The Best Celebrity Chef Frozen Meal Isn't From Gordon Ramsay Or Guy Fieri

Five celebrity chef frozen meals
Five celebrity chef frozen meals - Static Media

Celebrity chef endorsements are a surefire way to sell everything from pans and kitchen gadgets to prepared foods, so it's no wonder celeb chefs are getting in on the frozen food game. In recent years, frozen meals bearing the names — and sometimes faces — of celebrity chefs have popped up at grocery stores all over the U.S. With so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming (and expensive) to find the best. Sure, you could sift through customer reviews until you land on a winner, but why do that when we've done it for you? In our ranking of celebrity chef frozen meals, the best one based on customer reviews is Mings Bings Plant-Based Veggie Egg & Cheese Breakfast Bing from chef Ming Tsai.

You might have expected the winning frozen meal to be from Guy Fieri (essentially the face of Food Network) or notorious hothead but amazing chef Gordon Ramsay, but their frozen meals were actually ranked some of the worst. Of the 13 celebrity chef frozen meals we ranked, Mings Bings earned three of the top six spots including the coveted (in our minds anyway) number-one spot. Customer reviews praised the Plant-Based Veggie Egg & Cheese Breakfast Bing in particular for the standout texture and flavor of the filling, despite being both vegan and gluten-free.

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A Spin On A Classic Chinese Street Food

Chinese breakfast jian bing
Chinese breakfast jian bing - Ezume Images/Shutterstock

Chef Ming Tsai rose to fame for his fusion of Asian and American cooking on shows like "East Meets West" on Food Network and "Simply Ming" on PBS. His longtime award-winning Boston-area restaurant Blue Ginger (which closed in 2017 after nearly two decades of operation) also brought Asian fusion to the masses in New England, so it's no surprise that his frozen meal offerings do the same on a wider scale.

Bings are popular Chinese street foods that come in many forms, essentially a pastry or flatbread with some kind of filling. Jianbing are more akin to filled Chinese crepes, congyou bing are a type of scallion pancake, huabing are sweetened rose petal-filled pastries, and the list goes on and on. Mings Bings take the Chinese flatbread and turn it on its head by using brown rice wrappers and filling them with American flavors. While the plant-based breakfast offering was our top frozen meal, Mings Bings also come in flavors like cheeseburger, supreme pizza, and buffalo chicken — all while being very allergy-friendly. All of Mings Bings are free from gluten, shellfish, nuts, and sesame; many are also vegan. If you're looking for a way to dip your toe into Chinese-American fusion, Mings Bings are just the ticket.

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