Best Android apps to improve your music experience

If you own an Android phone you probably hate the boring music app. It might therefore be a great time to upgrade the music player on your phone. There are plenty of applications on the Android Market you may not have heard of, that are much better in terms of functionality.

Here is a list of the top five music applications for Android:


Listen to the latest songs without having to download them. The application has great features including playlists, queuing, discovering your favourite and popular songs. You may need to pay a subscription fee, but the prices are fairly reasonable, based on the large selection of songs. (visit on your Android phone)


This is an application that will allow you to play songs that are saved on your PC without having to transfer them to your phone. This feature is great especially when you have a large library of songs but not enough space on your phone to save the music. This application does however require you to set up a 'AudioGalaxy Helper' software to index your music.

Furthermore, if you've run out of music, you can switch to popular online radio to listen to more songs. Best of all: the application is completely free. (Google Play - link)

TuneIn Radio

This is not just a music application, this app allows you to listen to radio stations from all over the world; over 50,000 of them. Moreover, you can choose from over 1.2 million on-demand programs. You can also record the radio stream for later listening. And the latest update includes 'Car Mode' which lets you control your music, sports and news by giving a commands by voice. The application comes in a free version and one that costs just £0.61. (Google Play - free link /paid link)

Power AMP

Power AMP can play almost any audio format, it has a graphical equalizer, options to change bass and treble and countless other neat features. What makes this app stand out is the fact it has four widgets available for homescreen use. You can sort your music in different ways such as creating folders. The application has a trial version that has all features but only works for 15 days, then you will be required to purchase the full version which will cost you approximately £3.15. (Google Play - trial link)

PlayPro Music Player

This application has all great features from the aforementioned application plus many additional bits that make this app stand out. This app has a very powerful search tool, it even plays video, it includes several skins, you can download, search and save songs directly from within the app. From the countless other small features that make this application stand out, it also has two lockscreen widgets and five homescreen widgets. (Google Play - link)