The best projectors to create your own home cinema

Katie Strick

Stranger Things is returning to Netflix on October 27 and darker nights mean there’s time to chill.

Super-size your entertainment and create your own home cinema with one of the smartest projectors on the market.

Sony VPL-VW300ES

If you can afford it, this Sony projector is the best you can buy for a high-quality, big-screen feel. It can fill a wall with 4K images and produces great colour, whatever the light levels.

£4,999, Sony, Buy it now

BenQ W1070+

A solid, all-round option with an impressively clean and detailed picture. It’s bright enough to be used in daylight and comes with full HD resolution.

£682, Appliances Direct, Buy it now

Beam Smart

A projector that looks like a lamp. Beam Netflix onto your bedroom wall or recipe videos onto your kitchen surface using your smartphone. The rest of the time it’ll just look pretty.

£479, Soda Shop, Buy it now

Vivitek Qumi Q6-OR Q6 800

Carry this one in your pocket for spontaneous screenings. The Q6 weighs just 1.1lb yet boasts rich colour, impressive resolution and strong wi-fi connectivity. It comes in six fun colours.

£513, AV Parts Master, Buy it now

RIF6 Cube

This powerful portable projector connects to your smartphone and transforms any screen into a 120in display.

£299, Selfridges, Buy it now