Best mattress toppers UK: Memory foam and down pads to give you extra comfort

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Let’s face it: a mattress with knackered springs is not good for your back (or sleeping patterns) at all.

For months I tossed and turned looking for the perfect position, whilst trying to dodge a protruding slab of metal waiting to take my eye out. Why would I put myself through this you ask?

Well I’m a renter, so the thought of splurging 600 quid + on a mattress that might one day end up in a damp storage facility is a total turn off. Though my story is traumatic, it was solved by one humble (and necessary) bedding accessory: the mattress topper.

And the results were instant: a better night’s sleep and waking up with a spine that didn’t feel like it had been done in with a cricket bat.

Epiphany achieved, it was obvious to me that a good night’s kip (especially if you’re a city dweller) is one of life’s best investments.

If money is tight, or your 2019 mantra is simply ‘wellness’, a good middle ground to your back and mind’s first world problems is a mattress topper. The question is, which one do you buy?

To help you make the best choice, we’ve tried and tested some of the best options on the market. From memory foam knockouts to made-to-order insulators and palace-worthy downs, here’s a few worthy of your hard earned moolah.

Use these quick links to view popular mattress toppers by stockist, or read on for our tried and tested review:

Eve Mattress Topper

Best mattress topper for? Everyone.

​Packaging verdict: top notch. It comes perfectly rolled in a made-to-fit, sturdy and easy to carry cardboard box.

If you’ve sat on the tube blankly staring at the adverts that run along the carriage’s battered sides, it’s almost guaranteed you’ve seen a shout out to this bright yellow topper.

Whilst it is wonderfully snug, it’s also wonderfully firm and will give your back and neck all the support it requires for a good night’s sleep with it’s deep, ultra-cushioned layers of hypoallergenic memory foam.

Oh, and it’s totally breathable so you don’t need to worry at all about waking up at night in a hot sweat.

Best thing about it is that it comes with a thirty night topper trial, so if it’s not for you, send it back for a full refund. The likelihood you will however is very, very slim.

To sum it up: I fell asleep like a baby on the softest cloud in the sky.

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Buy now £149.00, eve Sleep

Silentnight Goose Down mattress topper

Best mattress topper for? Those on a mission for a good sleep on a budget.

Packaging verdict: Excellent. The topper comes in an easy-to-carry case, which if need be, is easy to wrap your topper back in.

Silentnight’s cushty Hungarian Goose down feather topper serves two purposes: to bring added protection to your already tired mattress and to give an extra silky layer of smoothness and comfort to your already troubled zzz’s.

Stuffed with a generous amount of fluff, this premium topper provides fantastic support for all the body’s main tension and problem areas.

Whilst it’s a little on the soft side, it’s 100 percent cotton and hypoallergenic cover also allows for added breathability and comfort enhancing the quality of your sleep even further.

All sounds too good to be true? Well it gets even better: the topper is machine washable, which if you’re an exhausted working young adult or just way too lazy to go to the dry cleaner, is worthy of a couple of hallelujahs.

Buy now £125.00, Silentnight

John Lewis & Partners Synthetic Soft Touch Washable Dual Layer 6cm Deep Mattress Topper

Best mattress topper for? Those who suffer with chronic pain and muscle tension.

Packaging verdict: Compact, although if you need to put it back in, prepare for a struggle.

This easy care topper is a doddle to keep smelling daisy-fresh - simply unzip the top layer and bung it into your washing machine as needed. The topper is made of two parts and while the top detaches, the base stays put, providing additional comfort and support on top of your mattress.

It’s perfect for anyone with a Princess-and-the-pea style bed, comfortably covering mattresses up to 32cm deep.

After just one night using it I found that the JL topper cushions and provides an extra layer of oomph to all the areas your mattress should for bespoke comfort.

Our one gripe? The polyester covering. Whilst it’s almost guaranteed all who buy this will use a sheet to cover it, those with extra sensitive skin may find it a little too hot to handle. That said, it’s a godsend for the allergy-prone.

Buy now £75.00, John Lewis

Naturalmat Trendy Topper

Best mattress topper for? A natural replacement for synthetic foams.

Packaging verdict: Could be better and more compact, considering its size. Our advice? Roll it and deliver it in a recycled box.

The Naturalmat topper is that it’s the only one on this list that is handmade and made to order.

The Trendy is a blend of organic and upcycled materials – mostly denim and locally sourced organic lambswool from Cornwall and Devon – designed to deliver medium-soft comfort atop your mattress.

For those more conscious of the environment, this option is an ideal natural replacement for synthetic foams using OEKO-Tex certified hypoallergenic and GOTS-certified cotton and substantially sourced fillers.

Naturally anti-microbial, the topper is also a superb insulator, naturally trapping heat when you need it and when you don’t – something really important to consider if your one of those hot flash types. Overall, it’s a great addition to an already firm mattress and because of its relatively low carbon footprint, a total winner in our books.

Buy now, Naturalmat

Silentnight Airmax mattress topper

Best mattress topper for? City dwellers on a budget.

Packaging verdict: Excellent as it comes with an easy to store away bag that can be used again if you suddenly have to move flat again.

Students, this one’s for you. The Silentnight Airmax mattress topper is the perfect choice for those who want to rejuvenate their existing mattresses without a hefty price tag.

Ideal for renters and those not ready to splash the cash on a swanky top-notch mattress of their own, it’s a great option for peeps looking for instant relief from exhausted springs. Thanks to its 3cm thick dual layer air mesh walls, the topper is designed to keep you cool no matter the season.

Although it’s noticeably thinner than all the other toppers we tested, it still provides support and is super soft to touch. The airmax is also totally machine washable at 40 and comes with a two-year guarantee. Its hollow fibre is also vegan-friendly – yet another reason to buy it.

Buy now £36.00, Amazon

Soak and Sleep classic memory foam topper with coolmax

Best mattress topper for? A firm but comfortable fix​.

Packaging verdict: It uses space wisely. Others on this list should take note.

Durable and light, this memory foam topper from Soak and Sleep effortlessly moulds to your body’s natural shape and also does a great job supporting the lower back.

An added bonus to this buy is the coolmax, a special casing that draws moisture away from your body – something you’ll be thankful for especially in the summer months.

The casing can also be easily taken off and chucked in the machine on a 40-degree wash. Great thing is, is that I didn’t find washing it affected the quality either.

The only major downside is that the topper is strapless, so it can become slightly cumbersome to reposition. Other than that, it’s a wise choice for anyone looking for a firm but comfortable fix at night.

Organic Latex Topper Latexsense

Best mattress topper for? Those looking to turn an especially hard mattress soft.

Packaging verdict: Could be less bulky, but as it’s pretty big and expensive, you’ll feel more relaxed knowing its well protected from factory to your doorstep.

Made with 100 per cent natural latex, organic certified cotton and organic certified wool, the Latex topper from Latexsense was one of the thickest toppers we tested at 9cm deep.

Note: you will need a bigger bottom sheet so that it will fit over both this and your mattress. Arguably one of the most comfortable, the topper contours itself to your natural sleeping position, giving a fab nights’ sleep and a feeling of freshness as soon as you open your eyes.

Add the 10 year warranty, its hypoallergenic and anti-bac credentials and we think you’ll find it’s a good investment, despite its luxury price tag.

Buy now £370.00, Latex Sense

Tempur deluxe 7 mattress topper

Best mattress topper for? Those who like their beds extra comfy, royalty and The Princess and the Pea fanatics.

Packaging verdict: The topper was wrapped in a thin layer of plastic not worthy of the price tag – it’s good news then that it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Tempur is synonymous with excellence, so when it comes to bedtime, you’re in for a real treat. At first you will naturally question the price (some cost the same as a brand new mattress) so this is a purchase for boys and girls who are prepared to invest in their sleep fortresses.

Made with Visco-elastic cell technology, the topper effortlessly moulds and adapts to your body no matter what position you find yourself in at night – a great choice for sleepers who suffer with aches and pains.

Support is great, especially around the base of the back and neck and its 7cm depth gives it an even plusher feel.

The topper is dual sided quilted ensuring an extra layer of comfort, which surprisingly gives you the impression of an even firmer feel.

Another buying perk is that its removable cover is completely washable at 60°C, and most importantly, easy to put back on. Downside? There’s one: the topper itself is heavy and quite difficult to manoeuvre once out of the box – a small price to pay for such sublime comfort.

Buy now £849.00, Tempur

Brinkhaus Morpheus Mattress Pad

Best mattress topper for? People who suffer with allergies and like things as low maintenance as possible. ​

Packaging verdict: The topper comes in a slick and stylish over the shoulder bag that’s super easy to carry and store away.

Since 1953, Brinkhaus has been topping and downing some of the most luxe bed apparel on the market.

The Morpheus mattress pad is a testament to that fact. Designed for sound uninterrupted sleeps (and quick kips on Sundays), the topper’s soft natural absorbent cottoncambricand pure cotton fibre filling provide tailored support for those in search of a squishier night’s sleep.

In addition to its softness, another bonus is that the pad has been designed to be laundered at high temperatures – perfect for removing pesky household and seasonal allergens.

With a beautifully stitched quilted finish and designer packaging to match, it’s definitely the most attractive and upmarket offerings on this list.

Buy now £90.00, And So To Bed


Because of its top-notch packaging, value for money, leading design and the excellent quality of sleep I had after using it, the Eve Mattress topper gets the ES Best seal of approval.

The Morpheus mattress pad by Brinkhaus is also an excellent buy for those that don’t want a foam topper — the pure cotton fibre filling is a cool on the body and undeniably comfortable — the fact you can wash the whole thing on a higher temp means you might just get more out of it in the long run.

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