Best Bloody Mary kits to gift or try yourself that will cure a festive hangover

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Everyone knows that the true, undisputed cure for a hangover is hair of the dog: the queen of hairy dogs being the Bloody Mary. This ubiquitous brunch cocktail recently celebrated its 100th birthday - so what better reason to indulge in a tipple or two?

After festive celebrations come inevitable sore heads. On the particularly terrible mornings where you’re feeling particularly monstrous (and perhaps looking and smelling the part too): the need for a shot of something stiff and spicy can be critical.

Crawling your way to the nearest pub is always an option, but where’s the dignity in that? The Bloody Mary kit is the answer to the problem. With one of these stowed in your cupboard, you’ll never again have to sway miserably at a crowded bar, croaking requests for more tabasco in half-formed sentences.

A Bloody Mary kit also has the added convenience of offering exact measurements for ingredients needed. This comes in handy when faced with the differing opinions on what exactly constitutes the perfect Bloody Mary.

But if in doubt, this recipe will do the job nicely:

  • 2 shots of vodka (quality irrelevant)

  • A substantial glug of good quality tomato juice (only the very best will do)

  • Several squeezes of lemon

  • A dash or two of Worcestershire sauce (strictly Lea & Perrins)

  • A good old shake of Tabasco (you want it spicy - but not overpowering)

  • A teaspoon of fresh horseradish

  • Salt and pepper (you can go for celery salt if you want to take it very seriously)

  • A squirt of olive brine

  • A splash of balsamic vinegar or a dry sherry

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of variation as long as the essential truths of tomato, vodka and (at least) two fiery ingredients are there. Don’t forget a sour element either - a squeeze of lemon or a dash of something brine-y will give the umami kick needed to take your Bloody Mary to a 10/10.

The kits we’ve included in our edit are varied. There are options with interestingly flavoured vodka for extra oomph and the more simple and classic varieties. But don’t let that stop you from adding extra ingredients as you so wish.

Cocktails for Home’s Bloody Mary Kit

This kit from Cocktails At Home has all the essentials including Absolute Vodka, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, as well as a 187ml bottle of merlot and Colman’s horseradish sauce. This mix will give you a rich tomato base with all the right flavours.

Also included is a measuring cup and recipe card for a consistently top-notch Bloody Mary.

Buy now £35.00, Cocktails for Home

Cocktail Crates Bloody Mary Cocktail Gift Set

This elegantly boxed cocktail kit makes a perfect gift for fans of the Bloody Mary and its offshoots. As well as vodka, there’s also tequila included for throwing together a Bloody Maria - the Mexican version of the classic.

The kit also includes Himalayan salt, Schweppes tomato juice, lemon and hot sauce.

Buy now £42.99, Cocktail Crates

The Garlic Farm Bloody Mary Kit

Halloween may have been and gone, but this Bloody Mary kit from The Garlic Farm guarantees protection from vampires and blood-suckers alike.

The Isle of Wight-based garlic farm have concocted an inventive Bloody Mary recipe including Vampire-Slayer Garlic Hot Sauce, a Black Garlic Vodka and tomato juice from the Tomato Stall (also hailing from the Isle of Wight). If you like garlic, then this ones for you.

Buy now £40.00, The Garlic Farm

Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit

A simple and classic kit that has all the basic ingredients you need. This iteration from Fodabox won’t break the bank either, making it the perfect mini gift for the die-hard Bloody Mary fan in your life.

Includes Absolut Vodka, Pickle House Spiced Tomato Mix and some tabasco. It would make a excellent base for any added extras you fancy throwing in.

Buy now £22.99, Fodabox

The Ultimate Bloody Mary Kit

This kit from Silver Circle Distillery is a simple kit that doesn’t compromise on quality. Included is a 50cl bottle of the award-winning Black Garlic Vodka, which offers a ‘sweet yet umami flavour with hints of balsamic vinegar’. Next, the Bloody Mary Hot Sauce - crafted by artisan producers Parva Spice - is fermented in cider vinegar, celery salt and Worcestershire sauce and promises to be the perfect counterpart.

You’ll have to get the tomato juice yourself, but you do get inventive Bloody Mary recipe cards to try for yourself, like the Ultimate Bloody Mary Mussels for example.

Buy now £36.00, Silver Circle Distillery

Bloody Mary Cocktail with Madame Jennifer & Bloody Bens

This kit has everything you need and more, with the helpful addition of perfectly paired salty snacks to go with your Bloody Mary.

Bloody Bens have teamed up with Madame Jennifer, the Sussex-based vodka producer for a cracking kit with full-sized bottles to make a Bloody Mary as and when you need.

There’s a 200ml bottle of Madame Jennifer bubble-plate vodka, a 300ml bottle of Bloody Bens’s Bloody Mary Mix, and some tomato juice from Tomato Stall. Snacks are provided by Serious Pig, including snacking pickles, snacking cheese with truffle, and some Cornish sea salt almonds.

Buy now £50.00, Not on The High Street

Bloody Mary Corporate Gift Set With Wild Mary Vodka

Another kit from the guys at Bloody Bens. This time, there’s a 700ml bottle of Wild Mary Vodka included to pair with the Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix. This vodka is a hot and spicy, and the perfect vodka for a fiery drink.

Buy now £60.00, The Food Market

Bloody Mary With Horseradish and Wasabi

So this isn’t technically a kit per se, it’s a actually a pre-made Bloody Mary but this award-winning bottle had to be included in our edit.

It’s a Horseradish and Wasabi infused vodka infusion, designed for pouring over ice. It’s fiery and smooth, and definitely low-effort.

Buy now £20.00, Not on The Highstreet

Bloody Drinks Classic Mary

For the lazy Bloody Mary lovers (trust us, we’ve been there), these pre-mixed cans from Bloody Drinks will save the faff and get you well on your way back to your pre-hungover health.

The classic concoction is created using cocktail bar quality ingredients; vodka (of course), Amontillado sherry, Worcestershire sauce and TABASCO Pepper Sauce. There’s no added nasties, colourings or flavour enhancers.

It also comes as a gift set alongside olives, nuts and garnishes and in a hangover kit with Burger & Lobster.

Buy now £3.00, Sainsbury’s

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