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Getting the new iPhone 15? Protect your new device with the 8 best cases and screen protectors

It’s that time of year again! Apple’s annual keynote event took place on Tuesday, Sept. 12, where the cult-favorite tech brand unveiled the new iPhone 15 lineup.

Quick overview
  • totallee Clear and Thin Ultra-Slim Minimal Case

    1. Thinnest Case

  • CASETiFY Impact Case (MagSafe-Compatible)

    2. Strongest Case With Minimal Bulk

  • Mujjo Full Leather Case

    3. Best Leather Case

  • Nomad Modern Leather Folio Case

    4. Best Folio Case

  • MOFT Snap Phone Case Made With MOVAS

    5. Softest Case

  • CASETiFY Bounce Case (MagSafe-Compatible)

    6. Best 360° Protection

  • CASETiFY Impact Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

    7. Best Blue Light-Blocking Screen Protector

  • Ferilinso Tempered Glass Screen and Camera Lens Protector (4-Pack)

    8. Most Affordable Screen Protector

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As with all of the brand’s most recent iPhone launches, this new range features four new devices: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. This also marks the second consecutive year that Apple’s done away with the iPhone Mini model.

The standout feature in these models is the long-awaited USB-C compatibility that lets you charge your Mac, iPad and new iPhone with the same cable.

Pre-orders for all four devices start on Sept. 15 and general purchase is available beginning on Sept. 22.

Though the pre-order date is a couple of days away, now is the ideal time to get your accessories and protective gear — specifically the best iPhone 15 cases and screen protectors — ready for when your new phone arrives.

With this in mind, I’ve listed the best picks below ranging from the thinnest case to the best under $6 screen protector set.

This tech editor-approved list includes the best iPhone 15 cases from trusted tech accessories brands like CASETiFY, totallee, Mujjo, Nomad and more. iPhone 15 case prices start as low as $39 and tempered glass screen protector prices start at just $6 (for a set of four).

Check out the best iPhone 15 cases and screen protectors below, complete with pros and cons for each:

totallee is one of the few tech brands that fully commits to the minimalistic aesthetic. With these cases, less is definitely more. If you care most about showing off your new iPhone's natural beauty and don't want to add any extra bulk to your device, this is definitely the best case to buy.

This case is completely clear and has a rubbery finish that adds extra grip so your phone won't slide out of your hands. Best of all: Unlike most other clear cases, this one doesn't attract lint or turn yellow over time. This is all thanks to its flexible TPU coating that's more durable and protective than the cheap, hard plastic that other brands use.

The totallee Clear and Thin Ultra-Slim Minimal Case is available for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

$12 at Amazon

If reinforced protection and trendy minimalistic style rank at the top of your list, then CASETiFY's Impact Case is just what you need. This one's my personal favorite on the list, as it gives your phone optimal protection without looking like it does. I've had mine on my current iPhone 15 Pro Max for over a year now, and it still looks as it did when I first took it out of the box.

I'm not very accident-prone, but the few times I've dropped my phone, this case has protected it so well that there's never been a scratch on the device or the case — it's that well made.

This case also has the same EcoShock technology as the Bounce Case (No. 6 on this list), so you can rest assured that your phone will remain secure and safe in all situations. It's also super lightweight and has a lifted camera ring and raised bezel for added protection.

$72 at CASETiFY

Leather iPhone cases are usually hit or miss. Sometimes they're a bit too thick or just look old and frumpy. Mujjo is one of the few brands that strikes the perfect balance between timelessness and modernity. The brand, which is an extension of the high-end bag and accessories brand Troubadour, recently unveiled its iPhone 15 case lineup, and it's just as sleek as it's always been.

The Mujjo Full Leather Case feels super luxurious and expensive while remaining lightweight yet sturdy. It has a luxe satin-line Japanese microfibre lining that keeps your phone well protected on the inside just as much as the outside of the case.

This best-selling case is also MagSafe-compatible and has machined metal buttons for extra clickiness and responsiveness.

$49 at Mujjo

Like Mujjo, Nomad is among the handful of brands that do leather iPhone cases the right way. Unlike Mujjo, though, Nomad takes a bit of a more rustic approach that somehow still manages to look and feel elegant.

Made of full-grain, sustainably sourced leather, this case looks luxe and turns your phone into the perfect polished accessory that pairs with anything you wear. Though it's a folio case, it still manages to remain slim while offering rugged protection with 8-foot drop protection.

It has three card slots and one cash slot, making it the perfect wallet substitute and even has dual lanyard attachment points. Plus, it's MagSafe and wireless charging compatible and patinas over time thanks to its genuine leather body.

$80 at Nomad

MOFT is known for its ergonomic and foldable tech accessories, but its phone cases are actually some of its most underrated products. Its new iPhone 15 case lineup comes in four colors and is made of the brand's self-developed vegan leather. This material gives it the perfect balance of softness, durability and sustainability. Plus, it's non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

What really sets it apart from the rest, though, is its soft-to-the-touch feel and its stain and scratch resistance — two features that come in handy if you're accident-prone. This case is also resistant to fading and prevents color transfer to your other belongings — something that can't be said for other colored cases.

$50 at MOFT

If you're looking for maximum 360° protection for your new expensive device, you should definitely consider investing in this well-engineered case.

Made from 65% upcycled phone cases through the brand's ReCASETiFY program, this case has EcoShock technology that keeps your phone as secure as humanly possible from harsh drops and dents. Also, even with this robust feature, it remains extremely lightweight and even has a lifted camera ring and a raised bezel to protect the screen and lenses from scratches and additional scuffs.

The bumps on all four corners also add an extra level of reinforcement, so neither the case nor your phone feels any impact if it drops.

$92 at CASETiFY

While there are tons of tempered glass screen protectors to choose from right now, I've found that CASETiFY's remains one of the most consistently excellent on all fronts. It's one of the strongest, clearest and most resilient I've used to date.

In addition to its easy application (no complicated contraptions or air bubbles), this screen protector is scratch-resistant, extremely thin and has a precise edge-to-edge fit. It's also fingerprint-resistant, anti-shatter resistant and has 100% touch sensitivity.

What I love most about this screen protector, though, is its built-in blue-light blocking filter, which helps prevent eye strain and is a must-have if you'll be looking at your phone screen for hours on end.

$42 at CASETiFY

Lastly, this screen protector set may be super cheap, but its quality doesn't reflect that.

It's made of aerospace-grade glass and fuses nano-ceramics into the glass screen protector to give you 10 times stronger protection than normal glass. It's also resistant to damage caused by scratches, bumps and drops.

This screen protector is also crystal clear and comes with camera protection. Like the CASETiFY screen protector, it's also case-friendly, Face-ID compatible and is easy to install.

The Ferilinso Tempered Glass Screen and Camera Lens Protector set is available for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

$5 at Amazon

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