Best Easter cakes to order in London

Melisha Kaur

Easter indulging doesn’t just mean chocolate eggs. A delicious spring-themed cake from one of London's talented bakeries will make memorable centrepiece and can be ordered online to make things easier.

From a beautifully moist Hummingbird Bakery offering to a traditional Simnel Cake from Carluccio’s Italian restaurant, here are our some of our favourites.

Peggy Porschen Bunny & Blossoms Layer Cake

A wonderful choice for children’s Easter parties, this rhubarb and vanilla custard layer cake provides plenty to go around. The moist sponge, which comes in a variety of flavours including Vanilla Cloud and Glorious Victoria, is covered with a thick layer of pastel pink ombre buttercream and decorated with a ring of intricate sugar blossoms and chocolate mini eggs. And, last but not least, an adorable chocolate bunny sits proudly in the centre. For signature style, why not add a sugar paste plaque with a message of your choice.

£79.95 for a 6”, Peggy Porschen, Buy it now

Konditor and Cook Piñata Cake

This mouth-watering Easter treat, a fluffy dark chocolate sponge filled and topped with creamy vanilla frosting, is both sophisticated and scrumptious. It’s intricately finished with dark and white chocolate shards and sparkling edible confetti – yum! Cut into the cake and you’ll find a cascade of chocolate mini eggs and more confetti. The 7” cake serves 8-12 while the 10” serves 14-20.

From £40 for 7”, Konditor and Cook, Buy it now

Hummingbird Bakery Easter Red Velvet Cake

If you haven’t yet tried one of the moreish creations from London’s American-style Hummingbird Bakery, why not start with this indulgent Spring-themed offering. A moreish red velvet sponge, flavoured with a hint of cocoa, is smothered with cream cheese frosting and adorned with an Easter bunny, intricate flowers and the words ‘Happy Easter’. Orders can be collected in-store or sent to various London locations. Delivery is also available through Deliveroo.

£34.95 for 6”, Hummingbird Bakery, Buy it now

Primrose Bakery Mini Egg Piñata Cake

Far from traditional, this charming cake from the delightful Primrose Bakery tastes just as amazing as it looks. Layers of moist chocolate and vanilla sponge are topped with speckled white chocolate icing and filled with mini eggs. Adornments include a dusting of glitter, colourful sprinkles on the sides and a boarder of mini eggs.

From £55.55, Primrose Bakery, Buy it now

Melrose and Morgan Simnel Cake

Simnel cake has been enjoyed since the Middle Ages as a deliciously sweet and symbolic treat. This generously sized offering, traditionally adorned with 11 marzipan balls, comes from Primrose Hill's artisan deli and grocery shop, Melrose and Morgan. There's a good amount of rich fruit including apple-soaked sultanas, currants and glace cherries, but our favourite part is the lavish layer of lightly spiced marzipan frosting.

£20, Melrose and Morgan, Buy it now

Lola’s Easter Cupcakes

When it comes to small-sized cakes, Lola's seem to get it right every time. With a variety of cute edible decorations and frosting flavours, this tasty Easter batch ought to impress hungry little bunnies and certainly looks the part. Choose from either chocolate or vanilla sponges (or 3 of each) in regular or tiny sizes.

From £18.90, Lola’s Cupcakes, Buy it now

Carluccio’s Columba

Another chocolate-free option this Italian Easter staple is a dense, buttery cake made from fresh yeast and packed with sultanas and candied orange peel. The Columba, which is baked in the shape of a dove, is classically decorated with hazelnut icing, sugar pieces and crunchy almonds. Carluccio’s recommends serving this right after Easter lunch with a glass of prosecco.

£14.95, Carcluccio’s, Buy it now