Best bath products for baby and mother that care for your skin

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To protect the gentle skin of your little ones, it’s important to pay close attention to the ingredients that go into their products.

From bubble bath to body lotion, your baby’s skin is sensitive and needs specific nourishment to prevent irritation and ensure that it is being properly cared for. You want to look out for brands that formulate their ranges free from any chemicals, fragrances, parabens, sulphates or anything that may cause their delicate epidermis to react.

Consultant dermatologist Dr Alexis Granite explains, “Children have very delicate skin which can be more prone to sensitivity and allergies. That means avoiding heavily fragranced products, along with being mindful of exfoliants, parabens and synthetic dyes.”

She also stresses the importance of a regular moisturising routine, “A little known fact is that, trans-epidemal water loss can happen more quickly in children than it does in adults and applying moisturiser at any age helps to maintain and support the skin barrier, keeping it supple and healthy.

“Simplicity is key; a gentle cleanser and an emollient after bathing qualifies as a good routine – especially because skin conditions, like eczema, are quite common in children so applying emollients regularly can help support the skin barrier function and reduce flare ups.”

While some may love the bath experience, others may not and so multitasking products that will save faff and tears and condense the routine into the shortest amount of time is always very helpful. These products will also encourage your child to relax and unwind and get them ready for bed, while also providing as an opportunity for you to bond and play.

Dr Granite advises, “First, you should never leave a young child unattended in the bath. Warm water is preferable to hot as that helps to reduce over-drying of the skin, and if your child is hesitant about bathing – and doesn’t suffer from sensitivity or allergies – try adding a light bubble bath or bath bomb to make the water more fun. You could even read some stories, play music, have some toys in the tub or even some snacks to make things more enjoyable.”

It is worth noting though that newborns need just water, cotton wool pads or wipes as their skin is much thinner and more permeable so the brands below may not work unless otherwise stated.

Care for the entire family with our selection of soothing and gently nourishing labels to protect your little one’s skin in their early years and beyond.

Little Aurelia

If you’re familiar with Aurelia London, you may know the label (which specialises in probiotic-based skincare) has a range designed for your pint-sized people.

Much like the original line-up, the Little Aurelia collection is composed of all natural ingredients to counteract inflammation and care for delicate skin. The products are cruelty-free, formulated with botanicals and combine soothing essential oils. There’s no parabens, phthalates or synthetics.

You’ll find specialised ingredients to encourage a sound night sleep like the Pillow Mist, bath time favourites like the Top to Toe Wash and the nourishing Comfort & Calm Rescue Cream.

 (Little Aurelia)
(Little Aurelia)

​​From £22 | Cult Beauty

L'Occitane Shea Baby Collection

With some of the most beautifully scented products on the market, L'Occitane’s Shea Baby range is the perfect pampering treat for baby. The collection has been thoroughly scientifically tested under paediatric supervision to ensure that they will bring no harm to delicate skin. The products are free from any allergens as well as phenoxyethanol, parabens, phthalates, or silicones.

As written on the tin, Shea butter takes a starring role in the product compositions and is beloved for its high concentration of fatty acids that make it an ultra-nourishing ingredient. The French luxury label uses an organic form that is sourced in conjunction with a women’s union in Burkina Faso with traceability.

The hero products include the smoothing and hydrating Lovely & Gentle Moisturising Milk and handy travel sets.


From £19.50 | L'Occitane

Burt’s Bees

Harnessing the power of nature and in particular, nourishing and reparative beeswax, Burt’s Bees has long been a go-to for its deeply moisturising lip balm, body lotions and hand creams. The same runs true for its baby collection that is made up of shampoos and body wash, lotions, bubble bath and nappy ointment.

All the formulations are plant-based to naturally cleanse skin without irritation, while making bathtime a breeze with its tear-free gentle composition. The products have been paediatrician tested and are free from phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS.

 (Burts Bees)
(Burts Bees)

From £8.49 | Burt’s Bees


Keep your kids’ skin as soft and supple as it should be with Aveeno. The product line-up is extensive with the basics like body washes and lotions as well as nappy cream and wipes. The Nappy Barrier Cream and Hair & Body Wash can even be used on newborn skin (from three months) to soothe and protect from the outset.

Aveeno uses a natural colloidal oatmeal formula that has a quick and deeply absorbing formulation, while also being unscented and so works for those with sensitivities. The range has been paediatrician tested.


From £2.20 | Boots

Dr Barbara Sturm

Facialist to the stars, Dr Barbara Sturm is a pioneer in the skincare industry and counts the likes of Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham among her many loyal clients. The products sit on the luxury end of the price spectrum and have deeply penetrating potent formulation to reach the lower levels of the epidermis. For the adorable baby range, the good doctor has adapted her products with a view to protect the most delicate of skin. There are bath and body products all of which are crafted with the finest natural ingredients to prevent aggravating and instead work to soothe and inject moisture.

Highlights include the Baby & Kids Baby Bum Cream to prevent nappy rash before it occurs and instead form a protective layer to support skin and the Face Cream that works wonders on red, chapped cheeks caused by the likes of harsh weather. The ingredients list spans to panthenol (for its moisturising benefits), jojoba and sweet almond as well as soothing chamomile.

 (Dr Barbara Sturm)
(Dr Barbara Sturm)

From £20 | Cult Beauty

Mini Bloom

The expression “as soft as a baby’s bottom” is common parlance for a reason and you’ll want to keep it that way with the help of Mini Bloom. The brand was founded by Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden - if her surname sounds familiar, that’s probably because she was the co-creator of pioneering skincare label Goldfaden MD.

The product line-up is designed for both mother and baby to enjoy with a small but mighty range of hair washes and treatments as well Nipple Balm and Diaper Rash saviours.

The formulas are gentle but effective without lanolin, synthetic fragrance or dye. A combination of plant-based ingredients like jojoba, sunflower and coconut oils are used to counteract chafing, chapping and soothe redness. On the hair front, the texture is lightweight with argan oil, hydrolysed quinoa, aloe vera among others to simplify the deknotting process and tame unruly locks.

 (Mini Bloom)
(Mini Bloom)

From £20 | Cult Beauty

Organic Babies by Green People

The clue is in the name. The designated range for babies at Green People is entirely organic and natural while being completely free from any nasties. This ensures that the collection can be used on sensitive skin and even those little ones with eczema.

There are products across the bath and body category as well as haircare where the products are formulated with plant extracts and tear-free formulas. There’s even the option of scent-free or a lovely and calming lavender aroma. No matter their skin concern - be it dry or sensitive skin, cradle cap or nappy rash - there’s a product to help as well as those that will not aggravate allergies like gluten free and entirely vegan compositions.

The collection is extensive and ranges from nappy creams to shampoo and body washes with helpful travel sizes for when you are jet-setting or even for sleepovers at the grandparents.

 (Green People)
(Green People)

From £5 | Green People

Weleda Baby

Weleda has some of the most nourishing lotions and potions that will be a treat to their soft baby skin. The collection is made up of bath and body must-haves that have been formulated with gentle plant-based ingredients all of which are eco-friendly and non-synthetic. The certified all-natural products are suitable for the most sensitive skin and features calendula at the heart that removes dirt and impurities, leaves skin silky soft and maintains the lovely natural baby aroma, while shielding and protecting your little ones from head to toe.


From £6.22 | Amazon


French pharmacy skincare label may be best known for its micellar water but don’t sleep on its collection of baby cleansing goodness. Not only do the products smell great but they are very effective for the thinner and more permeable skin of your little ones. From the Cleansing Cream to the Foaming Gel, the hardworking products keep skin intensely moisturised with eight hours of protection as well as leaving it feeling soft and supple.


From £14.07 | Amazon

Child’s Farm

With options to suit almost any possible allergen, Childs Farm has an varied selection of deliciously scented, unfragranced, organic or playful products for bathtime and beyond. The formulas are mild and lightweight and so can be used on newborns and babies alike - even those with eczema prone skin. They are made up of 98 per cent naturally derived ingredients without the use of parabens, SLSs, mineral oils or artificial colours. A little goes a long way too so the brand offers great value for money.

 (Childs Farm)
(Childs Farm)

From £2.50 | Boots

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