Bentley Continental GT V8 debuts as 542-bhp coupe and cabrio (Anthony Karr)
Bentley Continental GT V8 lead image

Already available to order in the United States.

Bentley’s ultimate grand tourer – the Continental GT – is receiving a new powerful and efficient V8 engine. Debuting today, the Continental GT V8, in both coupe and convertible forms, comes with a 4.0-litre twin-turbo eight-cylinder unit delivering 542 bhp and 568 pound-feet of torque.

Performance numbers show the V8-powered models are just a tad slower than the W12 models. The GT V8 Coupe needs only 3.9 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour from a standstill versus 3.7 seconds for the 0-62 mph sprint of the W12 Coupe. The GT V8 Convertible requires an additional 0.1 seconds to reach 60 mph and the top speed for both is 198 mph.

Bentley promises not only “thrilling performance” but also “greater efficiency” thanks to a cylinder-deactivation system which shuts off four cylinders in "suitable conditions." The British automaker claims this process doesn’t hurt the smooth drivability as the seamless switch from four to eight working cylinders happens in just 20 milliseconds.

An adaptive smart all-wheel-drive system channels power from the V8 twin-turbo engine to all four wheels. Bentley says the car will “use rear-wheel drive as much as possible during normal driving for optimum efficiency and dynamic performance.”

The Continental GT:

The new Continental GT V8 is becoming one of the most customisable models of the Crewe-based firm. As standard, both the coupe and cabriolet ride on 20-inch, 10-spoke wheels, but nine other wheel designs with a size of up to 22 inches are available. Seven standard exterior paints and “an extensive palate of additional paint choices” are also offered to customers. Additionally, the Convertible has seven different fabric hood colours to chose from.

Bentley Continental GT V8
Bentley Continental GT V8
Bentley Continental GT V8

One of the few design features that distinguish the V8 models from the range-topping W12 Continentals is the exhaust layout. The GT V8 comes with quad exhaust pipes, while the 12-cylinder Conti has two massive oval outlets at the back. The other notable difference between the two series will be the subtle V8 badging on the front fenders.

Bentley is already accepting orders for the new model in the United States with first American deliveries scheduled for the third quarter of this year. The rest of the world will get the new Conti GT V8 from Q1 of 2020.

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