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2017 North American Airline Satisfaction Rankings

While airlines have been getting some bad press, the satisfaction customers have with them is on the rise overall. (Reuters)

Best North American airlines for customer satisfaction in 2017

In its annual ranking of North American airlines, J.D, Power has found that customer satisfaction is actually on the rise, despite numerous recent incidents.

Customer satisfaction with airlines in Canada and the U.S. is up overall, continuing a trend that has been occurring since 2013. When compared to other service industries, however, airlines still rank substantially low.

“As recent events remind us, however, airlines have significant room for improvement. Airlines still rank among the bottom tier of most service industries tracked by J.D. Power, far lower than North American rental car companies or hotels,” Michael Taylor, travel practice lead at J.D. Power, has said.

Taylor is, of course, referring to the slew of recent incidents on airlines that have been the subject of much media coverage. It began with the forcible removal of Dr. David Dao from a United Airlines flight in Chicago on April 9, and has continued with a rabbit that allegedly froze to death, a two-year-old forced to give up his seat, a teenager stuck in an airport without compensation overnight and a woman mistakenly ending up in San Francisco instead of Paris, just to name a few.

On the whole, however, airline satisfaction is trending upwards.

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