Best James Bond merch to celebrate the release of No Time To Die

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 (Best Bond merch 2021)
(Best Bond merch 2021)

After a terrifically long wait, Bond is back.

The 25th 007 movie No Time To Die was released on September 30, after a near two-year wait thanks to the C-word.

Daniel Craig returns to the screen as Britain’s best loved secret operative for the last time, and the queues outside the cinema are rivaling that of the petrol forecourts. It’s no secret that cinemas flatlined during lockdown and it’s hoped that this blockbuster could be the one to resuscitate the film industry.

Naturally, brands big and small are marking the occasion with Bond-centric collections and limited editions. We’ve seen everything from board games to Christmas advent calendars celebrating Ian Fleming’s dashing and deadly hero.

Whether you could probably win a Bond pub quiz single handedly or you know someone who could, here’s our edit of the best merch to celebrate the release of the new film.

See our favourites below

Joe & Seph’s James Bond Dry Martini Popcorn

It wouldn’t be a trip to the movies without a packet of popcorn to munch on. Gourmet specialists Joe & Seph’s have released a Dry Martini-flavoured snack in homage to the spy’s favoured cocktail. Made with five per cent real gin and vodka and a twist of lemon before being smothered in caramel smoother than Bond’s one-liners, the air-popped treat is smartly dressed in black and gold Bond-branded packaging.

 (Joe & Seph’s)
(Joe & Seph’s)

£4 | Joe & Seph’s

12 Days of Bond paper-wrapped advent calendar

Countdown to Christmas 2021 in 00-style. The fully recyclable advent calendar contains a dozen special and limited edition items, from illustrated playing cards to dry martini-flavoured popcorn and a Dr. No pocket square, plus so much more. If you want one you’d better be quick: no time to waste.


£199 | Selfridges

Browse the 007 shop at Selfridges here

Best Of Bond... James Bond

Newly updated with more recent songs such as Adele’s Skyfall, Sam Smith’s Writing’s On The Wall and Billie Eilish’s track for the new release ‘No Time To Die’, this three-disc set features some of the most iconic scores from the franchise. The sound is crisp and dynamic. Turn it up as loud as you dare.


£44.96 | Amazon *On sale from £48.99

James Bond Bingo: The Ultimate 007 Game

Bond may not seem the board game type, but with Christmas jingling merrily on the horizon, you may want merch that you can roll out for the family this winter.

Enter James Bond Bingo which uses the series’ favourite and best-known references to bring danger and intrigue to the game, shaking (but not stirring) its OAP associations. Find Qs gadgets, spot Bond’s enemies and scream SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED! to win.

 (Lawrence King)
(Lawrence King)

£25 | Lawrence King

N.Peal 007 collection - unisex

N.Peal has partnered with the Bond franchise on a new collection featuring genderless ribbed army-style sweaters and combat trousers, designed in collaboration with the film's costume designer Suttirat Anne Larlarb. Both items star in No Time To Die's many action sequences but are perfectly wearable for low-octane day-to-day too.


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Bollinger 007 James Bond Special Cuvée N.V. Champagne in gift box 750ml

The champagne brand is well-known to be amongst Bond’s bubbles of choice (alongside Taittinger and Dom Pérignon), so naturally Bollinger has a special cuvee in a collector’s box to celebrate the release of No Time To Die. Made largely with Pinot Noir grapes, you can expect notes of toffee, orange peel, pear and hazelnut in every pour. Perfect for autumnal celebrations.


£55 | Harvey Nichols

Bella Freud x James Bond Diamonds are Forever jumper

British designer Bella Freud is the latest label to be seduced by Bond. Its created a capsule collection that references the entire franchise, from Octopussy to Diamonds are forever. With cooler weather here, we've got all the excuses we need to add this sparkly jacket to basket.

 (Bella Freud)
(Bella Freud)

£295 | 007 Store

007 British Fine Milk Chocolate Bar

On the face of it, Bond doesn’t seem like the sort of bloke who would go weak at the knees for a piece of chocolate, but who really knows how the spy practices #metime when he’s not bounding after baddies? As one of the finest chocolatiers around, Charbonnel et Walker would certainly cut it. They produced this fine milk chocolate bar, wrapped in packaging sporting Union Jack livery. For Queen and country, James?

 (Charbonnel et Walker)
(Charbonnel et Walker)

£7.50 | Charbonnel et Walker

Blackwell Rum

This movie sees Daniel Craig’s Bond coaxed out of his Caribbean retirement to save the world, once again. Presumably the British operative had a bar cart full of the local tipple, rum - maybe even this fine Jamaican variety from Blackwell Rum which features in the new film.

Owner Chris Blackwell has been a longtime friend of Bond creator Ian Fleming (he owned GoldenEye, where the author famously wrote his novels) so a partnership to mark the 25th movie’s arrival was a natural move. Housed in stylish gift boxes, only 1000 have been made, making it an ideal offering for a Bond buff.

 (Blackwell Rum)
(Blackwell Rum)

£54 | Harvey Nichols

Jack the Bulldog - No Time To Die Edition 2020

The gift M gave to Bond before she died has been painstakingly recreated by Royal Doulton, chips and all. Named Jack, the tough bulldog is a reminder to Bond of his duties. It’s pretty niche, but for a fan who revels in the details, it’s a treasure.

 (Royal Doulton)
(Royal Doulton)

£65 | Royal Doulton

The Distillery’s James Bond Experience

The name James Bond is synonymous with excess and glamour, amongst other things. While his drink choices are well-documented, his perfect menu is less so - until now. For film-and-foodie fans, The Distillery’s James Bond Experience should not be missed. You’ll enjoy five courses of top-notch fare washed down with drinks like a Vesper martini, champagne and bourbon, all accompanied by tidbits and fun facts from your knowledgeable host.

The James Bond Experience runs every Thursday evening at The Distillery on Portobello Road.

 (The Distillery)
(The Distillery)

£90pp | The Distillery

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