Best multisport helmets for kids

Amy Sedghi
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How do you keep a child occupied outdoors? Chances are the answer comes with wheels. Whether it’s a scooter, a bike or a skateboard, if they can whizz about on it, then it’s likely they’ll love it. And while there might not be much you can do about a scraped elbow or knee, you can keep their little heads safe with a good multisport helmet.

Not only does it mean you don’t have to shell out on various helmets for different activities, you also don’t have the hassle of trying to find extra storage space if you can find one helmet to do the job.

“The best helmet is the one that best fits,” explains Brodie Gardias, Lazer helmets senior brand manager at online bike retailer, Freewheel. It may sound obvious but a badly fitting helmet is less effective at protecting the head, and is often uncomfortable - a number one complaint from children, he says. “Heads are like feet, they’re not just different sizes but shapes too.” He advises trying multiple different models in the size you’re looking for and to try before you buy if possible. Also, don’t forget to adjust the straps for a snug fit.

And once you’ve chosen one, take care of it, urges Gardias. “Helmets are not is important that your child’s helmet is not dropped, thrown or squashed, as this will compromise its effectiveness when they need it most.” He advises checking to see whether the manufacturer has a crash replacement scheme which aims to subsidise the cost of a replacement.

Last, but definitely not least, it has to be cool, says Gardias, making a simple, but oh-so-true point: “your child needs to love the design of their helmet otherwise they won’t want to wear it.”

Micro Children’s Deluxe Sea Life Eco Helmet

A popular brand with a vast range of fun patterns and designs, Micro Scooters’ latest eco-focused launch is firmly on the pulse. With chin straps made from 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles, fabric lining crafted from sustainable bamboo fibre and water-based paint used to create the sealife design, it’s embracing the need for more planet-friendly options. It also uses recycled materials in its shell and proudly states that even the manufacture of its accompanying manual and bag have been reworked to make the lightest possible impact on the environment. Perfect for your little eco-warrior as they scoot or cycle along to school.


£34.95 | Micro Scooters

Stoy Leopard Pattern Helmet

This helmet from Stoy with its faded leopard print pattern, is so stylish that even parents will want to steal it (if they can squeeze their big adult head into it). Suitable for ages three to six, the fit can be fine tuned with an adjustable dial at the back, whilst the green safety buckle is designed to release itself at a weight between 9-16 kg for increased safety.


£45 | Alex and Alexa

Bobbin Starling Helmet

Loved by adults and children alike, Bobbin are a popular choice for their cool and aesthetically-pleasing helmet designs, which come in a variety of vibrant colours and glossy finishes. This duck egg blue unisex helmet is offered in two sizes, with the M/L catering for kids with larger sized heads. It has an easy-to-adjust dial-fit system and a chic caramel-coloured chin strap. Added bonus: it’s sure to look as good in your home as it does on your child’s head.


£29.50 | Bobbin

Raskullz Super Rainbow Unicorn Helmet

If your child loves unicorns and rainbows, then this helmet is sure to go down a treat. Its vibrant colours and 3D details means it’s easy to spot, even if your little one does try to scoot, ride or skate away. If colourful, fun and loud is your kid’s jam then it’s worth checking out the range from this US brand, which includes helmets featuring the likes of mohawks, bunny ears and cartoonish animals.


£20 | Asda

Scoot and Ride Helmet

There’s a lot of handy features to this smart looking helmet: an LED light on the back, a magnetic fastener and a comfy, padded chin strap. Available in a range of pastel tones, it’s also easy to wipe clean and will make a stylish addition to your child’s kit. You have Kidly founder James Hart's guarantee on the later as he vowed to only ever sell things he’d want in his own house.


£40 | Kidly

Also available from Amara

Micro Children’s Deluxe 3D Helmet: Monster

How adorable is this 3D monster helmet? We’re sure that your own little monster will love it too. It comes with a rear flashing light, perfect for those short winter days, and a neat quick-release magnetic buckle to stop any accidental pinching. Suitable for scooting and cycling, it might even be a struggle to get your kid to take this one off.


£34.95 | Micro Scooters

Kiddimoto Stars Helmet

Well-regarded and a popular choice for kid’s helmets, Kiddimoto are a great option for those seeking a simple design but with a fun, eye-catching pattern. Suitable for cycling, balance biking, scooting, skating and BMXing, this funky multi-coloured stars version will be sure to come in handy for your active little ones.


£30 | Amazon

SFR Skate/Scooter Helmet

For a traditional skater style helmet, this is a very budget-friendly option. We loved the cool unisex teal of this helmet, but it also comes in a range of vivid colours such as purple, fluro orange and bright green. A nifty pack of stickers is also included for any kids that want to customise their helmet before they head out for a spot of skateboarding, roller skating, inline skating or even for when they wear their Heelys.


£16.95 | Amazon

Lazer Street Jr Helmet

It might get harder, as they grow, to pick something acceptably cool enough but we think this skater-style Lazer helmet with its graphic print could pass the teen test - and it nails both style and substance. Lazer are well-known for their high-end, elite-level helmets and this option features 16 cooling vents and an easily-adjustable dial at the back of the helmet to tweak the fit.


£39.99 | Freewheel

Bern Bandito Helmet with Liner

A proper multi-tasker, the Bern Bandito, can be worn on the slopes as well as on the bike. If you have a pre-teen boy with a head too big for a kids helmet, yet too small for an adult model, then you’re in luck - this is exactly what it’s been designed for. It comes with a cosy winter liner, designed to keep the old noggin and ears warm in cooler temperatures, but it can be cleverly whipped out to transition into a helmet suitable for the summer.


£51.99 | Surfanic *On sale from £64.99


Whilst they’ll all do the practical job of protecting your child’s head, we were won over by Micro’s Eco helmet, with its cute sea life design and focus on using recycled and more sustainable materials. Stoy’s leopard print design was also loved by both our little tester and their parents, so we think that’s a win-win too.

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