The best gardening kits to buy for urban gardeners with limited outdoor space

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Jekka’s herb kits start from £9.99, (Handout)
Jekka’s herb kits start from £9.99, (Handout)

Step by step gardening kits are a great place for novice gardeners to start and are especially good for small space and urban gardeners because they contain everything you need.

Here are some of the best and newest kits on the market.

Muddy Trowel

A one-stop-shop for pots and window boxes, Muddy Trowel offers curated plant displays for sunshine and shade, with the added option of choosing your pot and saucer design.

Gone are the days of trying to find matching pots in the hardware store. Kits include ‘The Stumpery’ and ‘The Nightingale’ designed for shade, and ‘The Early Pollinator’ if you are looking to give wildlife a boost in your space.

Kits start from £35 with a pot, or £25 if you have your own,


It’s not too late to start growing your own plants from seed. Beautifully packaged Herboo grow kits come with everything you need to get sowing. Inside each box you’ll find compost, grow pouches and instructions to get you started.

The London-based company knows its audience – where small garden spaces rule supreme kits include ‘The Balcony’, Kitchen Garden (for gourmet windowsills) and the Shade Garden.

Kits priced at £18,


If you’re looking to boost biodiversity, providing a home for wildlife is a good place to start. Nestbox offers flatpack homes for birds, bats and bugs that can be built at home.

The kits come with a full set of instructions, but you will need a screwdriver and hammer for assembly. You can even tailor the front door of your bird box to the type of bird you are looking to support.

Nestbox has flatpack homes for birds, bats and bugs, from £14.40 (Nestbox)
Nestbox has flatpack homes for birds, bats and bugs, from £14.40 (Nestbox)

Kits start from £14.40,

Soto Gardens

For gardeners and non gardeners alike, Soto Gardens deliver out-of-the-box (nearly) instant gardens, with planting plans formulated by award winning garden designers.

Choose one of their inspiring collections such as the white garden, based on your aspect and the amount of space available, and order your border by the metre.

Each garden comes with a painting by numbers planting plan, and expert advice on maintenance and aftercare.

Border design starts from £185, and sets of plants for balconies and patios from £115,


Organic herb grower extraordinaire Jekka McVicar has curated a series of seasonal kits to grow your own herbs at home. Kits come with everything you need to get started and are perfect for gardeners where space is on the short side.

Order the summer kit for a fiery kick of wild rocket, and refreshing lemon balm. In addition to the food growing kits, her ‘Propagation; and ‘Grow on’ are a great source for pots and organic compost in small quantities! Ideal for us Londoners with limited space.

Kits start from £9.99,

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