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The best MagSafe accessories for your iPhone in 2024, tested and reviewed

Magnets FTW! Trick out your phone with these excellent power banks, car mounts, wallets and more.


I've been an iPhone user since the beginning, but it's only recently that I discovered — and really fell in love with — MagSafe. Apple's tech allows a wide range of accessories to piggyback on my phone (or vice-versa), snapping into place with a magnetic embrace that's both satisfying and secure. There are power banks, desk stands, car mounts, wallets and more, all of them compatible with the iPhone 12 and later. Below I've rounded up what I consider to be the best MagSafe accessories you can get.

Quick overview
  • ZtotopCases Leather MagSafe Wallet Stand

    Budget Magsafe wallet

  • ESR HaloLock MagSafe Conversion Kit

    Convert any case to MagSafe

  • Mozoter MagSafe Portable Charger

    Budget MagSafe Power Bank

  • EWA MagOne Phone Grip Stand with Silicone Finger Strap

    Low-profile MagSafe stand and strap

  • Sinjimoru M-Card Zip Magsafe Wallet and Phone Grip Stand

    MagSafe wallet and grip

  • ExtreLife MagSafe Wallet with AirTag Holder

    Spacious MagSafe wallet with AirTag holder

  • Ucomx 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch

    Magsafe 3-in-1 travel charging station

  • ESR HaloLock Geo MagSafe Wallet Stand with Find My

    4-in-1 MagSafe multitool

  • Baseus Foldable Kickstand Wireless Portable Charger

    High-capacity MagSafe Power Bank

  • Anker 622 MagGo with PopSockets Grip

    MagSafe Power Bank with PopSocket

  • iOttie Velox Pro MagSafe Windshield Car Mount with Wireless Charging

    MagSafe Charging Car Mount

  • Anker 637 MagSafe Desktop Charging Station

    MagSafe Desktop Charging Station

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These aren't just random picks, either: I've tested most of these products and can confirm they've earned a spot on our list. Those few I haven't tested were included based on various criteria, including price, reputation, user reviews and comparison to competing products.

MagSafe accessories come in all shapes and sizes: power banks, wallets, car mounts, phone stands and many more. (Photos, clockwise from left: Fokimdo, ExtreLife, iOttie, ESR)
MagSafe accessories come in all shapes and sizes: power banks, wallets, car mounts, phone stands and many more. (Photos, clockwise from left: Fokimdo, ExtreLife, iOttie, ESR)

One important note before we dive in: All these products will work fine with a "naked" iPhone, but if you keep yours in a case (which you should), make sure it's MagSafe-compatible — meaning it has a visible or embedded magnetic ring to extend MagSafe's reach through to the back of the case. Otherwise your accessories may not lock on securely enough. (Good news: If you love your existing case but it doesn't support MagSafe, there's an inexpensive upgrade kit you can buy. Read more about it below.)

Want to learn more about this technology, including how it works and best ways to leverage it? See my story on how to use MagSafe. Now, on to the best MagSafe accessories!

With a price tag that's typically around $10, this simple MagSafe wallet is an amazing bargain. Its slightly stretchy pocket can hold up to five cards, and its clever fold-out stand (also magnetic) lets you prop up your phone for hands-free viewing. You do have to pop that stand open in order to push out your cards, but that's the only usability wrinkle in an otherwise handy -- and very affordable -- accessory.
$6 at Amazon
If your favorite phone case lacks MagSafe pass-through, you can add the ESR HaloLock to the back of it. It's basically a stick-on MagSafe ring, a sort of magnet conversion kit. And ESR supplies a handy printed placement guide so you're sure to position it exactly right. You can get the HaloLock in your choice of three colors: black, white or blue.
$13 at Amazon

The bargain to beat, Mozoter's 10,000-mAh battery pack is less than half the price of some others — and it has a few special tricks up its sleeve. First, it's waterproof and shockproof, with snazzy orange corner bumpers to help it survive falls. Second, it has a 3-setting LED light panel on its backside, useful for basic flashlight purposes or even as a fill light for recording videos. I'm amazed by what a good value this is.

$22 at Amazon
This ingenious MagSafe ring combines a silicone finger-strap in the center with a fold-out stand for hands-free phone viewing (vertically or horizontally). It's super low-profile, so you'll barely know it's there, and it doesn't need to be removed for car mounting or wireless charging. The price feels a little high, but probably worth it; this is one of my favorite MagSafe accessories.
$18 at Amazon

Most MagSafe wallets are just pockets; the M-Card Zip is a slim, bifold plastic case with room for up to three cards on the left and some cash on the right. The same elastic strap that holds the cash provides a comfy multi-finger phone grip on the outside of the case, and there's a cleverly designed silicone band attached to it that scrunches up to become a phone stand (albeit for landscape viewing only). You also get a little strap that can optionally affix the wallet to your phone case, just in case it comes loose in your purse or something. I'm concerned about the longevity of the plastic clasp that keeps the wallet shut, but overall I really like this design.

$23 at Amazon
If you like the idea of a MagSafe wallet, you might like this even better: ExtreLife's card-holder includes a spot for an AirTag (not included), meaning if the wallet ever goes missing, you'll have an easier time tracking it down. Meanwhile, stretchy fabric allows you to carry up to seven cards, not just two or three like in some wallets.
$27 at Amazon
When you travel, don't bring along a mish-mash of charging cords and AC adapters -- not if you have Apple products. This super-convenient 3-in-1 charging station includes a MagSafe pad for your iPhone and wireless docks for your Apple Watch and AirPods. It folds into a travel-friendly stack when not in use but can also convert to a stand for hands-free phone viewing. This is what I pack for trips now; when I arrive, I set it up beside my bed for easy overnight charging of all my Apple devices.
$30 at Amazon
Available in black or brown, the Geo packs four useful functions into a single accessory. It's a three-card wallet, a kickstand, a finger-grip and an AirTag. Well, sort of: There's AirTag-like functionality here in that the Geo is fully compatible with Apple Find My (unlike Apple's own wallet, which has only rudimentary Find My support). Thus, if the wallet happens to go missing, you can easily pinpoint its location. The battery lasts only three months, though, and the charging cable is proprietary, but that doesn't stop me from really liking this product; it's one of my favorite MagSafe accessories.
$40 at Amazon
With its 10,000-mAh battery, this power bank holds more juice than most — the better to keep your phone running until you can find an AC outlet. But it also has raised magnets to help reduce overheating, a kickstand that allows for portrait and landscape hands-free viewing and a digital readout on the backside that shows how much charge remains. I particularly like the 24-month warranty and the fact that there's frequently a discount or coupon that lowers the price.
$40 at Amazon
PopSocket users are a loyal bunch, so it might be hard for someone accustomed to using one to live without it. If that's you, this is the battery pack to get. Anker has basically grafted one of the little pop-out grips to an otherwise fairly standard 5,000-mAh charger. What's nice is that it can also be used as a stand, though only in landscape orientation. Wait for a sale on this one; I've seen it as low as $40.
$25 at Amazon
If you're going to use your phone for in-car navigation and whatnot, I strongly advise a mount that'll keep it close to eye level. The Velox Pro can suction to your windshield or dashboard, giving your phone not only a secure MagSafe mount, but also a charger. Worried about heat damage from the sun? Don't be: This thing also has a fan to keep things cool. I don't love the cord that runs from the mount to your car's power port, but there's no way around it; power's gotta come from somewhere!
$75 at Amazon
To look at the Anker 637 is to see a desktop charging mount for your phone, but it's way more than that. Look to the rear and you'll find three AC outlets, two USB Type-A ports and two USB-C ports. In other words, this thing is the whole power package, able to supply juice to up to eight (!) items at once. I must admit, I like a desktop mount more than I thought I would; it keeps the screen upright so I don't have to reach for the phone every time a notification comes in.
$60 at Amazon