Best iPhone games for under £1

Ryan Leston
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Best iPhone games for under £1
The farce is strong in this one...

In the age of the iPhone, mobile gaming is all the rage. But if you're thinking of a nice game of Nokia Snake… think again. Whether it's shooters or platform games, sports or RPGs, there's an iPhone game out there to suit everyone's gaming tastes. But with expensive titles and in-app purchases, you could find yourself spending more than you bargained. So how do you decide which games to buy? Here are some of our cheap and cheerful favourites that definitely won't break the bank.

Angry Birds Star Wars - 69p

The incredibly popular Angry Birds gets a George Lucas makeover with the incredible Angry Birds Star Wars. Watch your favourite Angry Birds take to the stars as they go up against the might of the Empire - taking on AT-ATs, Tusken Raider Pigs and even the almighty Darth Vader himself… or at least, a pig that looks a lot like him.

CraftedBattle - 69p

This incredibly addictive first-person shooter is an ingenious twist on Minecraft's create-your-own style of gameplay. While CraftedBattle lets you build your own levels, don't think that's all there is to it. Get ready to lock and load as you gun down your enemies in a deathmatch-style shooter… based on the amps you create.

Banana Kong - 69p

Fans of Nintendo's similar (but legally distinct) monkey-based platform game will simply love Banana Kong. It's a very simple premise - swing through the trees and grab your bananas. Easy right? While this game might seem dubiously familiar, you won't be able to resist its vibrant, altogether charming gameplay.

Wreck-it Ralph - 69p

Based on the upcoming Disney film, Wreck-it Ralph includes four very different games for just about any style of gaming. There's a platform game, a racer and even a top-down shooter. With a muddle of different game styles, it's an excellent title that pays homage to the classics of gaming history… and sets the scene for Wreck-it Ralph's big screen debut.

Line Runner 2 - 69p

The long-awaited sequel to a game about a stickman, Line Runner 2 shows that even the simplest premise can make a brilliant game. Choose from a number of different stickmen and take them running, jumping and hurdling across a variety of sidecrolling levels… desperately trying to keep your stickman from dropping off the page into oblivion.

Bad Piggies - 69p

Those pesky pigs are at it again, but this time they need your help. Bad Piggies is an excellent twist on the Angry Birds franchise, this time following the exploits of the pilfering pigs as they escape the scene of the crime. Having finally got hold of those elusive eggs, the pigs need your help to build incredible flying contraptions… are you up to the task?

ShaqDown - 69p

Have you ever wondered whether Shaquille O'Neal could fend off a zombie hoard? With ShaqDown now's your chance to find out. This incredibly weird platform game sees the world-famous basketball player face-off against evil mutant zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. Obviously. Weirdness aside, it's an incredibly addictive game with platform-style action and special moves that make the Shaq Attack a deadly force.

Scribblenauts Remix - 69p

Every once in a while, a game comes along which changes the way we think about gaming. Scribblenauts is definitely one of those games. An innovative new style of puzzle game, you solve problems by typing in an item you want to conjure up - whether it's a 'colossal, winged car' or a 'shy, frost-breathing, robotic hippopotamus'. The gameplay might remind you of ancient text-adventures, but it really is so much more.

Plague Inc. - 69p

An impressive strategy game that might leave you feeling a bit nauseous, Plague Inc. puts you in control of a new pathogen which has just infected 'Patient Zero'. But can your new disease infect the entire world? Give your plague strengths, weaknesses and new capabilities as it ravages human-kind. But try not to get too carried away… we've all seen the zombie films.

Scribble Hero - 69p

What would happen if your innocent notebook doodles took on a life of their own? Scribble Hero is an action-packed arcade shooter that's bound to draw you into its beautiful, hand-drawn world. Battle through an army of evil doodles as you help Sketch save his girlfriend and rid his notepad of those scary scribbles forever. A game that's both stylish and fun, Scribble Hero will appeal to the inner child in everyone.

So if you've got some free-time on your hands and your iPhone is itching for some gaming action, why not download one of these brilliant bargain games? Whether you're into puzzle games or explosive shooters, there's something to satisfy everyone. And in my opinion, they're worth every penny.

What do you think of these cheap-as-chips iPhone games? Do you have a favourite game that we missed out?

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