Best outdoor fire pits for your garden 2021

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Spring may be on the way, and after months of living in winter’s gloom, we’re itching to get back outside pronto.

While we bide the time until restrictions lift, it’s time to re-enter our gardens. You can enjoy your outdoor space well into the evenings - no matter how chilly - with just one wise investment: a fire pit.

We can only imagine the nuclear reactions when, some two million years ago, the Homo erectus first managed to control fire. Our love for the element burned through the intervening years. It’s helped locomotives and ships traverse the Earth, fuelled rockets to the moon and keeps us warm while we’re toasting marshmallows.

In 2021, it’s time to bring fire home with an outdoor pit. The contained devices will help you control the flames and embers, in a way that would have left our ancestors further slack-jawed in awe.

From practical designs that double as a BBQ to sculptural works of art, this is your fire pit hot list.

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Garden Leisure Camping Firepit With Grill, Folding Legs And Bag

If you’re on the hunt for something you can enjoy at home as well as camping trips around the UK this summer, head to Not On The High Street where you can find this firepit which comes with a grill and bag for easy portability. The legs fold down when in transit or storage - just another reason to hit buy now.

 (Garden Leisure)
(Garden Leisure)

£69.99 | NOTHS

Ivyline Henley Chiminea Cooking Firepit, Copper

A future focal and social point, this chiminea will keep you toasty while charring tasty morsels to eat from the rack. It’s made in India from strong iron but painted in a lovely rust hue, adding easy style points to your garden. Measuring H171 x W61 x D61cm it comes fully assembled and ready to go.


£499.99 | John Lewis

Garden Leisure Yaku Two Piece Clay Chiminea and Grill

Black fire pits go some way to masking wear, but if you’re looking for a showstopper that will turn your neighbours green with envy you’ll do well with this blue chiminea design. Doing double duty as a heater and outdoor grill, you can serve up BBQ morsels and later bask in the glow of the heat - and praise from your stuffed guests, of course.

 (Garden Leisure)
(Garden Leisure)

£169.99 | NOTHS

MADE Josper Low Metal Firepit

MADE for al fresco entertaining, there are a few firepits to choose from at the design retailer. We like the look of Josper Low Metal Firepit, which sits low on the ground - helpful for keeping bushes and plants away from spitting embers. It’s not fitted to the criss-cross base either, so clean up is easy peasy.


£150 | MADE

La Hacienda Steel Firepit

Offering incredible value, Argos has this La Hacienda Firepit with a £30 price tag, giving you more reason than ever to add one to your garden line-up. Fashioned from steel, the bowl comes propped on a metal stand and there’s a tool too, to keep the flames going. Add a grill over the top with the change left over, andvoila, flame-grilled burgers and BBQ in an instant.

 (La Hacienda)
(La Hacienda)

£30 | Argos

Cast Iron Fire Bowl

This wide cast iron bowl is ideal for keeping the chill at bay after sunset. The black finish will develop over time thanks to rust and weather, giving it a unique look for your space. Dimensions: 20 x 60cm.

 (Graham & Green)
(Graham & Green)

£110 | Graham & Green

VOUNOT Fire Pit Table with BBQ Grill Shelf

Dust down your garden furniture and arrange it around this square pit, which works using coal and wood fuel as a heater, BBQ and focal point all in one. There’s also a waterproof cover to protect it when the heavens inevitably open. Dimensions: L81 x W81 x H36cm.


£83.17 | Amazon

La Hacienda Circular Firepit

Set on a stylish skeleton base, this is the perfect pit to keep your household warm, whether you’re seating or standing. It’s finished with high temperature black paint and comes with a safety tool so you can enjoy the fire with total confidence.

 (La Hacienda)
(La Hacienda)

£59 | JD Williams

DAWOO 24" Metal Fire Pits for Garden

Fitted with a mesh guard, this hex-shaped pit will transform your outdoor space into an extra room you can enjoy under the stars. It’s lightweight too at just 7.1kg so you can easily shift it around your garden when you’re hosting guests.


£119.99 | Amazon

Morgan Carbon Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

Stunning to look at, this orb-like pit contains fire within its spherical girls, radiating heat efficiently. It sits on a little stand saving your grass, patio or decking from scorch marks and has an opening at the top where you can feed in more wood. Measures: 73.5 x 59.2 x 59.2cm.


£189.99 | Wayfair


With staycations very much on this summer’s leisure agenda, we like the idea of a pit you can take to the campsite with you. With a grill and storage bag, Garden Leisure’s Camping Firepit is our top pick. A wise investment that won’t break the bank.

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