Best fashion apps for your iPhone

There was once a time when we relied solely on magazines to give us style tips or the lowdown on the newest trends, but now with the rise of digital media apps are starting to infiltrate the fashion industry, too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not planning on cancelling my Elle subscription just yet, it's just that with the growing popularity of apps and my unhealthy dependence on the iPhone, fashion is now more accessible to everyone. Here are some of the best style apps that I've been using:

Skirt Alert

The weather can play a big part in what we decide to wear. I would usually stick to my tried and tested method of 'sticking-arm-out-of-window' to see whether it was warm enough to swap boots for sandals or go out sans jacket. But now that I've downloaded Skirt Alert getting ready is a lot less stressful. Using weather information from your location, this useful app tells you if the weather is warm enough to wear a skirt or not, so you'll never get left out in the cold again!


Chicfeed is a clever app brings together the crème d la crème of fashion bloggers and posts their daily outfits in one simple feed. You can browse through some of the biggest style bloggers like The Satorialist and Cherry Blossom Girl. This is the app I go to the most because it's so simple to use and gives me instant style inspiration for when I'm planning my daily outfits.


Think of a superstore that stocks every single high street and designer brand under one roof. Now imagine it being inside your phone. That's exactly what you get with ShopStyle - an interactive shopping experience catered to your preferences. Simply click on the category of clothes or accessory you want, and then tailor it to match your size, budget and style. Once you've picked from the hundreds of items available you are transported directly to the site to buy it securely. It's great for your wardrobe, not so much for your bank account...

Vogue Stylist

Vogue magazine introduces Vogue Stylist - an app that showcases trend-led outfits for you depending on the weather in your area. There's also a section where the editor gives her personal tips on how to style a particular trend or you can pick a product and see how the editors at Vogue wear them. The theme changes monthly so I usually click on this to keep up-to-date with the newest trends.


The Pose app offers you a glimpse into what fashionistas around the world are buying and wearing. Dubbed the 'Fashion Instagram' you can upload your own outfits or follow your fashionable friends. There's also a tag option that allows you to shop the look. Highly addictive and great for getting inspiration.