Best budget-friendly vacuum cleaners for dust-free days

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 (Russell Hobbs)
(Russell Hobbs)

The vacuum cleaner is a practical piece of homeware and a hard working everyday essential. When shopping for a new model, it’s important to find the right option for your needs.

A powerful vacuum cleaner can get rid of mess and spruce up your home quickly and efficiently, and there’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive gadgets.

Whether you’re looking for a cordless, cylinder, upright or handheld vacuum, we’ve chosen the best budget-friendly options on the market. From whisking away pet hair to keeping the car clean, there’s a vacuum cleaner to suit you.

It might sound like a mundane task, but to get the best out of your vacuum cleaner we recommend cleaning it regularly. If manufacturer instructions allow it, wash the filter and remove any blocked hair or debris from the brush head and tube (if using a cordless cleaner).

Most modern vacuums are compact in size and extra accessories can be clipped onto the vacuum body itself or attached to the charging unit for neat storage.

Regardless of your house size, there’s a vacuum cleaner to suit, from slimline upright cleaners to lightweight cordless cleaners that can be easily charged in a small cupboard.

With so many different types of vacuum to choose from, with various features, we’ve focussed here on budget-friendly options that do the job, and do it well. We tested these vacuum cleaners on carpet, laminate and wooden flooring to ensure they collect dust and debris efficiently.

Keep reading for our selection of the best upright, cordless and handheld vacuum cleaners for under £100.

Russell Hobbs ATHENA2 2L Pet Upright Vacuum

This upright pet-friendly vacuum cleaner worked wonders on carpets, picking up loose hairs and crumbs with ease.

The triple dust-lock filter prevents dust and hair being released during cleaning, and we didn’t notice any fall-out when emptying the large canister.

Vacuum cleaners of this size can often feel bulky, so we were impressed with the way this model glided along the floor and reached under furniture.

Whilst in use, this vacuum had a powerful suction but was easy to slide along the floor, and we loved the large carry handle that made it easy to manoeuvre from one room to another. The 3-in-1 brush and crevice tool was particularly handy for cleaning the stairs, sprucing up living room cushions, and reaching behind heavy furniture.

Buy now £69.00, Amazon

Von Haus Handheld UV Vacuum

It’s true that handheld vacuum cleaners won’t give you as much cleaning time as larger models, but they are the perfect option for quick spills, or tight spaces that your larger vacuum can’t reach.

We particularly like this cordless handheld option because of its additional features, including a 1.2 litre dust tank with HEPA filtration system and a UV lamp that kills dust mites, bed bugs and bacteria. We tested this handheld vacuum on a mattress and noticed how much dust collected in the canister, that was invisible to the eye. A great option for people with allergies, or families who want to give their mattresses a deep clean.

In fact, we think this vacuum would prompt us to clean our mattresses more frequently, and makes that task more manageable than it would be with a regular vacuum cleaner.

Buy now £79.99, Von Haus

Beko Cordless 2-in-1 ErgoClean Vacuum Cleaner

When we tested Beko’s cordless vacuum cleaner we were impressed by its powerful suction and the easy way it transitioned from carpet to wooden flooring.

A great all-rounder, it’s compact swivel head was easy to manoeuvre with minimal effort. This cordless vacuum cleaner will run for up to 45-minutes, so it’s ideal for a quick run around the house.

Remove the tube and convert in to a handheld vacuum for cleaning crumbs, or getting in to tight corners that the larger head can’t quite reach.

We particularly liked the LED head lights on this model, that made it easier to see underneath the sofa. The black and red design is attractive enough to leave out, mounted for charging on a kitchen wall, or in a utility room to keep it within easy reach for quick pick-ups.

Buy now £99.00, Beko

Bissell Featherweight 2-in-1 Vacuum

This 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner from Bissell quickly converts from a stick vacuum to a handheld cleaner. Weighing just 2 kg, this vacuum is ideal for small living spaces, and for instant fuss-free cleaning.This cyclonic bagless vacuum cleans and removes dirt on hard and soft floor surfaces.

The compact size and light weight of this stick vacuum make it perfect for flats, apartments and for quick tasks around the home. Battery life should always a consideration when choosing a handheld vacuum, but this corded option means you have the convenience of a handheld device without worrying about recharging.

It is ideal for quick cleans or for scooping up crumbs from the car.

Buy now £40.00, Amazon

Bush Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner

If space is at a premium in your house, a wall mounted, cordless vacuum cleaner makes perfect sense. Bush’s option is light, efficient and cleans carpets and hard flooring easily.

This no frills vacuum is ideal for quick on-the-go cleaning, and offers an easy transition between full size and handheld vacuum. The eco mode option gives up to 45 minutes extra cleaning time, meaning most homes could be tackled in one go.

A highly adaptable product, it can easily be transformed into a handheld appliance, and comes with a crevice tool and handy upholstery nozzle.

Buy now £85.00, Amazon

Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This large capacity vacuum cleaner has a three-litre bin, so dust can be collected and emptied out easily.

One of its best features is the 4.5 metre tubing that stretches up a 13-step staircase, meaning less hassle when moving the vacuum cleaner around your home. A handy foot dial raises and lowers the rotating brush bar to ensure the best clean for each floor type. On the vacuum itself there is storage space for a crevice tool and upholstery tool, keeping everything together in one place.

Plus, the 7m cable length lets you clean further without having to unplug around the house. This upright vacuum cleaner, is an affordable option that suits all house sizes, and flooring types.

Buy now £89.99, Amazon

VAX CCQSASV1P1 Air Stretch Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

This VAX vacuum has everything you need for cleaning your flooring and furniture, including a HEPA filter to collect pet hair from upholstery. Cylinder vacuum cleaners like this are a good choice for people who don’t want to manoeuvre a heavier upright cleaner, because the cylinder can be pulled behind you.

This model has a six-metre power cord, meaning less unplugging as you clean throughout the house, and the 4 metre hose is long enough to clean the stairs. This vacuum cleaner has an attractive appearance, with a large cylinder drum that is powerful and picks up dust, pet and human hair easily.

Buy now £89.97, Currys

Black and Decker PD1020L-GB 10.8 V Lithium-Ion Flexi Vacuum

We couldn’t resist the unusual look of this handheld vacuum that catches the eye with its cylindrical shape and collection of extra cleaning tools.

This vacuum is sturdy, and feels like a hybrid between a handheld and upright, with a small base and integrated 1.5 metre hose which allows you to clean under and behind furniture easily.

The quick charge function means there’s no waiting around for the vacuum to power up, and charging automatically shuts off when the battery is full.

Cleverly, the cylinder is emptied via a side hatch meaning all the dirt goes straight into the bin without touching your hands. We can see this vacuum cleaner replacing larger upright models in some households.

Buy now £79.99, Amazon


The Russell Hobbs vacuum cleaner is a handy upright option that can be used, and charged, with minimum effort. We loved the way it glided along the floor, and easily reached under furniture. For unique functionality, we think the Von Haus Handheld UV Vacuum provides a practical, and hygienic alternative to a standard handheld vacuum, and would keep our mattresses and soft furnishings cleaner with its clever technology.

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