Best place to visit in July is 'underrated' and has 'incredibly low costs' for Brits

Medellin, Colombia
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A recent study by revealed the best holiday destination for each month of the year.

The travel experts took into consideration various factors including the weather, the average hours of sunshine and costs of accommodation, food and transportation to determine which location offers the best conditions for a holiday.

The beautiful city of Medellin, in Colombia, was named the best holiday for July 2023 and one of the most underrated spots in the world. In July, the city "endures its low season, likely due to the volume of rainier days".

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The experts said, however, that "as a tropical destination this is expected" and the city still enjoys highs of up to 27.6C. The average daily costs are "incredibly low" at just $56 (£43) so tourists can enjoy everything the city has on offer "without worrying about spending a fortune", reports the Express.

Jonathan Merry, CEO of, commented on the destination saying: "It's clear that every continent has its draws, and while it's easy to fall into a rut of visiting the more traditional holiday resorts every year, this list opens up so many more possibilities.

"People may not in the past have considered Medellin in Colombia due to its chequered history, but the city has spent decades repairing itself, and the country now attracts millions of tourists from around the world who are drawn to its pristine rainforests and beaches."

Medellin Sunset Center Colombia
Despite its chequered past, Medellin has spent years repairing itself -Credit:Getty Images

Tripadvisor is awash with glowing reviews for Medellin's Metrocable, the gondola lift that connects the city centre to the hillside communities. One visitor shared: "We visited an area up on the hills which was fascinating."

And another offered: "This was a terrific experience with excellent views. Be aware that you must have local currency in order to buy tickets."

For those wanting inside tips for travel bliss in August, Rio de Janeiro comes highly recommended. Travel experts highlight the magnetic appeal of Brazil during this month, citing: "Whilst many countries in August are experiencing their prime weather, with beaches filled from coast to coast, no beach can quite outdo those in Brazil."

San Andres Island at the Caribbean sea, Colombia
You can bask in the sun on San Andres Island, Colombia -Credit:Getty Images

They added: "The city's most famous beach Copacabana is the perfect setting for tourists with a stunning backdrop of Sugarloaf Mountain."

In spite of August not coinciding with Brazil's summer, the temperatures hover around 25.6C, making it an attractive getaway for European holidaymakers.

Top month-by-month holiday destinations

  • August - Rio de Janeiro

  • September - Paris

  • October - Barcelona

  • November - Sydney

  • December - Dubai