Best mini heaters: the best personal heater fans and small radiators in the UK

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 (Best small heaters 2021)
(Best small heaters 2021)

Anyone who’s worked in an office has probably, at some point, joined the battle for the office thermometer.

It could be the height of summer, and you’d still find someone shivering at their desk under a blanket and a jumper muttering about the icy blast of the air con. In winter, cue quarells over what temperature is nicely toasty and what becomes sleep-inducing.

It’s either too hot or too cold; that Goldilocks level of comfort seems forever elusive.

If you’re someone who tends to feel the cold more than most – and women do more than men according to this study by Dutch scientists - then the answer is simple: you need a personal heater.

As temperatures start to fall and we head into winter, a personal heater offering localised heat can make things far more comfortable, whether you’re at the office, pottering around in the garage or just want to stay warm while watching TV without the expense of turning on the central heating.

They’re also perfect for smaller spaces and rooms like student halls, caravans, unheated toilets and house shares where space is precious. Like any electrical device safety is paramount—keep these humble heaters away from anything flammable, especially fabric and furniture. NEVER leave a heater unattended and always make sure it is properly switched off before you leave the house.

Mini heater fans come in many varieties, and in many price ranges. We’ve rounded up our favourites below to help put an end to those heated discussions over temperature once and for all.

See our favourite personal and mini heaters below

Tristar 1800W Black PTC Heater

They’re not giving out awards for good looking heaters yet, but if they were… With a sleek and modern design, Tristar’s heater isn’t the eye-sore that its peers are - who wouldn’t want this on display? It’s not just about looks though, there’s plenty going on under the hood: this heater offers surround heating rotating a full 360 degrees and has three settings to allow you to reach the optimum levels of cosiness, no matter the weather. There’s anti-tilt as well as overheat protection and an integrated handle to allow you to vanquish one cold spot before moving onto the next.


£48 | B&Q

De’Longhi HFX60V20 Digital Oscillating Fan Heater

Using the medium of ceramics to propel warm air into your space, this 2000W heater comes with two heat settings and a timer so you can keep it on before bedtime without worry. It’s best placed on the floor, but there are wall fixings included if you prefer affixing it somewhere else.


£70 | Argos

DIMPLEX M2GTS Portable Hot & Cool Ceramic Fan Heater - Black & Red

Haven’t got space for a heater and a fan? Get yourself a gadget that can do both. Dimplex’s nifty little design blows hot and cold in the best possible way. There’s a 12 hour timer which can be programmed through the LCD screen.


£77.99 | Currys

Ceramic Fan Heater-Jialexin 1000W Efficient Small PTC Energy Efficient Space Heater

This small personal heater is ideal for warding off any shivers, dispelling hot air which can raise the temperature in an area of up to 20sqm. There are three modes to choose from - hit 1000W for high heat when you need thawing out.


£28.89 | Amazon

GAIATOP Space Heater

This cute compact heater is doing a superb job of masquerading as other more interesting household appliances. Set on wooden legs it boasts a grey mesh grill and rounded design to give it a look of a speaker. Place it anywhere for an extra hit of warmth when you need it most - three settings should get you to your perfect temperature.


£35.99 | Amazon

Erbauer 2500W Electric workshop heater

Don’t let the cold deter you from doing your favourite hobbies. Whether you’re shaping clay on your work bench or painting by a window, Erbauer’s floor heater is the perfect thing to help you stay warm without being bundled in layers. Tilt it to an angle that suits you (it can oscillate up to 40 degrees) and comes with overheating protection for extra peace of mind.


£35 | B&Q

Dunelm 2000W Flat Fan Heater

Small but mighty, this budget black heater will do a heroic job of warming up the space under your desk. It uses an electric coil to generate heat, which the fan then pushes out into your space. There are two heat settings, and it can be set flat or upright while an automatic switch off will protect you if it overheats. Measures 12 x 24 x 24.5cm.


£13 | Dunelm

Hylite Slimline Eco 300mm 28w Tubular Heater White HHT203

Available in three sizes (30cm, 50cm and 75cm) this tubular heater is a clever gadget that can be used in a variety of ways. Shelter your conservatory seedlings against morning frost, keep your towels warm in an unheated airing cupboard or just use it to heat awkward spaces such as toilets, utility rooms and garages.

As well as the obvious heat benefits, this tiny heater with a built-in thermostat can also help prevent damp, condensation and moisture. It's water resistant and comes with brackets which you can fix to your walls or use to stand the heater up on the floor.

£27.99 | Amazon

Dimplex Essentials DEOC15 1.5kW Oil Filled Radiator

Use the three temperature settings on this radiator to achieve the perfect amount of warmth. This tiny freestanding radiator comes on castors, making it easy to roll around the house, and is an easy way to boost your heat arsenal this winter.

Measures 63.5 x 37.3 x 24.8cm.

£65 | Argos

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