The Best Ryan Reynolds Rom-Coms And How To Watch Them

 Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal.
Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal.

I know that when I think of Ryan Reynolds’ best movies, the first projects that come to mind are action and comedy flicks. However, the guy has serious range, and he’s starred in some pretty amazing rom-coms with some incredible stars throughout his career, too. So, from working with Sandra Bullock on The Proposal to collaborating with Rachel Weisz, Elizabeth Banks and Isla Fisher on Definitely, Maybe, let’s talk about this beloved actor’s best rom-coms and how to watch them.

Wade and Vanessa looking at each other in Deadpool.
Wade and Vanessa looking at each other in Deadpool.


Yes, we're starting with a legendary Marvel movie, and I know that when we think of Deadpool we think of the funny quotes and massive action first. However, it’s also a rom-com.

At the heart of the first film from Ryan Reynolds is Wade Wilson’s love story with his fiancée, Vanessa, and it’s simultaneously the raunchiest and sweetest thing ever. Making Deadpool a rom-com.

We see the start of their love story in Deadpool, and the majority of the film is then spent following the anti-hero as he tries to find and save Vanessa. Luckily, there’s a hero’s ending, and Wade’s lovely partner returns in Deadpool 2. Here’s hoping the romance continues, because Morena Baccarin (who plays Vanessa) is confirmed to return as part of the Deadpool & Wolverine cast.

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Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in The Proposal
Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in The Proposal

The Proposal

Arguably, the fantastic rom-com The Proposal is some of Ryan Reynolds' and Sandra Bullock’s best and most hilarious work.

In an effort to make sure Bullock’s Margaret isn’t deported back to Canada, she enlists Ryan Reynolds’ Andrew to play her fake fiancé so she can get her green card. So, they travel to Alaska to visit Andrew’s family, and while there they work really hard…kind of... to pretend to be a real couple.

Obviously, the forced proximity leads to them actually falling for each other, and Bullock and Reynolds play this story out perfectly.

Their physical comedy truly shines in this movie – I mean Bullock dancing in the forest is enough to prove that – and they’re brilliantly supported by Betty White, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson and more.

Harnessing both Reynolds and Bullock’s sarcastic sense of humor, they truly both shine in this odd-couple rom-com.

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Abigail Breslin and Ryan Reynolds hugging in Definitely, Maybe.
Abigail Breslin and Ryan Reynolds hugging in Definitely, Maybe.

Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe is such an underrated rom-com, and it deserves so much love because of how sweet, romantic and unique it is.

From a team of producers that worked on classic rom-coms including Notting Hill and Love, Actually, this film follows, Will, a single dad played by Reynolds, as his daughter, played by Abigail Breslin, tries to figure out who her dad's true love is.

So, after his divorce, Will decides to tell his daughter the story of his three loves, who are played by Rachel Weisz, Elizabeth Banks and Isla Fisher. However, the catch is, we don’t know which woman is his ex-wife and which is the woman he’s bound to end up with. Alongside Breslin’s character, we spend the film trying to deduce who is who in this fun and kind of mysterious rom-com.

As the film progresses, we learn more about these three love stories, and we get one step closer to figuring out who Will is supposed to be with. It’s a lovely and heartwarming story, and it’ll have you crying happy tears by the end.

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Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart in Just Friends
Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart in Just Friends

Just Friends

Just Friends served as one of the earlier hits in Ryan Reynolds' career, and it helped build him into the funny man we know and love today.

This film, which stars Reynolds, Anna Faris and Amy Smart, follows the actor’s Chris as he travels back to his hometown for the holidays.

Before he left to become a hotshot music producer, Chris wasn’t the popular kid in high school, he got made fun of because he was overweight, and he got aggressively friend-zoned by his crush Jamie Palamino. Going home gives him a second chance with Jamie, and while he’s there he also faces his past and gets into a bunch of hijinx and shenanigans while he handles all the folks from the town he grew up in.

As a self-aware hilarious king, Reynolds even used a Just Friends reference when he joined TikTok by lip-syncing to All-4-One’s “I Swear.” Clearly, he has a lot of love for this flick, and it’s so fun to see him throw it back to his early acting days. Now, it’s your turn to watch it!

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Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds looking at each other in The Change-Up.
Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds looking at each other in The Change-Up.

The Change-Up

Starring Jason Bateman as Dave and Ryan Reynolds as Mitch, The Change-Up is a body-switching comedy about what happens when these two men wish to switch places, as Dave becomes a single man and Mitch is married. Also starring Olivia Wilde as Dave’s legal associate and crush and Leslie Mann as Dave's wife who Mitch ends up spending lots of time with, this film leans more into the comedy, but it has a good dose of romance thrown in there, too.

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Ryan Reynolds in Adventureland.
Ryan Reynolds in Adventureland.


Now, Ryan Reynolds might not be at the center of the rom-com in Adventureland, however, it is a fantastic film in which he plays an important part.

The central story of Adventureland follows Jesse Eisenberg’s James as he spends a summer working at an amusement park. He falls for his co-worker Em, played by Kristen Stewart, and a charming and awkward love story follows. Reynolds plays Mike, the maintenance man who is having an affair with Em. So, he adds a layer of complexity to the coming-of-age rom-com.

From Superbad director Greg Mottola, this movie is hilarious and edgy, and a wonderfully unique addition to this list.

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Zoe Saldana and Ryan Reynolds in romantic moment in The Adam Project
Zoe Saldana and Ryan Reynolds in romantic moment in The Adam Project

Honorable Mention: The Adam Project

Now, while The Adam Project isn’t your typical rom-com, I’d be remiss not to at least mention it. Considering the Netflix film is hilarious when it comes to the relationship between Ryan Reynolds’ Adam and the younger version of himself played by Walker Scobell, and the fact that the film centers around the love between Adam and his partner Laura, played by Zoe Saldana, it's for sure a comedy with romance.

Not to mention, 13 Going On 30 rom-com royalty Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo play Adam’s parents. So, while it’s not a rom-com in a traditional sense, I think it’s very worthy of a place on this list.

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Well, there you have it! If you are looking for a rom-com starring Ryan Reynolds, we’ve got you covered. From more unconventional picks like Deadpool to classics within the genre like The Proposal, the man has a rom-com for everyone, and we highly recommend checking them out.