerly-anticipated rematch between Chris Billam-Smith and Tommy McCarthy.

Ireland’s McCarthy lost his European cruiserweight title in a closely contested decision defeat when the duo first clashed at Matchroom Fight Camp last summer in a bout that also saw the Commonwealth and British belts on the line.

McCarthy is desperate for revenge against Billam-Smith, who retained the EBU crown for the first time against French challenger Dylan Bregeon on points in Sheffield in November.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Benn vs Van Heerden prediction

18:44 , George Flood

Benn was back to his destructive best against Chris Algieri, having previously followed up that vicious 80-second blitz of Samuel Vargas with a far more understated points win over Adrian Granados in Leeds in which he was often frustrated but was at least able to get some key rounds under his belt.

Another statement surely beckons here as he prepares for a big step up in future, possibly against the likes of Kell Brook or Adrien Broner.

Former world champion Van Heerden - the first southpaw Benn has faced in his pro career to date - certainly isn’t short on experience or confidence, having dismissed his rival as a pure “power puncher” and an inferior boxing technician who relies too much on anger and emotion inside the ring.

However, he seems unlikely to stop the ascent of a future global superstar.

Benn to win via knockout in round seven.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

How to watch Benn vs Van Heerden

18:43 , George Flood

TV channel: Benn vs Van Heerden is being broadcast live tonight on sports video streaming service DAZN.

A subscription to DAZN currently costs £7.99 a month in the UK.

Benn vs Van Heerden timings

18:42 , George Flood

Tonight’s televised undercard is due to begin at 7pm BST, with ring walks for the main event expected at 10pm.

As ever, these times are subject to change depending on the length of the undercard bouts.

Welcome to Benn vs Van Heerden LIVE coverage!

18:37 , George Flood

Good evening and welcome to Standard Sport’s latest LIVE boxing coverage!

Tonight’s action comes from Manchester, where Conor Benn defends his WBA continental welterweight title against former IBO world champion Chris van Heerden at the AO Arena.

Can ‘The Destroyer’ ace his final test before being matched up against some of the best fighters that one of boxing’s most talented visions has to offer?

Stay tuned for build-up, thoughts from both camps, results and live updates from across tonight’s entire card, which features some intriguing support bouts that you won’t want to miss.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)
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