Best cross stitch kits for kids 2020

Ellie Davis
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The summer holidays are fast approaching and like all parents, you are probably looking for activities for your kids to pass the time.

During the lockdown period, childcare has been more complicated than ever as you try and juggle your full time job with school closures - and the end of term adds an extra element of difficulty to navigate.

When your little ones aren’t spending the day in Zoom lessons, keep their screen time down with creative activities like cross stitching.

One of the oldest forms of embroidery, it can result in a real sense of accomplishment once the design has been created and will leave them with a brightly coloured wall hanging.

We have gathered kid-friendly sets that contain everything they’ll need, including fun and brightly coloured patterns, safe needlepoints, linen and thread as well as easy-to-follow instructions.

Beginner's Cross Stitch Carry Kit

Get their creative juices flowing with this ultimate cross stitching set that is bursting with all the essentials. Within the carry case - that is ideal for keeping your little ones occupied on the move - you will find ample cross stitching fabric, thread, felt and dozens of inspirational patterns for them to recreate. It also contains instructions on how to create designs for the likes of phone cases, bookmarks and pictures to hang on their wall.

£22 | John Lewis

Galt Toys Cross Stitch Case

Packed within this handy travel case, you will find patterns and materials to create a whole host of adorable patterns to encourage them to create keepsake items. It includes a butterfly set on a cushion to display in their room, an owl that you can frame, a hanging heart that you can fill with fragrance, a flower pencil case and book adorned with a cupcake design.

£17.99 | Amazon

Baker Ross Bug Colour-in Cross Stitch Kits

Kick-start their interest in the art of cross stitching with this set of five bug patterns designed specifically for beginners. Your little one can customise them by colouring or painting in vivid hues and then embellishing with a cross stitching detail.

£10.98 | Amazon

Galt First Cross Stitch

Get them crafting and away from the TV and iPad with this set that contains thread, fabric, colourful foam and more to create the likes of keyrings, notepads, frames and more with simple instructions for them to follow.

£11.79 | Hello Baby Direct

4M Cross Stitch

This beginner’s set will help your kids master cross stitching with thread and designs to make tote bags, penholders or coasters adorned with playful patterns. This one is better for older children of around 10+.

£12.97 | Amazon

Pencil Case Cross Stitch Kits

This pencil case design set is a win, win. It will allow them to create a fun and vibrant pattern with a rainbow variety of threads while also creating a new way for them to store their stationery.

£4.95 | Baker Ross

Animal Jumper Cross Stitch Kit

With this pack of eight animals, your little ones can use the colourful thread provided to create their outfits. The instructions are super simple and the designs can be as complicated as you like to suit all age groups.

£12.95 | Not on the High Street

Monkey - Cross Stitch Kit

This adorable monkey cross stitch will look so sweet after it has been stitched and hung on their wall. While it may look quite advanced, the instruction and colour chart provided make it easier than it seems to create.

£5.59 | Stitcher

Baker Ross Unicorn Wooden Cross Stitch Kit

This pack of five unicorns are crafted from wood to ensure they are durable and stand the test of time, whether you plan on reusing them or adding them to your Christmas decoration collection. Your kids can embellish the design with the colourful thread provided.

£6.94 | Amazon

Football - Cross Stitch Kit

This simple football-inspired cross stitch design will offer hours of fun for your kids. For the footie enthusiast, it will fit seamlessly as a wall hanging among the rest of their collection.

£8.99 | Stitcher


Contained within a practical carry case, the Beginner's Cross Stitch Carry Kit from John Lewis has everything you need to kick start your kids’ interest in the embroidery art. It has simple, easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of different projects to keep them occupied.

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