Best real Christmas trees of 2021 to buy online with home delivery

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Rocking around the Christmas tree isn’t just one of our favourite holiday songs, but an essential festive activity too.

Bringing a tree indoors for the winter is a tradition dating back to 16th century Germany, although some could argue even farther back to Pagan roots. While those folks risked an arson charge by decorating their firs with lit candles, today we’ve adopted an alternative approach that meets health and safety criteria.

All part of the festive fun, the ritual of draping trees with yards of shiny tinsel, fairy lights, dotting weird and wonderful baubles on its branches and topping off things with a fairy or a star are one of the best ways we know to build giddy excitement for the big day. Really, can you picture tearing into your pile of presents underneath anything else?

The question though, isn’t how you’ll decorate your tree. It’s which to get in the first place.

Faux trees can be all kinds of fabulous, but if you’ve been craving that real Christmassy feeling, nothing beats the fresh scent of a real evergreen standing pride of place in the heart of the home.

We know real tree buying is an exciting festive must-do all of its own (with trips bookended by mince pies and mugs of mulled wine), but if you’d rather save yourself the ordeal of hauling one onto a car roof or wrestling spiky branches into the back of an Uber, we’ve found online vendors who will deliver your Christmas décor centrepiece right to your door.

From ceiling-scrapers that look plucked straight out of Lapland to cute versions that arrive through a letterbox, we’ve gathered the nicest, leafiest versions below.

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John Lewis & Partners Korean Fir Real Christmas Tree, 5-6ft

It feels like we’ve all gone a bit K-culture mad of late, what with shows like Squid Game and Korean food and beauty high on the pop-culture agenda.

There’s no need for our fascination to stop when Christmas comes knocking, especially when John Lewis has this Korean Fir, which has actually been grown in a small specialist plantation right here in the UK.

What makes them special? They’re a bit more slender than a traditional Nordmann Fir with a neat pyramidal shape that makes them perfect for dressing with festive finery like baubles, lights and of course, tinsel. It’s grown slowly - 10 years in the making, in fact - to ensure this Christmas is your most magical yet.

Also available in 6-7ft height.

Buy now £79.00, John Lewis

Bloom & Wild The Creative Crafts Tree

The home of letterbox flowers, Bloom & Wild have adapted their star products with a Christmassy edge. The company has a collection of dinky 44cm rooted trees that come complete with their own mini ornaments to finish the effect - this one uses orange and teal as its palette, offering a modern twist on the traditional Christmas look.

Place it in any order that needs festive festooning.

Shop the full Christmas collection.

Buy now £36.00, Bloom & Wild

Fraser Fir 4 - 5ft Premium Cut Real Christmas Tree

Got a smaller home to prepare for the festivities? This more compact Fraser Fir from Primrose will fit the bill nicely. It will arrive at your home within 24 hours of cutting to keep its silver green foliage looking as fresh as possible.

No need to worry about impaling yourself on needles every day - these ones hold for longer, and are softer making things easier when they do fall. Set it on a small side or plant table to give you more room underneath to place your piles of presents. Delivery from Nov 22.

Buy now £44.99, Primrose

Nordman Fir Real Cut Christmas Tree 8 - 9ft

Proving it’s more than just a place to pick up home essentials like cleaning products and tinfoil, Wilko is bringing Christmas home with a selection of real trees, including this Nordman Fir. The tree has superior needle longevity and the ones that do come into contact with loved ones will feel softer - perfect if you have curious kids or pets wandering around.

Make sure you measure your room properly first - this baby stands at a maximum of 9ft tall - so will need plenty of headroom to ensure the topper isn’t crushed. Delivery from Nov 25.

Shop Wilko’s full Christmas tree collection.

Buy now £80.00, Wilko

Nordmann Fir Real and Live Christmas Tree in a Pot 2- 3ft

Looking for a way to be more sustainable this festive period? This small but sweet Christmas tree has been grown in a pot, which means it can be replanted once the 25th has been and gone - nothing kills the post-Christmas high than seeing trees abandoned in the street. Delivery is available from this London vendor, with dates from Nov 20.

There are plenty more sizes and tree varieties available online, including bundles which include a whole British turkey hamper gift box. One less thing to tick off the list!

Buy now £44.99, London Grocery

Prestige Flowers Luxury Christmas Tree

Looking for a one-stop solution to all your Christmas tree needs? Well, stop the search because Prestige Flowers has you covered. It’s offering this small one metre high tree for less than £40 with lights, baubles and a pop-up pot all included. It’s the perfect decoration to jolly up a space you don’t use often, like a shed, porch or WFH space while still reserving the big decorating excitement for your main tree.

Buy now £39.99, Prestige Flowers

Gardeners Dream Nordmann Fir Pot Grown Christmas Trees

Starting from a teeny 2ft tall, this Nordmann Fir is available all the way up to 5ft high, making it the perfect buy for anyone with a small space to give a Christmas makeover. It’s the ultimate low-maintenance plant, requiring little in the way of water and feeding (although like humans, the occasional trim will help keep it looking sharp). Once Christmas Day is over, it can be happily replanted in the garden, there until next December when it can be reused. Win-win.

Buy now £59.99, Gardeners Dream

Christmas Trees Fraser Fir

With long-lasting needle holding abilities and a bluish undertone, this Fraser Fir brings handsome elegance to households in Christmastime. The tree has been grown in the UK and gives off a zesty aroma, filling the house with the scent of the season. Available from 5ft and up.

Buy now £74.99, Christmas Trees

IKEA Christmas Tree

The Swedish furniture giant has built its fan base from offering top quality products at incredible prices, and this December it plans to do the same with a deal that will see lucky shoppers walk away with a real tree for just £9.

All customers who buy a real tree between November 22 and Christmas Eve will receive the gift of a £20 voucher with their purchase. With prices thought to be £29 this year, that means you’ll effectively have £20 knocked off the RRP, safe in your back pocket to use in store between Jan 10 - Feb 13.

The deal has been popular for a few years now, and although it does mean you’ll need to sort delivery yourself, the unbeatable price is one way to guarantee Christmas cheer.

Shop in-store

Buy now £29.00, IKEA

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