Best Apple iPhone 13 Pro deals January 2023

 (The iPhone 13 Pro (Apple))
(The iPhone 13 Pro (Apple))

The new iPhone 13 range is the third generation where Apple has included a ‘Pro’ variation amongst its offering of handsets.

As with its iPhone 11 and 12 predecessors, the iPhone 13 Pro sits in the range with a premium spec and includes features that command a higher price compared with the base version of the iPhone 13.

If you want to get your hands on an iPhone 13 Pro, here’s a run down of the latest deals, plus a look at the handset’s key features and how Apple justifies that higher asking price.

Pay nothing upfront

If you’re a user who’d rather not pay anything upfront for the new smartphone, network provider Three is offering a 128GB iPhone 13 Pro on a 24-month contract for £55 a month. That comes with unlimited calls and texts, plus 100GB of data.

Adding to the competition in this sphere, rival provider Vodafone is offering an identical deal.

Again with no upfront costs, but aimed at customers who don’t want to worry about usage limits and can stretch to £60 a month over 24 months, O2 is offering a 128GB iPhone 13 Pro with no limits on calls, texts or data.

For the same, no-limits deal, Three charges £85 a month, while Tesco Mobile comes in at a more competitive £71.99 a month.

Upfront options

For £79 upfront, Vodafone is offering customers a 128GB iPhone 13 Pro for £47 per month. That’s for a 24 month contract, including unlimited calls and texts plus 100GB of data.

Meanwhile, if you can stretch to £99 upfront, iD Mobile is offering the same handset with unlimited calls and texts alongside 20GB of data for £46.00. Again, a 24-month contract applies.

Pay Three £44 upfront and you’ll get the handset with unlimited calls, texts and 100GB of data for £51 per month on a 24 month contract.

This is a good compromise when you take into account the upfront cost, monthly cost and monthly data allowances. For a similar upfront amount, this time it’s £45, Vodafone offers the same deal.

Again, if you’d prefer not to have to think about data limits, iD Mobile offers unlimited calls, texts and data for £52.99 per month when you fork out £49 upfront and sign up for a 24-month contract.

Alternatively, Vodafone imposes no limits when you pay £29 upfront and then £54 a month over 24 months. Three also offers a no limits deal, but charges users £44 upfront.

iPhone 13 Pro - what’s new?

In the hand, it’s difficult to tell apart the new iPhone 13 Pro from its predecessors in the 11 and 12 ranges. Internally, however, the latest handset comes with a slew of new technology and features.

The tell-tale signs of the newer model are its smaller notch housing the front camera array, a less prominent bump on the back of the handset where the camera lenses sit and the fact that it’s a hair thicker than its predecessor.

The latest Pro’s display has the same dimensions as its predecessor, but the new screen is brighter and refreshes at up to 120Hz resulting in far smoother animations. By comparison, the iPhone 12 Pro only refreshed at up to 60Hz.

One of the biggest changes to the latest Pro is in terms of processing power. The iPhone 13 range introduces the A15 Bionic chip. The six-core CPU and four-core GPU setup is said to be 50% faster than the competition’s, with 30% faster graphics.

Capacity and camera

In terms of memory, both the 12 Pro and the 13 Pro have 6GB of RAM but the latter has now doubled the storage capacity.

While the iPhone 12 Pro started at 64GB and went up to 512GB, the iPhone 13 Pro starts at 128GB and extends to 1TB.

The camera set up on the iPhone 13 Pro is largely the same as on the iPhone 12 Pro, but its wide-angle lenses have larger apertures to allow in more light, resulting in sharper images.

The A15 Bionic chipset also gives the cameras an optimisation boost that enable two new features: Cinematic Mode and macro photography.

Hooray for Hollywood

The former gives videos a Hollywood feel by automatically switching focus from objects and subjects in the frame. It mimics ‘rack focus’ you’ll be used to seeing in movies.

Macro photography, meanwhile, allows for extreme close-ups of objects as though you were looking at them with a microscope.

Another big improvement is in battery life. Apple claims you’ll get 90 minutes more use out of a single charge of the iPhone 13 Pro compared with the iPhone 12 Pro.

Finally, the iPhone 13 Pro costs £949 when you buy it directly from Apple. By comparison, the iPhone 12 Pro cost £999 at launch. That works out to £50 less for the iPhone 13 Pro’s additional memory, improved performance and new features.