Best pocket sprung mattresses of 2021 reviewed

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If you’ve ever suffered a poor night’s sleep because of a bad mattress, you’ll know the value of a really great one.

Sleep is when our bodies and minds processes, rests and repairs between our waking hours, and not getting enough shut-eye can lead to poor concentration, a penchant for high energy (and therefore high fat) foods to keep you going, and all-round grumpiness. Sleep-deprivation is a well-known torture technique for a reason, and there’s absolutely no reason for doing it to yourself.


Especially when there are so many great mattresses to choose from. While a new mattress can’t solve serious sleep obstacles like insomnia and anxiety, it can make your nighttime environment the best and most comfortable it can be, which should have you nodding off in no time.

While memory foam mattresses certainly have their benefits, people who prefer a firm mattress with high levels of support would do better opting for a pocket spring mattress.

What is a pocket spring mattress?

Broadly considered a traditional mattress, one made with pocket springs features hundreds of tightly coiled springs which together, give a medium/ firm level of support. Each spring is held within its own fabric chamber, or pocket - hence the name. This means they won’t tangle together, and can offer individual personalised support for various points across your body - like the shoulders, spine, hips and knees. It also allows air to flow relatively freely, so you won’t wake up a hot mess in warmer months. Hot sleepers, check out our specialised cooling mattress shopping guide.

Is a pocket spring mattress the best option?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to picking the right mattress for them. While some favour the comfort and contouring ‘held’ feeling of an all-memory foam design, others like to pair it with spring in the form of a hybrid model, which brings together the plushness of foam with the support of springs. If you have regular aches and pains from exercise or age, the superior support of an all-spring design could be the best option for you.

While hybrids and all-foam mattresses can be compression packed into a box for easy transportation or delivery, this can’t be done with springs. Be sure to check delivery costs (most retailers will factor this into the final price anyway) or check you can get your new bed home before committing to buy.

Where can I buy a pocket spring mattress?

There are endless retailers who offer such designs, and we’ve cherry picked the best ones for you here (and best of all, they regularly hold sales):

While these are great retailers to begin your search for a better bed, we’ve gone one further and listed models below so make shopping even easier. Before you do, check out our monthly mattress deals roundup with fresh offers every month.

Herdysleep pocket springs


A great buy whether you’re usually found snoozing on your front, back or side, this 26cm deep artisan mattress from Herdy Sleep looks and feels luxurious. It’s handcrafted from organic materials and comes with a 100-day trial period, giving you plenty of time to decide whether it’s a keeper.

A cool 7,000 Cortec springs work to support you as you sleep on the fabric woven cover, made from a sumptuous blend of cashmere, cotton, wool and fleece sourced from Cumbrian sheep (the embossed pattern on the cover’s surface and buttons are a cute nod to their contribution). Made without glue or foam, this baby is 100 per cent recyclable too.

The fibres used means it’s excellent for climate control, keeping you snug in the winter and cool in the summer. Best of all, it won’t lose its bounce over time, unlike all-foam mattresses which can be hot as well as lumpy after a while. It comes in standard UK bed sizes: single, double, king and super king.

From £649 | Barker & Stonehouse

John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Wensleydale Wool 13400, Double, Medium Tension Pocket Spring Mattress

 (John Lewis)
(John Lewis)

Sleeping Beauty may be just a fairytale, but when it comes to pocket spring mattresses, this one feels the fairest of them all. It is made from organic, natural materials and zero chemicals making it totally recyclable which is great news for anyone with landfill guilt (that’ll be all of us, then).

It’s pricey, yes, but that’s in part down to the excellent craftsmanship and - drumroll please - 13,400 springs embedded within. The more springs a mattress is made with, the greater the comfort and support levels - so this design should have you feeling like you’re sleeping on cloud nine every night.

Indeed, the cloud-like texture is down to a blend of natural fillings, such as Egyptian cotton, Wensleydale Wool (from a rare breed of sheep) and linen which keeps things airy and oh-so soft.

This superior mattress offers a medium-hard level of tension, but there are greater and lesser firmnesses available, as well as with different filling blends to help those with allergies. Its best for back or side sleepers.

A seven year guarantee comes part and parcel.

£1,699 | John Lewis

Signature 2000 Pocket Sprung Pillow Top Natural Fillings Mattress


This outrageously indulgent mattress feels as good as it looks. Offering medium to firm tension, the dreamy mattress has a plush padded pillow top for that cloud-like feel and is filled with natural fibres - wool, silk, cotton and cashmere - to help with temperature control and comfort. Standing 33cm high, keep it in peak performance by rotating every six weeks. So delightful you’ll have real trouble getting out of bed in the mornings.

From £224.99 | Happy Beds

Silentnight Hadleigh 800 Pocket Memory Mattress


Making a more budget-friendly proposition, Silentnight's mattress may come with fewer springs, but it's perfect for anyone watching the purse-strings, or if you plan to use it in your spare room. Made in the UK, it offers medium tension and offers blissful comfort thanks to the addition of a memory foam layer. It comes with a five year guarantee which can be extended to eight years for additional peace of mind.

£399 | Dreams

IKEA HÖVÅG mattress


Offering the kind of low cost that makes IKEA so popular, the Swedish brand's HÖVÅG mattress is great quality at a price that won't make you feel faint. It's not flat-packed (hooray!) but does come roll packed for easy transportation (double hooray!). Inside, 190 pocket springs work to balance your pressure points so you always feel supported, while the open construction means air can flow freely and you won't overheat - welcome news for the warmer sleepers amongst you. It's made to be used on one side only, so there's no need to flip it. The topside cover moves with you to maximise comfort, offering a fantastically good night's rest. Comes with a 25 year guarantee.

From £179 | IKEA

Harrison Spinks Clifton Cashmere Mattress

 (Harrison Spinks)
(Harrison Spinks)

Created with bespoke springs and organic materials, Harrison Spinks presents its Clifton Cashmere mattress for those prepared to invest in their sleep. All handmade in Britain, the mattress starts life on a 300-acre Yorkshire farm, using wool and cotton fibres for the luxe filings. Each model can be made to your personal size and tension specifications making it a Goldilocks contender for those who like their beds just so, even split tensions are available for those who share their bed with a fussy partner.

Bespoke will set you back (even more) serious money, but the ready made models are excellent too. Just check out the Clifton Cashmere Mattress which employs 15,000 springs and seven kinds of natural filling to give you your best sleep ever.

From £2125 | Feather & Black

Hypnos – Willow Sublime Pocket Sprung Mattress


Prepare for a kingly sleep on this Hypnos bed, which is 30cm deep. Available in medium and firm tensions, the artisan construction means great lumbar support, which will be welcome news for anyone with back pain issues. Natural materials (including alpaca wool!) are also a plus but it is very heavy, so rope in a friend to get it into position once delivered.

The hand-tufted piece means a heftier price tag (the process is tough and laborious, and requires a skilled craftsperson) so it’s one for those who prize quality above all else. For your money you can expect support so superior, it feels like being held aloft. Available in a choice of 10 sizes and two tensions - medium or firm.

Best of all, the product comes with a guarantee of up to 30 years.

From £2329 | MyNext Mattress

Novo Natural 2000 Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic Mattress


A great pocket spring mattress at a palatable price? Head to Amazon, where you can find Novo’s pocket-sprung mattress, one of the best value options around. Finished with high quality trims, 2000 springs, and standing at a pleasurably high 29cm, the Natural Pocket 2000 is covered in soft damask covering with pull handles for easy manoeuvrability and flipping. Each one is hand crafted in the UK and comes with a five year warranty.

It’s on Prime too, which means free delivery for those with membership.

From £419 | Amazon

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