Best secateurs for effectively trimming and pruning the garden

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Secateurs: the simple addition of this hand-held tool can go a long way in your garden.

From trimming back overgrown hedges and dead-heading flowers, to pruning plants and shrubbery, their sharp blades will tidy up your space in no time.

By incorporating into your gardening arsenal, you can make clean cuts to get your outdoor space in order – so that it looks both presentable and gives your foliage the best opportunity to keep growing healthily.

What are the different types of secateurs?

When choosing your secateurs, be aware that there are two types – bypass or anvil. They feature slightly different blade structures in order to target different types of plants/greenery.

Bypass: Bypass secateurs operate with the two blades passing by each other in a scissor-like motion. Use to cut through fresh greenery - up to about 15mm. It is important to keep the blades razor sharp to produce a nice and clean cut.

Anvil: Anvil secateurs function more like a knife. One blade will cut through the plant, using the other as a surface to chop against. These are great for thicker surfaces.

What to look for when choosing your secateurs?

  • Type of secateurs: Choose between bypass or anvil, depending on the needs of your garden.

  • Blade: High-quality, sharp blades will create more precise results. Blades are normally made of steel, some stronger and more robust than others.

  • Handle: Make sure you pick a pair of secateurs with non-slip handles in order to keep your health and safety a priority when using. Many will also have soft grips to ensure you maintain control when holding and avoid them slipping in your hand.

  • Safety features: safety features including locking catches and leavers mean the blades will keep closed when not in use – this is essential in order to avoid any injuries.

  • Design: Many are available in a selection of colours – if you’re someone who loses things easily, opt for a bright pair so you won’t misplace amongst your cuttings in the wheelbarrow. And find a pair which are nice and lightweight so you don’t get weighed down while sprucing up the garden.

Here we’ve rounded up the best secateurs to get your garden in tiptop condition…

Okatsune 103 Bypass Secateurs

The blades of these secateurs are made from Japan’s finest Izumo Yasugi steel – the same steel from which the Katana sword of the Samurai are made. This is one razor-sharp gardening must-have.

Lightweight and comfortable to hold, they have the ability to cut through up to 25mm with a precise finish. The secateurs are also super robust and hard-wearing so they will last a long time. With colourful red and white handles, they’ll always be easy to find amongst the green grass and foliage.

Buy now £59.49, Amazon

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew by Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Bypass Secateurs

These bypass secateurs have been created by gardening specialists Spear & Jackson in collaboration with the horticultural team at Kew Gardens to bring professional-style gardening equipment to your home.

Use the non-slip, soft-grip handle as you guide your tool through branches of up to 15mm – you can alter the locking catch for a wide or narrow cutting width. Featuring PTFE-coated blades to provide rust resistance and smoother cutting and an auto-rotating handle to minimise strain and fatigue.

Buy now £26.99, John Lewis

Draper Precision Curved Pruning Secateurs

This set of secateurs may have a smaller price tag, but they’ll still snip up your garden shrubbery neatly and effectively. The curved stainless-steel blades are sharp for a precise cut and the spring-loaded handles make it an easy motion on your hands, alongside the soft grip material. Use the locking leaver when finished to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Buy now £9.63, Wayfair

Gonicc Professional Secateurs

The number one bestseller in secateurs and garden scissors on Amazon, see what all the fuss is about with Gonicc’s professional secateurs.

Strong yet lightweight to handle, pick them up by the ergonomically designed non-slip handles and start pruning. The blades are made of titanium steel and have been coated in antirust oil to protect from damage and prolong their life. They also feature a sap groove to prevent the blades from sticking.

Buy now £19.50, Amazon

Grüntek Secateurs

Show off your gardening skills with Grüntek’s vibrant green secateurs, another popular choice on Amazon. The German gardening brand brings an easy-to-hold, simple-to-use pair to help look after your garden and tame any vines, flowers and plants that are getting out of hand. The powerful, high-quality Japanese steel blades cut through up to 20mm and feature slip-resistant handles for successful, safe work.

Buy now £12.96, Amazon

Wilkinson Sword Anvil Pruners

Flex your green fingers with Wilkinson’s secateurs that provide a lovely clean-cut finish to your garden. Designed for left and right-handers, these plastic-coated handles will provide comfort whilst at work and include a safety catch to avoid any unfortunate snipping mishaps.

Sturdy and durable, these secateurs will provide long-lasting performance with a non-stick finish to prevent from any build-up of sap (that sticky stuff from plants).

Buy now £6.69, Robert Dyas

Bosch EasyPrune Cordless Secateurs

Take the hassle and stress out of gardening with this mighty set of secateurs. Trim your hedges, plants and shrubs with ease thanks to the power-assisted technology that will kick in to lend a hand.

With three settings to cut through branches of up to 25mm, the technology will sense when the force is required and get into action. A micro-USB charger and instruction manual are included.

Buy now £54.00, Robert Dyas

Opinel 001628 O001628 Pruning Shears

Keep your plants primed, pruned and thriving with these nifty French-crafted secateurs from Opinel. With their brightly coloured lime green handles and a yellow locking latch, they definitely won’t go amiss among debris. This set will liven up your gardening tools while delivering high-quality, precise results.

Composed of varnish beech and polyamide handles alongside stainless-steel blades, they are built to last and can withstand outdoor conditions all year around.

Buy now £49.00, Amazon

Gardena Bypass Secateurs

Glide through your overgrown garden and get it looking perfectly pruned with Gardena’s secateurs. Highly functional with a steel blade and comfortable on the hands with fibreglass reinforced handles, they will offer a precise cut. These secateurs have a maximum diameter of 20mm. Store safely using the single-hand locking feature.

Buy now £16.00, Argos

Niwaki Mainichi Secateurs

Avid gardeners will love Niwaki’s Japanese steel secateurs – cutting ultra precisely to produce clean and efficient results in your outdoor space. Suitable for cuts of 10-15mm, trim away at your shrubbery, flowers and plants then store away using the safety catch for a long-lasting lifespan.

This is a strong pair but remains light and comfortable to use with their vinyl grip handles. The bright yellow colour means you’ll never lose sight of them.

Buy now £46.20, Amazon