The best Dr.Jart+ products to try, according to a beauty editor

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There’s three main ranges – ceramidin, cicapair and the new pore remedy line  (The Independent)
There’s three main ranges – ceramidin, cicapair and the new pore remedy line (The Independent)

Every so often a skincare brand comes along that blows all others out of the water; a brand so good that it becomes a mainstay in your routine, making you wonder how you ever lived without them. The current brand doing just that? Dr.Jart+.

Hailing from South Korea, Dr.Jart+ (which is an amalgamation of “doctor joins art”) has been around since 2004, and last year it re-launched into the UK. Since then, not only has it made its way into the skincare regimes of beauty editors and influencers alike, but the brand is no stranger to going (organically) viral on TikTok, which really is a true testament to just how good its products are.

With three main ranges – ceramidin, cicapair and the new pore remedy – alongside its best selling face masks, Dr.Jart+ stays true to its Korean heritage by combining innovative formulas with bright, playful packaging. Chances are you’ve heard about the now-cult colour correcting treatment, a creamy green-to-beige formula that neutralises and disguises redness while soothing, calming and hydrating skin.

But aside from that, what other products are worth checking out? While we’d wholeheartedly say you won’t be disappointed by any Dr.Jart+ product that you try, we’ve rounded up the creme de la creme to help make your life a little bit easier – so, without further ado, here are the very best Dr.Jart+ products to add to basket, according to a skincare obsessed beauty editor.

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How we tested

Our tester is not only fully immersed in the world of skincare, but she’s always on the hunt for gentle products that will fit seamlessly into her routine. She’s been using Dr.Jart+ as a core part of her routine since last year, and all of the products below (aside from the newest launches) have been used up time and time again.

The best Dr.Jart+ products for 2022 are:

  • Best acid toner – Pore remedy PHA exfoliating serum: £35,

  • Best moisturiser – Ceramidin cream: £30,

  • Best serum – Cicapair tiger grass re.pair serum: £38,

  • Best cleanser – Cicapair tiger grass enzyme foam cleanser: £18,

  • Best sheet mask – Cicapair tiger grass calming serum mask: £7,

  • Best mist – Ceramidin cream mist: £20,

  • Best colour corrector – Cicapair tiger grass colour correcting treatment: £37,

  • Best spot treatment – Ctrl-A teatreement soothing spot relief treatment: £17,

Dr Jart+ pore remedy PHA exfoliating serum

Best: Acid toner

Rating: 10/10

The newest addition to the Jart family, this exfoliating serum is a product worth knowing about. For the uninitiated, PHAs (poly hydroxy acids) are considered second generation AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids, like glycolic and lactic). In other words, they work to slough away dead skin cells on the surface of skin, reducing the appearance of pores and blackheads, but because their molecule size is larger, they’re more gentle and are less likely to cause irritation. So, unlike AHAs, they are suitable for sensitive skin types – and they have the added benefit of hydrating skin alongside anti-inflammatory properties. This water-like serum contains 7 per cent PHA and slotted easily into our tester’s routine (after cleansing in the evening and before moisturiser, on alternate nights to retinol), and she loved how soft and more refined it made her skin look and feel – plus she liked the addition of panthenol to help support and strengthen the skin barrier.

Buy now £35.00,

Dr.Jart+ ceramidin cream

Best: Moisturiser

Rating: 10/10

When we tell you that nobody should be without this moisturiser, we mean it. Our tester has gone through multiple tubes and has recommended it countless times – it never fails. The rich (but not greasy) butter-like texture uses ceramides to strengthen skin and keep it hydrated. It works as a daily moisturiser, or it can be used to soothe irritation or sensitivity if you’ve gone overboard on active ingredients. It absorbs into skin quickly and easily, and immediately helps hydrate and restore skin. It sits well under make-up, or it can be used as a buffer for retinol (apply it around 10 minutes afterwards to help reduce the chances of dryness or peeling). It’s a real does-it-all skincare hero; our only complaint is that it doesn’t come in a bigger tube.

Buy now £30.00,

Dr.Jart+ cicapair tiger grass re.pair serum

Best: Serum

Rating: 9/10

Most suited towards red, irritated skin, this lightweight serum has a satisfying watery gel texture. It’s formulated with niacinamide – a versatile ingredient that soothes skin and protects against environmental stress – and Dr.Jart+’s tiger grass complex which combines herbs, minerals, humectants and a probiotic ferment (which, in short, protect the skin barrier and reduce inflammation). Our tester doesn’t use this all the time, although it can be used daily; instead, it’s her go-to when her skin is feeling parched or irritated (or sunburnt…), and it works well layered underneath Dr Jart+’s ceramidin cream. It really does work to reduce redness and the hydration it brings to the skin can be felt almost immediately.

Buy now £38.00,

Dr.Jart+ cicapair tiger grass enzyme foam cleanser

Best: Cleanser

Rating: 9/10

Foaming cleansers tend to get a bad rap because they can be quite drying or stripping, but this is one of the few exceptions to that rule. Formulated with glycerin, a hydrating ingredient, this cleanser washes away any impurities left on skin (it’s best used as a second cleanse, after make-up has been removed) and doesn’t ever leave it feeling dry or tight. Like the “re.pair” serum that’s in the same cicapair range, it uses the same tiger grass complex so it’s gentle and helps reduce the look of redness in skin, too.

Buy now £18.00,

Dr.Jart+ cicapair tiger grass calming serum mask

Best: Sheet mask

Rating: 9/10

OK, the thing about sheet masks is that they never fit properly – but this one seems to mould to the contours of the face, helping it to stay in place. It’s perfect for a quick hit of hydration; whether that’s after a long day in the sun (we recommend packing them in your case before going on holiday) or if your skin is feeling a little bit tight and dry, or sore and irritated. We love that it comes with 26ml of serum, so you can either pat it all into the skin once you’ve taken the mask off, or carefully store the packet and save it for the following day. Alongside the aforementioned tiger grass complex, the concentrated serum uses nourishing allantoin, soothing niacinamide and anti-inflammatory madecassoside. Truly refreshing to use, these masks always feel like a treat for skin.

Buy now £7.00,

Dr.Jart+ ceramidin cream mist

Best: Mist

Rating: 10/10

Let it be known that a face mist isn’t a must-use step in any skincare routine, but it’s one that we love to have. A quick spritz after cleansing not only adds hydration, but applying some products onto damp skin – like hyaluronic acid – can actually make them work better. Formulated with ceramides, it adds a shot of refreshing moisture into skin, and even though it is definitely more creamy than other mists, it’s still lightweight and has a very fine spray nozzle so it creates a light veil of moisture. It’s also ideal for topping up moisture throughout the day if skin is feeling particularly dry. Our tester has used up at least four bottles of this. Most recently it became a real skin saviour when she had some patches of unexplained irritation – and it worked to help restore normality within a couple of days.

Buy now £20.00,

Dr.Jart+ cicapair tiger grass colour correcting treatment

Best: Colour corrector

Rating: 9/10

Probably the most well known Dr.Jart+ product, this colour correcting treatment went viral before it had even properly launched into the UK. A clever green-to-beige formula, it works to instantly neutralise redness and even out the appearance of skin. It can be used in place of foundation, or underneath it. The best part, though, is that it’s formulated with a blend of ingredients that soothe, calm and moisturise the skin. Our tester likes to apply it as, when and where it’s needed – her cheeks tend to have the most redness in them – but it can be used all over the face if necessary. It’s lightweight and blends beautifully into skin, a little goes a long way and it will never irritate or clog pores.

Buy now £37.00,

Dr.Jart+ ctrl-A teatreement soothing spot relief treatment

Best: Spot treatment

Rating: 9/10

Dubbed “the pink miracle” by Dr.Jart+ fans, this calamine-laced targeted treatment is applied directly onto spots and blemishes, and works to dry out breakouts and reduce the redness that’s often associated with them. However, unlike other similar products, this one also combines a blend of tea tea leaf (an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ingredient) alongside niacinamide to help support the skin barrier and soothe the area. Our tester finds it works brilliantly to minimise spots and to help clear them up quicker – just remember not to shake the bottle before using it. The specialist formula isn’t designed to be mixed up – instead use a cotton bud to reach down into the bottom of the bottle before dabbing onto the affected area.

Buy now £17.00,

The verdict: Dr.Jart+ products

Honestly, you won’t be disappointed by any Dr.Jart+ product that you try: everything works as it promises, is as gentle as it is effective and will brighten up your bathroom cabinet. However, the number one product that no routine should be without is the ceramidin cream; a true multi-tasking hero product. It works just as well under make-up as it does to soothe irritation and sensitivity. We also love the sheet masks for a boost of hydration as and when it’s needed, and the new PHA serum is a must-try too – the difference it makes in skin texture and overall appearance is seriously impressive.

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