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This delicious chocolate fudge cake has a light sponge and a relatively light filling and icing to match, a treat without being too heavy on the waistline.

Try Tana Ramsay’s chocolate fudge cake recipe

Not as strange as it may sound, this indulgent and utterly delicious cake just has to be tried. Salted caramel is a classic flavour, and mixed into chocolate makes an amazing cake that is well worth the time spent in the kitchen.

Try the Hummingbird Bakery’s chocolate cake recipe

It may seem an unusual ingredient but beetroot adds a wonderfully soft and moist texture to a rich chocolate cake.

Try our beetroot and chocolate cake recipe

This cake will become your secret weapon for dinner parties and special occasions and you’ll never look at another chocolate cake recipe again. It’s so incredibly simple – a magical conjuring up that results in a huge, rich, moist cake.

Try Annabel Langbein’s ultimate chocolate cake recipe

Rich, moist and deliciously moreish, Mary Berry’s tasty chocolate cake can be frozen un-iced and iced on the day of serving.

Try Mary Berry’s very best chocolate cake recipe

Who can resist a slice of homemade chocolate cake, especially one generously filled with white chocolate cream and loads of fresh raspberries? Add candles for an easy birthday cake.

Try our raspberry and double chocolate cake recipe

This ‘little-black-dress’ of a recipe is timeless, elegant and makes you feel good. It’s even more perfect with some good crème fraîche to bite through the sweetness.

Try Trish Deseine’s decadent, almost flourless, chocolate cake recipe

This delicious chilled chocolate cake is packed full of dried fruit and nuts, and will last for up to five days if kept well-wrapped in the fridge.

Try our chocolate fridge cake recipe

Simple and delicious, this chocolate tray bake is perfect for children’s party, afternoon tea or as a lunchbox treat.

Try our chocolate tray bake recipe

Indulge with this heavenly moist and fudgy chocolate cake. Serve with a refreshing raspberry coulis and vanilla cream for the perfect combination of flavours

Try Nick Pirckard’s chocolate cake recipe

Indulge with our best chocolate recipes, plus our best quick dessert recipes and best cake recipes.

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