The best month to take a driving test has been revealed

February rated as best month for pass rates <i>(Image: PA)</i>
February rated as best month for pass rates (Image: PA)

The best time of the year to take a driving test has been revealed alongside the time of the year which have the lowest pass rates.

Driving test wait times are now as long as six months in some parts of the country, putting more pressure on learner drivers to pass on their first attempt to avoid waiting months for a retest.

With this in mind, the car insurance team at Comparethemarket carried out research on how the UK’s driving test pass rates differ depending on the time of year and where the test is taken.

Research has revealed that February is the best month in the year for passing driving tests while November and December have the lowest pass rate, both at 46.8 per cent.

Analysis of pass rates in the UK over the past five years, reveals that learner drivers are least likely to pass their tests in November and December.

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The one winter month that is the exception is February, with an average pass rate of 51.4 per cent, which makes it the month learner drivers are most likely to pass.

Spring months April and March are the second and third most-successful months, with average pass rates of 50.9 per cent and 50.4 per cent.

Tony Pearson, a driving instructor in the borough, said he believes the pass rate in winter months are less due to financial reasons.

He said: “The only thing that's springs to mind on the reason why its low in winter is that on the run up to Christmas, we see a reduction in the consistency of candidates taking lessons.

“This is obviously due to financial reasons, which then has a knock on when they take their test in January.

“On average, the pass rate has never varied more than a few per cent over many years.”

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Gary Warrington, Grade A driving instructor, revealed his expert tips on passing in winter:

  • Practice when the weather conditions aren’t perfect.

  • Always allow plenty of space from the vehicles ahead of you

  • Make sure you know how to switch on the headlights and wipers of the vehicle you’re driving while remaining in full control.

  • Never start driving with a misted-up front or rear windscreen – learn how to operate the controls to clear them and wait until you have full visibility before setting off.

Julie Daniels, motor insurance expert at Comparethemarket says: “Common learner driver mistakes can easily lead to accidents or damage to the vehicle you’re learning in, which is why it’s important to make sure you have the right kind of insurance when learning to drive.

“If you’re learning to drive with an approved driving school or an instructor in their car, they’ll have arranged your insurance.

“But if you’re using your own car or a friend or relative’s car you’ll need learner driver insurance to ensure you’re covered.

“While learner driver insurance can cover you while learning and for your driving test, as soon as you pass your test, your learner driver insurance becomes invalid, and you’ll need to change your policy.”