Besiege's watery expansion will get a patch adding new missions, giant sharks, tentacled horrors of the deep

 Giant tentacled thing grabs a seagoing vessel in Besiege: The Splintered Sea.
Credit: Spderling Studios

Besiege will get an expanded expansion as the Splintered Sea campaign receives an update on the 22nd of July, later this month. With new levels, new challenges, and new enemies to defeat/hazards to avoid it'll be a beefing up of an expansion that some players found underwhelming. Included in that are some very large sharks and a betentacled beastie.

The Splintered Sea expansion launched in late May, adding detailed water physics and nautically-inspired building parts to Besiege, alongside a 10-level campaign and a new watery sandbox to play with your inventions in. Player reception was positive, but many people found critique for the depth and length of the included campaign.

"The update will include 5 new levels for The Splintered Sea, along with improvements and fixes for issues reported since the expansion’s launch," said developer Spiderling.

"You asked us for a longer campaign, with new levels that offer unique challenges & greater difficulty, and we heard you. This update will increase the campaign length by 50%, adding some of the toughest, most fun and interesting levels of the expansion!"

The patch will also add a very large angry tentacled seabeast which was in the trailers for the expansion, so I suppose just got delayed or what have you. The developers proper have stopped short of calling it a Kraken or whatever so I'm just going to go ahead and name it Hortensia. I expect she'll be rather annoying to those of you trolling about the sandbox.

You can find Besiege: The Splintered Sea on Steam.

If you're not otherwise familiar with Besiege, it's the very much loved physics-driven catapult and other such fanciful war machine builder that has been giving people outrageous giggles for years now, following its early access launch in 2015. We reviewed it back in 2020, after it launched properly, and it got an 85%.