These are the best rescue rememdies

Katie Service & Lily Worcester

Dream Work

If you’re the type of person whose vivid dreams go into overdrive as soon as the Christmas season dials up a notch, it’s time to book in for a session with Evolve Wellness dream therapist Simon Berkowitz. An acupuncturist by trade, he is far from your average Google dream translator — dreaming about your teeth falling out doesn’t always equal money worries, apparently — and instead helps you take control of anxiety dreams and glean constructive meaning from them. ‘It’s all about figuring out what’s going on in your life now,’ explains Berkowitz. ‘Your dream, although it might appear fantastical and huge, will often show you places that you’ve got stuck.’ He also consults via Skype.

£125 for 50 minutes (

Legology Leg Contouring Massage

Just when you thought your legs were safe to go into hibernation for winter, the Christmas party and that little velvet dress loom large. But all is not lost: Legology is now sending out massage therapists to your home offering leg-pimping treatments designed to contour, cellulite-bust and revitalise from the comfort of your living room. Schedule an appointment and you’ll be sent a parcel of all the leg products that your therapist will use for your massage. The treatment starts with a lemon foot soak, a stimulating salt scrub and is followed by a vigorous dry brush and silicone cupping session (painful but worth it) to treat fatty deposits around the knee and thigh. Buff enough for you? £125 for a 60-minute massage and tailored treatment box (

The Power-UP IV Drip

For all who like to burn the candle at both ends, we bring good tidings. The Elixir Clinic, Harley Street doyen of intravenous vitamin infusions, has just set up its latest home at The Ned. Whether you’re struggling from the night before or feeling sluggish from ODing on mince pies, The Power Up is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins that will leave you energised and alert after just a 45-minute hook-up. ‘Why not just pop a multivit?’ we hear you ask. The body only absorbs 10-20 per cent of vitamins in pills, whereas intravenously it takes in 100 per cent. Talk about mainlining Christmas. £200 for one hour including consultation (


In need of a little pre-Christmas coastal calm? Us too. Hold the train fare and head to Brick Lane where the clever people at Haeckels have cooked up a thalassotherapy treatment. Using the medical benefits of sea water as a form of therapy, it encapsulates everything good about the Margate seaside other than the Ferris wheel. As you lay back in a one-man greenhouse listening to the sound of seagulls (optional), you are enveloped in a thick fog of vaporised sea water infused with bladderwrack seaweed and an essential oil blend of your choice (the broccoli seed and raspberry is rather wonderful). Seaweed will hydrate your skin three times more than hyaluronic acid and is full of antioxidants. No, it’s not a week in Barbados, but it is a two-minute walk from Aldgate East Tube station, and thus much easier to squeeze into your hectic December schedule. £30 for 15 minutes (