Your best celebrity encounters in Oxfordshire

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Pete Doherty (PA), Michael Jackson (Stefan Rousseau/PA) and Simon le Bon (Ian West/PA)
Pete Doherty (PA), Michael Jackson (Stefan Rousseau/PA) and Simon le Bon (Ian West/PA)

It seems like it's not that difficult to run into a celebrity in Oxfordshire.

We received nearly 250 replies when we asked you on Facebook to tell us about your brushes with fame and they included everyone from A-listers like Cameron Diaz and Prince to soap stars and ex members of Blue.

The stars of Morse/Endeavour came up a lot plus we also have a whole host of celebrities that are Oxfordshire natives - from Emma Watson to comedian Alexander Armstrong.

If you have a showbiz story, get in touch.

Here are some of best replies to the question have you ever met a celebrity in Oxford.

Lori Bowe

Yes, Shaun Evans and Laurence Fox, on different trips. Both memorable.

Martin Jacques

When I worked at Blackwells Bookshop in my early 20s during 1989/90, I met a number of famous customers including Robert Hardy, the actor, Robin Gibb from the Bee Gees, Seve Ballesteros, who bought a copy of his biography from me and Frank Muir who was signing books in the shop. I also skived-off from the bookshop one day to interview the Oxford indie band, Ride, at a pub in Summertown one wintry afternoon for a student magazine that went out to undergraduates across the UK at that time!

Daphne Stevens

Served Anna Wing (Lou Beale from Eastenders) way back in 1990 ish when I worked for Boots the Chemists in Cornmarket Street Oxford. A lovely lady - sadly now deceased.

Colin Trevis

Colin Dexter off Morse programme. Also Maggie Bell who lived in Abingdon for a while. Great rock singer, also sung the theme tune for TV copper Taggart.

Stuart Cooper

I saw the newsreader and journalist John Simpson two days ago and years ago saw and said hello to former prime minister Harold Wilson as his son lived in Oxford where I live.

Katie Ilsley

Jenson Button came into the newsagents I worked in and bought the F1 magazine. He was on the front cover of when he just started his career. And Rowan Atkinson.

Colleen Morris

Served Thom Yorke from Radiohead when I worked for Boots.

Tim Llewelyn

Quite a few but most significant was Tom Cruise, when in town for The Mummy.

Debbie Sheppard

Passed Stephen Fry at Carfax. Said hello cos he looked familiar then realised who he was.

Paul Welsh

My list: John Thaw - Broad St, Colin Dexter (often) - across Oxford City Centre, David Dimbleby - Cornmarket, Magnus Magnuson - George St, Duchess of Kent - Cornmarket, King & Queen of Spain - High St, Dudley Sutton, actor who was in Lovejoy - Covered Market, Newsnight Presenter (name?) - Broad St, Benazir Bhutto Pakistan PM - Broad St.

Terri Plumridge

Simon Le Bon came into the department store where I worked, to visit his mother in law who worked there with me back in 1980s.

Ruth Adele Wild

I told John Thaw he looked like my grandad when I was about 8 - they were filming at New College and I lived on the sports field where all the trailers were.

Deanna Radband

Yes Bruce Forsyth in a record shop in George Street in the 60s.

Brenda Harris

Yes, Alfred Marks, Peter Butterworth just going into Boswells back in the 60s - we had a natter as the door was not open. Marvin Gaye at the theatre corridor coming back from the loo. Seen more stars in Woolworths and High Street though.

Diana Ruffels

Shook princess Diana’s hand as she greeted the crowd at the Churchill hospital opening Sobell House. She flew in by helicopter. As we all watched her leave grit blew up into my eye from the helicopter and I was taken to the old Radcliffe Infirmary eye hospital , where I had to be picked up later with a huge patch over my eye …… a day I’ll never forget.

Kelly Batten

Tony Hadley in George Street.

Jen Wood

Prince William, Katherine and some of their friends at the Bridge club before they got together.

Also Ray Winstone at the Turf Tavern.

Clare Donnelly

I spotted Theresa May alone in the Ashmolean cafe just after she stopped being PM. She looked blissfully happy and relaxed.

Jordan Sears

Pat Butcher at John Radcliffe hospital.

Tony Brett

Yes. Plenty in my year as Deputy Lord Mayor.

Roy Lei

Yes, Sir Richard Branson.

Maria Stella Witts

Nicholas Hoult in the King's Arms

Shaun O'Gorman

I once saw Pete Doherty with his manager at 7.00am when I was parked doing a delivery on Cornmarket Street Oxford. About fifteen years ago.

Ritesh Vyas

Michael Jackson in New Inn Hall Street 2001. His security team and co were asking where to buy umbrellas.

Chris MacArthur Abram

Cameron Diaz in the old Bank restaurant

David J Wassell Ynwa

Alexander Armstrong walking his dog by the University Parks.

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