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Annie Bullen says the Guardian’s impending change of format will deprive her of a childish pleasure. Photograph: shellhawker/Getty Images/iStockphoto

On page 5 of Wednesday’s Guardian is an article about David Attenborough, reminding us of his warning in Blue Planet II about the devastating consequences of plastic debris in our oceans. Immediately below is a piece entitled “China’s plastic waste ban ‘creates crisis for UK local authorities’”, which quotes environment secretary Michael Gove: “I don’t know what impact it will have. It is … something to which – I will be completely honest – I have not given sufficient thought.” Says it all really, doesn’t it?
Caroline Harrington
Bishopston, Bristol

• By moving from your “Berliner” format to a (splendidly designed, I’m sure) tabloid, you take away one of my childish pleasures. Four Berliner sheets, selected with malicious glee, fit neatly into my henhouse. Each sheet must bear a large photograph of Donald Trump or, failing that, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson or David Davis. My hens hit the spot with surprising accuracy and the resulting compost gives us a splendid crop of rhubarb each year.
Annie Bullen
Wildhern, Hampshire

• An even better use for closed-down pubs than drunk tanks (Letters, 3 January) would be as homeless shelters.
Ken Phillips
Chorley Help The Homeless

• Re her review of McMafia (G2, 2 January), what a brilliant wit is Lucy Mangan. Today’s Nancy Banks Smith. Are they umbilically connected ?
Jacqueline Starkey
Warrington, Cheshire

• However the McMafia series plays out – promising, at the moment – it has certainly given our journalists a rich harvest of themed articles. Getting a touch tedious now, though – as are all those best of worst of etc lists. Back to normal by Saturday, I hope?
Bob Jones

• Can you stop using that weird yellow picture of Theresa May on your back page please. It’s ruining my breakfast.
Nicholas Evans

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