These are some of the best hybrid family cars on sale today

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Only a few years ago, your options for hybrid cars were pretty limited with only a handful of manufacturers bringing battery-assisted models to market. These days, it’s quite the contrast, with nearly every car marker diving into the hybrid segment in one way or another.

For families, hybrids make a lot of sense. They often bring reduced fuel usage, but still have the space and practicality that buyers in this market are after. Here, we’re going to take a look through some of the best on sale today.

Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento PHEV
The Sorento feels quiet and composed on the move

Kia has a strong reputation when it comes to hybrid models and the Sorento – being its largest and most practical model – is certainly one that’ll appeal to families. It’s got all of the classic Kia features including a good list of standard equipment and a seven-year warranty, while the option of either mild or plug-in hybrid powertrains means it ticks the box for efficiency, too.

In fact, it’s the plug-in hybrid that is capable of some seriously low running costs. It combines a 1.6-litre petrol engine with an electric motor and battery and can return up to 35 miles of electric-only driving.

Volvo XC40

Volvo XC40
There are now two plug-in hybrid versions of the XC40 available

Volvo is turning out to be one of the go-to manufacturers when it comes to electrification, with the firm already having a wide range of mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

The XC40 is one of Volvo’s most popular options, bringing that classic Scandi cool design as well as a technology-laden interior. Plus, it’s available with a good range of hybrid engines.

Skoda Superb Estate iV

Skoda Superb iV

The regular Skoda Superb is one of the best family cars around, bringing a huge amount of boot space and a relaxed, comfortable ride that favours long journeys. So when you combine it with an efficient plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor and battery, it could be said that you’ve got an ideal setup on your hands.

It should be noted that having the hybrid means reduced practicality, but there’s still loads of boot space. So while the standard Superb Estate offers up 625 litres of space, the hybrid delivers a still-respectable 485 litres and you can increase that to 1,610 litres by folding down the rear seats.

Mini Countryman PHEV

Mini Countryman

The Mini brand remains a strong one here in the UK, with this firm’s range of well-styled and good-to-drive models really striking a chord with buyers. The Countryman – Mini’s largest vehicle – offers more space than the conventional hatch but still retains that fun driving experience.

The Countryman PHEV takes all of these attributes and adds in efficiency. It uses a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine with a battery and electric motor coupled to it, enabling up to 166mpg when the batteries are fully charged.

BMW 330e

BMW 330e
The 330e combines petrol and electric power

The BMW 3 Series is one of those tried-and-tested models that people naturally gravitate towards. With an involving driving experience and a good amount of standard equipment – not to mention great build quality – it’s little wonder why it’s one of the most popular choices in the executive market.

The 330e is a great option, therefore, for drivers who want a hybrid that still offers a sharp driving style. Available in both saloon and estate layouts, it’s comfortable, efficient and very practical.

Renault Captur

Renault Captur

Renault’s Captur is a crossover with some serious style and a recent update has improved the cabin too, adding in an impressively large infotainment screen and a boost in build quality. But it’s still just as practical as ever, while its compact bodystyle means it’s easy to live with.

Recently equipped with Renault’s E-Tech hybrid powertrain the Captur is even more appealing than ever, bringing up to 56.5mpg. A plug-in hybrid version is also available, for those that are able to plug in regularly.

Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson plug-in hybrid

Finally, we have the Hyundai Tucson. It has recently been given a striking new look, with a futuristic design that gives it the look of a concept car for the road. It’s available with regular and plug-in hybrid powertrains, meaning that there’s a good amount of choice available.

It’s also impressively spacious and packs loads of standard equipment. It’s always been a hit with families, but this latest Tucson could be an even bigger success.