These Are the Best Places to Travel to in 2019, According to Airbnb

Get up and go to one (or all) of these top travel destinations in the new year.

Get up and go to one (or all) of these top travel destinations in the new year.

Pack your bags and renew your passport, because the globetrotting travel gurus at Airbnb revealed the 19 destinations to visit in 2019, and their list is sure to spark your sense of wanderlust.

Based off of booking and search data collected from, the top trending destinations for the upcoming year range in both geographic size and scenery. A vehicle-free island off the coast of southeastern China ranks as one of the top must-see sites, along with a high-energy African locale, and the sun-baked region that comprises the “toe” of Italy’s boot-shaped peninsula.

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As for the number one hot spot to journey to in 2019? That’s an accolade deserving of Kaikoura, New Zealand—a coastal town that regularly draws in droves of whale- and seal-watchers thanks to the region's abundant marine life.

Not quite sure where to venture once the holidays are through? Let Airbnb’s definitive travel guide direct you to the getaway of your dreams, below, even if you only plan to experience a vacation via someone else's Instagram account.

  1. Kaikoura, New Zealand

  2. Xiamen, China

  3. Puebla, Mexico

  4. Normandy, France

  5. Great Smoky Mountains, US

  6. Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

  7. Accra, Ghana

  8. Mozambique

  9. Out Hebrides, Scotland

  10. Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

  11. Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley, US

  12. Santa Catarina State, Brazil

  13. Batumi, Georgia

  14. Winnipeg, Canada

  15. Pondicherry, India

  16. Uzbekistan

  17. Calabria, Italy

  18. Andalucia, Spain

  19. Taiwan