Best boiling water taps to buy for hot water in an instant

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If there’s one thing you can’t have enough of in the kitchen, it’s garlic.

If there’s another, it’s convenience.

As the resident chef/cook/barely capable burger flipper in my house, I prize amenity in all the countless appliances and utensils I have at my disposal to help make the rendering of raw ingredients into a passable repast as quick and easy as possible. So, imagine all the time you can save in the kitchen not having to wait for water to boil, either in a kettle or pan.

It may not seem like much, but in the heat of cooking up a multi-faceted meal, every second can count, which is why one luxury item is fast becoming an essential in kitchens across the UK: the boiling water tap.

What is a boiling water tap?

Well, most of the explanation is in the name, but to go into detail, what we have here is a – normally rather stylish – regular tap, that dispenses cold and hot water like any other, but which can also serve up water already around 100°C instantly at the turn of a lever.

How do boiling water taps work?

With a tank stashed under your sink and wired up to the mains and water works, the water within is kept constantly at or just under boiling point, ready to be unleashed whenever you need it to, say, blanch or boil veg, prepare pasta to al dente perfection, or simply rustle up a quick cup of tea.

What’s more, they’re relatively simple to install. As long as you have space for the tank and a plug socket close by, a plumber can have the thing fitted in next to no time; and, yes, we do recommend employing a plumber as, while installation is far from complicated, the tap itself is rather more involved that the regular variety, so it’s best to let a pro handle that.

Are boiling water taps efficient?

But not just convenient, boiling water taps are also energy efficient, generally reckoned to use up to 50 per cent less energy than traditional kettles as, once the water in the tank is preheated, it stays that way without the need to boil and reboil.

Do boiling water taps save money?

Not only will you have boiling water available at all times you’ll save money on the bills too, which is not to be sniffed at during these times of chaos and crisis in the energy market.

Sold on the idea of extra convenience in the kitchen? Excellent, then let me run a red-hot raft of the best boiling water taps past you and see what turns you on.

See the best options below

Quooker Fusion Square

Best for: True 100°C water

Where else to start than with the original boiling water tap manufacturer?

With a range of options available, all with different finishes to help them blend stylishly into any kitchen décor, our favourite is the Fusion 3-in-1, seen here in its ‘Square’ spout iteration (a ‘Round’ option is also available).

Serving cold, hot and boiling water from one tap, the Quooker comes with a 3-litre water tank as standard, upgradable to 7-litres if your household demand is particularly high, and is activated out of childproof status and into boiling water mode by pushing the metal control ring down twice, then simply turning the tap. Obviously, dealing with water at 100°C – as the Quooker supplies – is a risky business, so such failsafes for children and the elderly are vital, which is why the Quooker Fusion also features an LED ring light that glows red to warn it is in boiling mode too.

Extras are also available, such as a Cold Water Filter and the Quooker CUBE, the latter throwing sparkling and chilled water into the mix, although these will push up the price quite considerably.

The Fusion Square comes available in polished chrome, stainless steel, black, patinated brass and gold finishes, so there’s a look to complement pretty much any kitchen interior. Being first to market in this ever-growing arena, experience speaks volumes as Quooker is the original and still the best.

Buy now £999.00, Appliance City

Qettle Original Mini

Best for: Standalone boiling water

Unlike the 3-in-1 units, the Qettle Mini works as a standalone option, easily installed alongside your regular tap. As such, it also considerably cheaper than the multi-use models, which is definitely worth taking into consideration.

Comprised of a choice of 2-, 4- or 7-litre tank, an undersink filter system and the Mini spout, there are no additional extras with the Qettle Mini, meaning the price you see is the price you pay.

Whichever size tank you plump for, the efficient insulation means your preheated water is stored at a full 100°C, while the filter system works to remove all the stuff in drinking water that you probably don’t want in drinking water, such as chlorine and any and all other unpleasant tastes and odours. Also, if you live in a soft water area where limescale build-up is a constant (and eventually costly) issue, the filter protects the tank, leading to a longer lifespan.

Featuring a red safety clip that makes accessing boiling water impossible when in place, the clip must be removed to use and, even then, the button on the handle must be depressed as the handle is turned, adding an extra layer of safety that keeps that scalding water out of access to kids.

Simple to install for those with the confidence to have a crack, calling in a plumber or a Qettle Accredited Installer to get the job done properly is always the best way forward.

A swift and unobtrusive route to both boiling and filtered water at a value-giving price, the Qettle Original Mini is a great little font of red-hot water handiness.

Buy now £445.00, Amazon

Grohe Red Duo

Best for: A 3-in-1 boiling water tap bargain

Another super-slick looking route to instant boiling water, the relatively new to the scene Grohe Red comes with spout options in L-, C- or U-shaped configurations and, of course, in a variety of finishes.

Featuring a unique-to-Grohe failsafe childlock that stops any chance of little fingers getting burnt thanks to a special sequence that must be followed to get the boiling water flowing, the Red comes with a choice of 3- or 5.5-litre titanium water tanks that offer exceptional insulation, keeping the preheated contents at a steady 100°C and also making it A-rated for energy efficiency.

A 3-in-1 model, normal hot and cold water is, of course, constantly available too. As water is filtered prior to entering the tank, nasty impurities that can affect the taste and eventually break the boiler are removed from the equation, whilst Grohe’s own cartridges also add essential minerals such as magnesium and zinc to help boost health.

Boasting a cunning constructed faucet with an isolated spout, the whole thing is cool to the touch when in use, another excellent feature that protects everyone’s paws and not just those too young or old to be touching the tap.

Well-conceived and designed with efficiency and safety as twin primary concerns, the Grohe Red is an excellent contender for those who want Quooker-type looks and functionality but can’t quite stretch to Quooker-type prices.

Buy now £895.00, Amazon

InSinkErator 4N1 Touch

Best for: All your boiling and steaming water needs

Okay, first of all, this has a great brand name and, secondly, alongside an expansive range of options, the 4N1 Touch offers that something more.

Starting with the basics, a 4-in-1 tap, as the name would suggest, not only does this dish out filtered cold, hot and boiling water in an instance, it also adds in a fourth feature, namely the ability to access steaming hot water too. Thanks to a NeoTank nestled under your sink, a digital adjustable dial allows you to set the dial between 88- and 98°C, giving you utter control over your water’s temperature.

Featuring a 2.5-litre tank and a safety spring lock push-down lever mechanism that means the hot water handle springs back into place as soon as it is released by the user to stem the flow immediately, the InSinkErator 4N1 Touch is not only safe but it also cuts down on both water and energy wastage as you’ll only ever use the amount needed.

Filtering out impurities such as limescale to improve water taste, the 4N1 dispenses cold water at the touch of a button, making it very user-friendly, while – always with an eye on protecting you from any incidents involving the hot end of the scale - the flow of boiling/steaming water is automatically reduced to avoid any accidents from spraying and sink splashback.

Also, as good-looking as it is smart, this eye-catching Italian design tap comes in chrome, velvet black and stainless steel finishes to add additional class to a whole world of kitchen convenience.

Buy now £761.00, Amazon

Carron Phoenix Seraphina

Best for: A larger tank at a lesser price

Another design that oozes elan into your kitchen, the Seraphina from Carron Phoenix is a sub-£1000 3-in-1 option that performs the every day functions of a regular tap, pumping out filtered hot and cold water as per normal, but also boiling water at the touch of a button for when you want a cup of tea, a cafetière of coffee or to get cooking quickly, all without waiting for the kettle to do its time-consuming, electricity-consuming thing.

Naturally, with safety firmly in mind, gaining access to the boiling water function requires the use of a special button, ensuring nobody who really shouldn’t be using it doesn’t, and the capacious 4.7-litre tank it comes with will ensure piping hot water is on-hand all day – just make sure you have the space to accommodate it under your sink.

As mentioned, the Seraphina features a filter to rid your water of all the unpleasant odours and unwanted ‘flavours’ often associated with tap water alongside any residual sediment, meaning every glass of water or kettle-free cup of tea or coffee will taste just as it should and not have any hangovers of chlorine or, indeed, ‘bits’ floating in it.

Finished in minimalist chrome to allow it to blend seamlessly into any modern kitchen interior, the Seraphina may be priced above the Grohe Red Duo, but that bigger water tank will lead to less energy usage, so it’s worth factoring that in.

Buy now £707.95, Appliance House

InSinkErator Chrome Effect Filtered Hot Water Tap

Best for: Stylised, budget-priced boiling water

In a word, the InSinkErator Chrome Effect Filtered Hit Water Tap is: funky.

While all other options here have a somewhat austere minimalist look to help them slot fuss-free into any kitchen, this boiling water tap has a look all of its own with two large stem levers that make it look like someone chrome-plated a child-picked vase of tulips.

A standalone, hot and cold side tap model that sits beside your usual tap array, a push-down safety handle automatically shuts down the flow of boiling water making it impossible to leave running or unattended, keeping kids and elderly relatives out of harm, while the cold lever simply dispenses lovingly filtered cold water ready to drink straight from the faucet.

A simple and as straightforward as boiling water taps get, this elegant solution to ditching the kettle weighs in at under £400, making it on of the far more accessible options too.

Buy now £423.19, Amazon

Fohen Flex Matt Black 3-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap

Best for: Cutting-edge tech and cool

Moving way beyond minimalist or funky styling now, for those out there who favour either a more gothic or industrial design in their choice of kitchenware, the Fohen Flex in Matt Black is here to tick all your instant boiling water tap boxes.

A 3-in-1, the Fohen Flex not only looks unlike the majority of its contemporaries it also features a touchscreen which allows you to adjust the running temperature from 75- to 98°C, which adds to the already considerable wow-factor.

Hot and cold mix as standard with the Flex, whilst a child-safe spring lock allows access to the boiling water dispenser and a 2.4-litre tank capacity will easily see to most day-to-day boiling water requirements of the average size household.

Add in the extra bonus of a handheld flexible spout and the Fohen Flex, while at the pricier end of things brings cutting-edge cool to the boiling water convenience party.

Buy now £859.00, Amazon


Naturally, choosing the best boiling water tap to suit you will come down to cost, plus space both on your sink and under it, but despite all the options here assembled being perfect examples of what is available across the price spectrum, for me the Quooker Fusion Square remains the Best of the best when it comes to boiling water taps. For sheer style, functionality and, of course, optional extras that can make it even better, it simply can’t be beat.

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