Here are the best places to live in the US – and they’re not New York or Los Angeles

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<p>Some of the places revealed to be great for people who love the outdoors</p> (iStock)

Some of the places revealed to be great for people who love the outdoors


The top places to live in the US have been revealed, and the result is more surprising than you think, with the two well-known favourites New York City and Los Angeles not even making the top 50.

The list was compiled by data research company, which took into account the cost of living and local amenities like schools and nearby things to do and the rate of crime.

They also considered commute time to nearby big cities, the general health of the residents, the local job market and the affordability of housing.

Here are the top ten best cities in live in the US, with a population of over 100,000.

10. Bellevue, Washington

This city is considered to be one of the best suburbs in Washington state, as it’s good for commuting, only 20 minutes away from Seattle. Residents report great public transport links and amazing hiking spots, such as Cougar Mountain.

9. Berkley, California

Voted best for healthy citizens and across the bay from San Francisco, it hosts great public schools and lots of chances for those who love the great outdoors to explore. A city that lends its name to the famous university also contributes to the fantastic nightlife, such as sports, bars and performances.

8. Columbia, Maryland

A place that is great for both for young professionals and families, as it boasts good public schools and a strong job market. Also, for night owls looking to get out of the house, there are lots of opportunities, such as the various summer music festivals.

7. Plano, Texas

A city great for homeownership as nearly half of people has bought their own homes. Plano is also a great location for those who love outdoor pursuits with lots of public parks and hiking, which contribute to the high levels of fitness and overall health.

6. Ann Arbour, Michigan

A top family-friendly city with its low crime and great public schools and attractive housing market.

5. Cambridge, Massachuetts

This city is said to be the No 1 city for young professionals, thanks to the job market and social scene. Being home to the nation’s top colleges, Harvard University and MIT, also helps add to the area’s joie de vie. It’s proximity to Boston helps, too.

4. Overland Park, Kansas

This city has been deemed the best city to buy a house in America when you take into account the market, taxes and the rate of ownership. This goes along with the great schools, job market and local culture, such as exploring the great outdoors.

3. Naperville, Illinois

Sitting just on the perimeter of Chicago, Naperville is an affluent area. Niche said it boasts the best schools, low crime and a great array of outdoor pursuits. There’s also a great museum, Napier Settlement.

2. Arlington, Virginia

This area, just outside of Washington DC, has great links to the nation’s capital, making for a short commute for government-adjacent jobs. Aside from that you have some of the nation’s history as your neighbour with local museums, monuments and more.

1. The Woodlands, Texas

This is a suburb of Houston and it boasts great public schools, a low crime rate and great cost of living.

On top of this, as the name suggests, it has some of the best nature and wildlife spotting in the whole country.

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