Best electric cupcake makers for your kitchen

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Got a sweet tooth? Love to whizz up a cake mixture but limited on time?

Whether you have kids to entertain, a bake sale to prep for, guests for afternoon tea or are simply in need of a midday treat, invest in an electric cupcake maker and you’ll have sugar-filled treats in a flash.

All you need to focus on is the mixing. Whisk all the ingredients together, then simply ladle into the cupcake moulds in the designated machine. Follow the instructions provided – which are usually very simple – and in no time at all you will be presented with perfectly baked cupcakes.

Delicious mini cakes minus all the hassle of ovens and the excessive clearing up of mutiple pots and pans, this may just be the most straightforward, convenient and quick way to get baking.

Here we’ve rounded up the best electric cupcake makers…

Global Gizmos Mini Cupcake Maker

Get baking up to seven cupcakes at a time with the Global Gizmos cupcake maker. The pretty pastel pink colour will liven up your kitchen surface and the sugary goods will be hard to beat. Load up your velvety mix into the marked-out moulds, shut the lid and in just a few minutes you will be greeted by delicious fluffy cupcakes, ready to atop with icing once cooled down.

Designed with non-slip feet, the maker will stay sturdy and in place at all times, and with its non-stick coating will be easy to clean up. Happy baking!

Buy now £20.00, Currys

Tefal Cake Factory

Take the stress out of baking with Tefal’s saviour Cake Factory machine. Choose from five automatic programmes to set the temperature, or use the manual mode to take control if you’re feeling more confident, and follow your recipe to create consistent results every time.

With silicone mini cupcake or muffin moulds, pick your option and in a matter of minutes, you are presented with perfectly spongey and light cakes to sink your teeth into. There is a recipe booklet and cooling rack included. Ready for that star baker award?

Buy now £109.99, Amazon

American Originals Cupcake Maker

Whip up your cute cupcakes using American Originals’ vibrant red electric maker. Baking up to seven cupcakes at a time, the machine will warm up within two minutes and is nice and simple to use.

Once ready, release easily thanks to the non-stick coating (which also makes it a breeze to clean up) and get decorating – mouth-watering buttercream, hundreds and thousands and fresh fruit sound good to us.

Buy now £17.99, Amazon

Lakeland Electric Cupcake Maker

Easy to store on its side, this cupcake maker is a great compact design to have in your kitchen – get out on rainy days with the kids for some baking fun, or impress dinner party guests with boutique bakery-style cupcakes.

Simply make up your mixture (there are some yummy recipes included), bake in the machine, and after six to eight minutes, voilà! Makes up to seven cupcakes at a time and includes non-stick plates for perfect results and quick clear-up jobs.

Buy now £24.99, Lakeland

Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker

This may come at a slightly heftier price tag, but it’s a worthwhile investment for aspiring bakers. This top-rated choice on Amazon comes with interchangeable non-stick baking plates which means you can make doughnuts and cake pops as well as classic cupcakes.

Use the recipe book included for tips and suggestions and enjoy baking delicious creations in minutes. The non-skid rubber feet will keep the machine stable in place and the latching handle makes it foolproof to operate.

Buy now £127.90, Amazon

Holstein Housewares Cupcake Maker

Enjoy hassle-free baking with Holstein Houseware’s cupcake maker. Whether sweet vanilla or rich chocolatey sponges, pour your mixture into the six moulds and the indicator light will let you know when the cakes are ready to roll.

Featuring a non-slip base to keep secure when cooking and a safety lock built into the carrying handles, this is a safe and easy-to-use piece of kitchen equipment for the whole family to use. Store vertically to save space. Available in red or teal.

Buy now £68.39, Amazon

Disney Mini Mouse Cupcake Maker

Disney lovers will want to get their hands on this – create scrumptious cupcakes in this super cute, bright pink Mini Mouse cupcake maker.

You can make up to four cupcakes at a time and then decorate with bows using the silicone mould included. Powered by a bright white light to let you know once cooked, simply leave the machine to work its magic and enjoy the yummy results.

Buy now £35.00, Amazon